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GlibReaper just found out that a friend had a stroke.
Nov 5 GlibReaper commented on The Economics of the Cult Film Brazil.
After the screams, silence.
Oct 28 GlibReaper commented on A "Cheap Shot" at Electric Cars?.
For anyone interested in the economics gasoline, diesel and electric power translates into actual costs of ownership, please do have a look at the Department of Energy handy-dandy calculator: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/calc/

It's interesting to play with the cost of gas: if we internalized the military expenditures and losses due to climate change, electric vehicles clearly win out at $10-15 per gallon. Because those costs are hidden from people at the pump, they're tricked into thinking it takes electric vehicles several years to break even with their traditional counterparts.

Even with the distortion of the socialized costs of fossil fuel production and security, it still costs about five times as much to drive a gas or diesel car. That's because physics
Oct 28 GlibReaper commented on The Dirty Secret of Electric Cars.
One significant difference that Mr. Herz has neglected between the hybrid and the electric bears mention. The oil and other pollutants which the internal combustion engine creates then enter our streams and rivers where they kill salmon. The fish return to spawn on the first rains of autumn, just as the accumulation of summer's oil changes and coolant flushes are washed into the hydrosphere.

This tips the scales further in the direction of the electric vehicle, which is already the cleanest mode of personal automotive transportation.

Another point: the cheapest electric vehicles are less expensive than comparably sized cars in the long run, even if one is doing their own oil changes and coolant system flushes. Put a Prius C up against the i-MiEV and see how it pencils out.
Oct 27 GlibReaper commented on Seattle Times Furious With FBI Over Allegations That the Agency Impersonated the Newspaper.
@7 I want to marry that comment and have its babies.
Oct 13 GlibReaper commented on Seattle Bicycle Share Launched Today! Here's What You Need to Know..
The CyclePronto website says that the "Timer resets whenever you dock a bike."

I heard from their brand ambassadors that one must leave a bike docked for 5 minutes for the timer to reset.

Your overage fees may vary.
Oct 3 GlibReaper commented on City Council Moves King County's Juvenile Jail Project Forward Over Objections from Anti-Prison Activists.
@1 it's just so hard to find good help these days, isn't it?
Oct 2 GlibReaper commented on The Morning News: What Happens to Your Stolen Bike Parts, and What Happened to a Suspected Safeway Shoplifter.
If I were a bike thief, I'd lock someone's bike in place then come back at night.
Aug 26 GlibReaper commented on Seattle's Brand-New Bike Share Program Welcomes Its First Members.
@30 (self) nevermind, it says "October 13th" for the launch date of the actual service, not sign-ups. HTTPS/HTTP versions are identical. As I was.
Aug 26 GlibReaper commented on Seattle's Brand-New Bike Share Program Welcomes Its First Members.
At least they use HTTPS in their return URL. Too bad the TLS enabled website is still set to pre-launch and only the unencrypted version is live for sign-ups.

(the signup process is secure, tho)

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