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Jul 30, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on Overheard at the Construction Site Earlier Today.
My partner, who is a very straight man ( end of the Kinsey scale,) worked on construction sites until construction crashed in 2008. He reported his conversation with a (male ) co worker as follows.

Cow: why do you have a rainbow flag on your car?

Partner: I support rights for, and am an ally of the LGBT community.

Cow (whining): Well, Ok - they should have some rights - but I don't want gay guys to look at me and drool over me. That would be so - so - weird!

My partner (casting a glance up and down at Cow dressed in dirty sweats and having failed to wash his hair:) Don't worry, the way you dress, no gay man will ever give you a first glance - let alone a second one.

Coworker sulked - visibly - for the rest of the day.

Mar 2, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on The History of Chewing.
What makes you think humans are "infinitely smart?" Since we in the the developed world are busy destroying the ecoystems that we depend upon as if a prize existed for rabid consumption and rabid pollution, I don't see how we qualify as "smart." Dr William Rees stated "If we look at the history of human civilizations in the apast, those civilizations tht stuck rigourously to their existing social structure, economic structure and their existing mythology almost invariabley collapsed when the crunch came." We in the "Anglosphere" seem determined that, faced with climate change, we will change nothingand follow the trajectory described above.
Feb 27, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on Ayn Rand, Moron Magnet.
I don't think it is possible to be human without other people. If you are born and left "as a person ..., owing nothing to anyone else and deserving nothing from anyone else" you wouldn't even grow up let alone develop language. So by the time one hits adulthood, one has an enormous debt to one's caregivers at the very least.

And, on the subject of taxes, most Scandinavians and Finns pay lots of taxes and are happy with their lives. And most seem pretty middle class with nice houses and cars.
Feb 18, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on Berlin Children Allowed to be Noisy.

Just use a silencer on a pistol....
Feb 17, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on Climate Change Brain Teaser.
Uriel 238:

Fiercely intelligent, educated, and funny. I think I love you.


Feb 15, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on Climate Change Brain Teaser.
Climate change deniers have their heads far up their asses: moreover, they seem to be confined to the "Anglosphere." Bangladeshis, Indians, Nepalese, those living in the Horn of Africa, the Inuit et al are convinced. Weirdly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions offers opportunities to save money for both corporations and individuals. (Check out Noranda Falconbridge if you dont' believe me.) I say weird because deniers REFUSE to take advantage of these win win situations.

Jan 6, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on The CEO of Whole Foods....
And regarding earlier springs, please see the real climate site - don't worry - it is the one published by climatologists.…

"And if much larger changes do occur, as predicted, they will most certainly have impacts we can’t ignore, even if we don’t live in the Arctic or in Bangladesh. In other words, Seidl tells us, listen to the farmers and gardeners, and the observations of regular people: they are meaningful."

Jan 6, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on The CEO of Whole Foods....
For an explanation of WHY pine beetle kill is such a big deal, please go to:…
Jan 6, 2010 Theo Magyar commented on The CEO of Whole Foods....
And this is a blog by climatologists:
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