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MacCrocodile is spewing Lisa Frank stickers from his mouth.
Oct 12 MacCrocodile commented on Police Reports Illustrated Special Edition: Man Provides Critique of The Stranger.
Please publish all of these cover stories.

Aug 19 MacCrocodile commented on Lashing Out at Buses and Bicycles Is Not the Traffic Fix You're Looking For, Seattle Times Writer.
@8 - They are under no obligation to publish every op-ed someone brings to them. This was still an editorial decision by the Times.

@9 - Show me where anybody has seriously advocated for getting rid of all cars everywhere. Cars are needed, but not all of them are. By having transit and increased bike options, we can reduce the number of cars on the road, making things easier on everyone, including (especially, even) the people for whom transit or bikes are not an option for whatever reason.

Or was this just an excuse to take an easy swing at Portland? If so, you forgot to call us all "libtards".
Aug 10 MacCrocodile commented on You Know What's Capable of Melting the Seattle Freeze? Seattle's Biggest Pizza Pie..
I live at the Harbor Steps. This is the only pizza in Seattle that has gotten my partner's blessing as a good New Jersey pizza. We're going to miss that place.
Jun 28 MacCrocodile commented on Gay Man Takes to Reddit to Complain About Pride.
It must be confusing to be whatever is the gay equivalent of an MRA.
Jun 24 MacCrocodile commented on Watch Out for I-1515 Signature Gatherers.
"Why yes, my name is spelled with dicks, and my address is a doodle of jizz all over the page, why do you ask."
Jun 13 MacCrocodile commented on The Orlando Shooting Proves Everyone Was Right About Everything.
@2 - He said a shitty thing in an incredibly shitty way by framing it all in terms of how right he has been all along. Say what you will about his making it about radical Islam (I happen to disagree, but moving on), but by starting out thanking people for congratulating him for "being right" is so incredibly tone deaf, it'd be funny if it weren't horrific.
Jun 7 MacCrocodile commented on Oh Good, Someone's Making a Hamilton Porn Parody Called Hamiltoe.
Mouth Pacific
Young Wankenstein
Miss Sai-dong
Jun 7 MacCrocodile commented on Oh Good, Someone's Making a Hamilton Porn Parody Called Hamiltoe.
This is only the beginning. We just need more porn parodies of Broadway musicals.

Les Jizzerables
Book of More Men
Annie Get Your Cum
Pal Blowey
and of course Oklahomo!
Jun 3 MacCrocodile commented on Let's Watch Hillary Clinton's Speech On National Security, AKA Her Speech Ripping Donald Trump Several Dozen New Assholes.
JFC, Dan, how about instead of using Trump's hair to justify talking about Clinton's hair, we just stop talking about everybody's hair when we're talking about government policy. There is plenty to talk about without going there, be better than that.
May 5 MacCrocodile commented on Clinton Campaign Accidentally Makes Pro-Trump Ad.
@19 - Sounds like Gummo was number six, then.