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  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: "You Set the Scene"-Love
  • Where do you buy your WOW Gold?: I don't buy it, YOU buy it from me! What is WOW Gold again?
  • Dina Martina or Jean Godden
  • Vampire or Zombie
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Apr 12 Tingleyfeeln commented on Everett, a Love Song.
@6, not only is the Sounder fucked by the occasionaludslide, but it also only runs during commuter hours and for special events. Hello Sound Transit, not everyone works M-F 8-5, and getting to our jobs isn't the only reason we need grade separated transit in the region.
I also get the impression that the voters and/or politicians in Snohomish County aren't the most progressive or transit friendly lot. We're talking about Tim Eyemams home turf here.
Apr 11 Tingleyfeeln commented on Everett, a Love Song.
Don't be so quick to knock it folks. With gentrification working its magic on Seattle real bohemian types (not to be confused with hipsters) could be looking for a dumpy town to make cool. You know, like happened to Seattle about 25 years ago.
It's got an urban core, somewhat cheap rent (compared to Seattle), enough appreciation for the arts to support a small theater and some quirky coffee shops downtown.
Mar 18 Tingleyfeeln commented on Woman Reviews "Husband's Stupid Record Collection," Will Probably Get Book Deal.
@ 10, you just filled my quota for the day, thanks.
All kidding aside, the post just tickled memories of how I perceived the world 20+ years ago. Usually I have to watch Heavy Metal Parking Lot to get such a humbling reminder of my roots. In all reality as I've matured I gained a great appreciation for much of the music I tried to turn my back on. In defense of the woman's review, I will say that Anthrax has aged as only a "meh" for me. Their not Slayer, but more honest and fun than Metallica, and still light years better than Megadeth. Plus 2 of the members were in SOD. Speak English Or Die is a hardcore-metal-crossover classic.
Mar 18 Tingleyfeeln commented on Woman Reviews "Husband's Stupid Record Collection," Will Probably Get Book Deal.
What she had to say reminds me of one of he many motivations I had to explore music beyond metal in high school. I observed at a certain point that metal head dudes tended to wind up with lame ass chicks who were stupid, ugly, or both. The punk rock girls at my school were smarter, looked cooler, hated our community for many of the same reasons I did, and seemed far more likely to want to get the fuck out after graduation.
Now I look at metal heads 10-20 years younger than me and see a lot of cuties who not only have a-lot of the values that drew me to punk/alternative (back when that meant something), but have an edgy sense of style, and they actually play in bands. At least something in the world has changed for the better. Oh, and metal dudes aren't as meat headed as they were when I was a kid either.
Feb 20 Tingleyfeeln commented on Marco Rubio Thinks Apologizing to Art History Majors Is "Pathetic".
I think you got "real Americans" slightly wrong here. The problem most of these people have with art history majors is that they invest in an education with no clear career path.
"ReAl Americans", having been poisoned by the Puritan work Eric and the myth of the American Dream, feel that education is only worth the career one gets out of it. These people do not value the light that comes from a well rounded education, and they overlook the innovations of the free thinkers in life. They have no concept of the value of play.
Jan 22 Tingleyfeeln commented on City Enjoys New Monorail System.
There's no reason ST can't use that technology, is there?
Jan 20 Tingleyfeeln commented on How the Seahawks Celebrate Pedestrian Deaths.
The left, not theory! I fucking hate writing on touch screens!
Jan 20 Tingleyfeeln commented on How the Seahawks Celebrate Pedestrian Deaths.
It's not that theory lacks a sense of humor, it's that the most boisterous mouthpieces on either side lacks a sense of humor.
This is anti-sports fan elitism on Chuckies part. I say that as someone who actually appreciates many of his posts, but he's just being a buzz kill here.
Jan 18 Tingleyfeeln commented on Do What You Love, or Just Get a Job Already?.
The demeaning of regular jobs is not a left vs. right problem. It is an elitism problem, particularly from those born priveleged. The people performing many of the menial jobs haven't helped the problem, given some of their tendencies towards negative attitudes towards those who are a little different from them. I'd say that they, collectively, have brought a little on themselves by living up to the stereotype portrayed by Archie Bunker.
One observation of mine regarding our history is that when we elevated ourselves economically, we failed to elevate ourselves intellectually. Work was still seen only as a means to an income, and it's potential rarely explored.
Jan 17 Tingleyfeeln commented on Do What You Love, or Just Get a Job Already?.
If you're not doing something you love I understand. The world is constantly trying to deny that to the underprivileged. Sometimes it's their own friends and family. Even the seemingly privileged experience some form of this.

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