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GlibReaper just found out that a friend had a stroke.
11:35 PM yesterday GlibReaper commented on Did a "Bomb" Train Full of Volatile Crude Oil Pass By Tuesday's Mariners Game?.
Holy shit @10 you are an absolutely fuckwitted troll.

Yes, oil trains have already derailed in Seattle (Interbay; no spill fortunately)…
Apr 8 GlibReaper commented on Can a Flotilla of Kayaks Block Shell's Arctic Drilling Rigs in Seattle?.
Anyone interested in signing up for a flotilla training can visit and contribute what they would to the rental costs.

People are also welcome to bring their own kayaks.

Rise Up!
Mar 31 GlibReaper commented on The Morning News: Bertha's Cutterhead Pops Up, And So Do Indiana Boycotts and Exploding Head Syndrome.
Yesterday the Plymouth Church along with people from other churches engaged in non-violent direct action against the Howard S. Wright company over their construction of the new Youth Jail.

I figured the Seattle Times wouldn't cover this, but hearing silence from The Stranger is disheartening. Yesterday was certainly a busy news day so I totally understand it being dropped then, but leaving this out your Morning News is a head-scratcher.…
Mar 26 GlibReaper commented on Eight Photos from Yesterday's Port Meeting Protests.
@4/@5 some people in the audience drove electric cars to the meeting while some others took the electric light rail, if you really care. (Do you?)

I don't think anyone in the crowd expects us to stop burning fossil fuels overnight. However, we need to act on the issue of climate change and we need to do it now.
Mar 26 GlibReaper commented on Washington Fire Chiefs Demand Transparency on Crude Oil Trains.
@11 die in fire of spilled Bakken shale oil, troll

It's more flammable than the oil that's moved through the region in the past and is also coming in greater volumes. We aren't prepared for a large spill and conflagration.…
Mar 26 GlibReaper commented on Why Flying Into the Alps Is Like Flying into the World Trade Center.
It's already been said on that other thread, but the race and religion of the pilot has affected the reporting of this 'tragedy'

Quoting DeanP: "Of course, it the pilot had been brown and/or not-Christian, this would not be "tragic" but rather "an act of despicable terrorism" and the articles would be calling it "mass murder" not "suicide."…
Mar 25 GlibReaper commented on Eight Photos from Yesterday's Port Meeting Protests.
They haven't posted the video of this meeting yet but while that's cooking one may stew over the meeting on the 10th of March which featured the Raging Grannies:…

(but no Google Glass)
Mar 25 GlibReaper commented on City Council Will Consider Letter Asking Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to Reject Arctic Drilling.
Drilling and burning Arctic oil is incompatible with a 2°C maximum global temperature rise in this century. It's crazy that we even have to send this letter, but if (Seattleite) Sally Jewell as fixing to let Shell loose in the Chukchi Sea to drill and spill then we should definitely send this letter. We should also oppose the harboring of Shell's arctic fleet in our harbor by other means.

The city has permitted the use of Terminal 5 by the port for the loading and unloading of cargo ships. The Port commissioners knew that they were ducking an environmental review for other uses and they shouldn't be allowed to do so. Having Shell-fucking-oil skirting a meaningful public review of their environmental practices should ring every alarm bell in even the dimmest skull.

Jesus Table-Flipping Christ, I guess we do get the government we deserve.

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