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Oct 9 Billy Chav commented on Yet Another Affordable Housing Complex Serving Needy Seattleites Is Up for Sale.
I've been pretty critical of Ansel before but he does a nice job here covering the bases on this story.
Oct 9 Billy Chav commented on Why America Doesn't Care About Obama's Economic Achievements.
@22: I disagree that the results are massively different. The real economy is shit. Wall Street is happy of course because there's no reason for anyone to park their money any place else -- when you plan your retirement around a minimum 4% return and you get 0.5, you have no choice but to jump into stocks. It of course will end in tears. The employment situation is brutal, which is obvious even despite all the attempts to sell it otherwise. Obama has just continued to give the boys at Goldman et al. every single thing they want, completely ignoring fundamentals.
Oct 9 Billy Chav commented on Why America Doesn't Care About Obama's Economic Achievements.
@12: Bush's fiscal policies were marginally different, but monetary policies are identical. Both administrations policies entirely driven by Fed which cares about nothing but driving savers into the market by annihilating interest rates. Game was essentially over before Obama even took oath of office, once he appointed Geithner.
Oct 9 Billy Chav commented on Why America Doesn't Care About Obama's Economic Achievements.
@9 gets it. Mudede's ignorance of economics is near total. I'm sure he's read Marx and Piketty but I'd be shocked if he knew the difference between fiscal and monetary policy.

And it's amazing how credulous sloggers turn out to be when it's their own guy. If Bush was in charge of this economy we'd hear nothing from you all except how deceiving the numbers are, and how the Right Wing media machine is conspiring to ignore the hugely alarming fundamentals. Whatever, I'm pissing in the wind.
Oct 3 Billy Chav commented on City Council Moves King County's Juvenile Jail Project Forward Over Objections from Anti-Prison Activists.
Can you just get this activist off the story already? It's turning I to a sad, unfunny joke.
Sep 29 Billy Chav commented on Seattle's Second Pot Store Opens Tuesday in the Central District.
"Three guys in Earl's said they hope, though, that Uncle Ike's hires some employees who are black and live in the Central District—and that so far, they hadn't seen any."

J. Jonah Jameson quality sourcing right there.
Sep 26 Billy Chav commented on Does the Mayor's Housing Affordability Committee Include Anyone Displaced by Rising Rents?.
Cub reporter Ansel Herz continues to do a terrific job promoting Kshama Sawant's press releases. There's really no one better at it. He's that good.
Sep 23 Billy Chav commented on Youth Justice Campaigners Turn Boring Land Use Hearing Into a Fight Against Institutional Racism.
All that excitement and boldface and agit-prop and you couldn't even state why the project is considered necessary? There's really no counter-argument?

This whole piece reads like a Social Justice Mad Lib.
Sep 22 Billy Chav commented on Youth Pastor Watch: The Hat Trick.
By "hat trick" do you mean two Mexicans and a homosexual?
Sep 20 Billy Chav commented on Outrage at Seattle Housing Authority's Rent Hike Plan.
Before I read headline and had only seen photo, I thought this was a story about some demonstration in Mogadishu. Honestly.

Are East Africans really that overrepresented in SHA housing? Strange and disturbing if true.

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