Feb 28, 2013 lizdini commented on Savage Love.
I don't have any experience with either IUD's or the implants, but from what I've heard I'd go with the implant. No risk of it getting lost or being noticed by a partner, and they seem to have the lowest "accident" risk.
Oct 2, 2012 lizdini commented on Straight Women: Your Birth Control Pills Are Turning Men Gay.
What's the ratio of pill use to gay men created? I was on the pill for about 10 years; did I create 10 gay men? 100? 1000? And wheres the BC float at Pride, people? Recognize!
May 24, 2012 lizdini commented on Hating People Doesn't Make Them Thinner.
@3, no you don't see many fat Kenyans. But you do see a lot of fat, poor Americans. While those of us who are fat and able to sustain a decent living are usually to blame for our weight, the poor among us have limited options when it comes to food. They can't afford to buy healthy food, and even if they could, the chances of there being a decent grocery store in their neighborhood is slim. The welfare program doesn't really help this. I hear so many people complain that people using ebt are buying steak and cheese. That's what they're allowed to buy. Maybe they should get free fruit and yogurt too. School lunches are another factor. When I was a kid they fed us high fat crap, I'm sure it's only gone down hill from there.

And I don't have a 'glandular' problem. But I do have PCOS, which does contribute to weight gain, and makes it harder to lose weight. Is that the only reason I'm fat? Nope. Do I use it as an excuse to eat shitty food? No, not any more. I've lost 40 lbs and am trying to lose another 90. It's hard and discouraging and occasionally seems pointless. But I'm doing it. Unless you've been morbidly obese you don't really know what it's like. It's so very easy to get into a cycle of depression and shame. To give up because even after losing 40 lbs (which is more than a lot of "fat" people need to lose at all) you're STILL morbidly obese. I'm sure a lot of people will attack that. I can hear it now "well you shouldn't have gotten so fat", "it's your own fault" ect ect. That's fine, but I don't have a time machine. Alcoholics choose to pick up the bottle, too. But I never hear people blame them for their "disease". It's not that far different.

Shaming a fat person will not make them thin. My mother tried it and it just caused me to eat out of sadness and rebellion. Maybe if she hadn't made fun of me for weighing a ghastly 120 lbs I wouldn't have shot up to 180 in high school. And from there to 275 by my 30's. Yes that was my own response to the environment I was in. But possibly a more nurturing and supportive environment would have yielded different results.

For the record I'm a vegetarian. I was vegan for a while. I lost 80 lbs (which didn't stay off). I also lost a lot of hair and my teeth are far weaker now.
Mar 22, 2012 lizdini commented on Savage Love.
@34 Eh? No idea what you mean.

@5 I wasn't responding to the question of whether to have sex on your period at a hotel. I was responding to the suggestion that all women can/should/want/need to use a softcup.

@whoever else want's to yell at me, read my damn comment first, yes?
Mar 20, 2012 lizdini commented on Savage Love.
A) SUB is whiny bitch, and not in a good way.

B) the softcup doesn't work for everyone, nor does everyone want to use it, or even have a desire to. I'm comfortable with the blood from my period just as much as I am comfortable with the rest of my body.
Mar 19, 2012 lizdini commented on SL Letter of the Day: Next Leveling.
She seems pretty immature herself for an almost 40 mother. Which leads me to my real problem with this. is "almost a year" long enough to have someone move in with your kids?
Feb 23, 2012 lizdini commented on SL Letter of the Day: Infantile-ism.
@1. Yes we're out there. And we struggle sometimes with finding kinky guys. I met a guy recently who asked what I was into. I gave him a very brief and nonspecific answer since we hadn't hooked up yet. he asked me what S&M was. Needless to say, we didn't hook up.
Feb 18, 2012 lizdini commented on SL Letter of the Day: Lying Liars.
hmm. My husband brought up me sleeping with other guys a few times. And I told him I couldn't do it. I fantasied, sure. But actually doing it? No. They smell different then him and the idea of actually touching another guy just wigged me out. Then he left me for a 22 yoa. And I responded with sleeping with several men. So maybe you can mean it at the time? I honestly think I could have lived the rest of my life only sleeping with him and been perfectly happy. (No, I wasn't a virgin when we got together or anything)
Feb 3, 2012 lizdini commented on SL Letter of the Day: Convention Wisdom.
Well, I'm BBW. And I can say that since my separation from my husband I've hooked up a few times. Still see one guy semi regularly. And almost all of them were guys I would have considered out of my league before. Maybe they wanted me because I seemed easy, or good enough to fuck or something else. Or it could be because I'm funny and smart and good at making dick jokes on the fly. Who knows? I haven't dated anyone, but that's because I haven't found someone I wanted to date. Not the other way around. So really, either you have insane standards or you're putting off a vibe most guys don't want to have anything to do with.
Jan 10, 2012 lizdini commented on Pot Smokers Have Healthier Lungs Than Cigarette Smokers.
Yeah, because no one ever smokes pot all day long or anything. I've never met someone who couldn't go more than two hours without getting high. Come on. Some people chain smoke regardless of what they're smoking and some people don't. Just because you smoke pot doesn't make you superior to people who smoke cigarettes.