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Jan 15, 2016 derrickito commented on Saying Good-Bye to Mama's.
memories, that's all that place had going for it. it was cheap cheese product. it's terrible mexican food. terrible mexican food with elvis. that ain't enough to warrant business in perpetuity.
Nov 17, 2015 derrickito commented on Why Putting the French Flag on the Space Needle Is Racist.
congrats stranger, you finally found something that will generate more page views than talking about cyclists: mudede calling everyone racists.

he's the new ken schram, the old drunk uncle yelling at kids to get off his lawn.
and your entire paper has jumped the fucking shark.
Oct 8, 2015 derrickito commented on A Few Thoughts About the Creep Who Heckled Angel Olsen During Her Show at Neumos Last Night.
@6: tunnel, i90. people coming from the eastside.
Jul 17, 2015 derrickito commented on This Charming Ass.
did they all go to the same length jean short cut off party right before this photo?
May 14, 2014 derrickito commented on No Shame in Loving Me First and the Gimme Gimmes' Game.
one of my favorite bands of all time
Apr 21, 2014 derrickito commented on Where Do You Stand on Powdered Alcohol?.
yeah, like a flask is enough. be serious.

@16, just about anywhere i go in the cascades has access to drinking water. any stream or lake is a perfectly good source with a proper water filter.

Apr 21, 2014 derrickito commented on Where Do You Stand on Powdered Alcohol?.

maybe you're like me. you like to head into the back country hiking, or out on a weekend bicycle camp adventure. you like to get out into the little known nooks and crannies in our state and explore. you also enjoy doing that with a handle of boozahol around the fire with your friends. but that shit is heavy.

i would pay for the luxury of bringing alcohol powder, mixing that with clean drinking water that i source on location, and getting drunk under the stars with friends.