Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Dec 10 BD commented on An Epic Mac 'n' Cheese Taste Test.
Brief notes:

(1) Kraft Mac & Cheese is great with Jimmy Dean brand sausage, or pretty much any bacon you would otherwise eat.

(2) If one chooses to delve into the mysterious world of "homemade" mac & cheese, be prepared to spend the rest of your mac & cheese life making the stuff, because if you get it remotely right, nobody you know will ever want to go back.

― I would be remiss to mention that I should have known this; a friend once demonstrated that those pasta pots with the drainage drilled into the screw-on lids are perfect for making popcorn on a gas range. I did that once for friends, and now instead of learning to do it themselves, they want me to make popcorn for them whenever they're around. Not that I would complain; real popcorn made with corn oil and topped with real butter will make you wonder why you ever ate the microwave stuff. Same thing with real mac & cheese made with real cheese.
Aug 28 BD commented on Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns Him.
Oh, right. In re the quote in #14 above ...

Johnston, Lynn. For Better or For Worse. 1993.
Aug 28 BD commented on Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns Him.
What can we do to shame them? Give their kids a safe home.

"My name is Lawrence Poirier! And I live here!"

Twenty-one years later, and we're still having this fight. What can we do? Give these kids a safe place to be, since their parents apparently aren't up to the job.
May 28 BD commented on John Kerry Calls Edward Snowden a "Coward" and a "Traitor" Who Has "Betrayed His Country".
In truth, I still don't get why Snowden is a hero. To the one, he isn't a whistleblower who accidentally stumbled across something wrong; he's a guy who went looking for a security violation to commit. To another, let's be honest, here: Who the hell was legitimately surprised by the idea that the U.S. government spies on its own citizens? No, really, for all the shock and awe people have been expressing, I keep wondering if maybe the fact that significant numbers of those folks actually vote is part of the problem with this country. To a third, the guy poodled for Putin a couple weeks ago. And to a fourth, the guy now claims he was a spy. A spy who infiltrated the United States government through a half-witted, capitalistic private-sector firm, sought secure information to steal, found it, and stole it.

It's easy to call Edward Snowden a hero. Just like it's easy to say water is dry. That is to say, it's easy to say pretty much anything.

But come on, really? A hero? It reminds me of my youth, when WWE was still WWF and the idea of trying to murder a guy by crushing his throat with the ring bell was supposed to be admirable because, let's face it, the "Macho Man" was cool.

No, really, that's what it looks like. That is to say, sure there is good and bad, or right and wrong, but what really matters is what everybody decides is "cool" regardless of the actual reality of the situation.

And, you know, to a fifth, given the fuckup in 2001, I would like you to imagine something else happening, and the government's answer being, "Well, we have the technology to stop this sort of thing, but, you know, we didn't want to use it and upset rich white people."

Yeah, I'm a gay commie stoner. Remind me again: Why is it surprising that the government spies on people? Or is it just that a bunch of white people woke up and found out they were now included with the browns and blacks, the commies and queers and stoners?

No, really ... why are we supposed to be surprised?
Jun 3, 2013 BD commented on The Problem with Building a Noah's Ark Theme Park.
What actually got me about Wisniewski's article was that Reuters was running promotional material. No, really. The whole thing is a pity party for the Ark Encounter. I especially like the part where the park official raises Harry Potter to a religious status. I mean, most days, if I included Jesus among other beloved faery tale characters like Santa Claus and Tinkerbell, I would expect to offend Christians. But, hey, Dude's a Christian, so comparing the Son of Man to The Boy Who Lived—J.K. Rowling to the Bible—is more than okay, it's a valid point.

But most of all, I know the news media is in bad shape and getting worse, but I really didn't think Reuters had fallen down that rabbit hole, yet.
May 25, 2013 BD commented on Don't Be Such a Mermaid!.
It is hard to not see something sinister in this market-wrought slogan insofar as the first thing to mind—and not at all strangely, if I might say so, myself—is Sándor Ferenczi:

"It is a point worth remembering that sexual symbolism makes conscious use of marine objects like fish and shells. The link between women and the sea is apparent not only in the 28-day cycle which governs both mensturation and the influence of the moon on the tides, but also in the fact that erotic stimulation of women gives rise to the secretion of a vaginal fluid containing the same chemical substance as is found in rotting fish."

Which, in turn, renders the phrase "Don't be such a mermaid!" as a disney princess euphemism for "Don't be such a cuh-cuh-cuh ..."—er, do we say that word at Slog?

Anyway, yeah. Ferenczi. Rotting fish. Have a nice day. All that.

But no, really, it's hard to not see the mermaid thing as (ahem!) "unclean". It's easy enough to argue thoughtless, market-driven appeal to juvenile cartoonish cutesy, but for me that's the best thing about it. Everything else goes downhill from there.

Damn you, Ferenczi!
May 10, 2013 BD commented on Why Marital Rape Actually Is a Crime.
It's time to just call these people what they are: rape advocates.
Mar 15, 2013 BD commented on New Taylor Swift Video Humiliates Everyone Who is Currently 22.
Wow .... As a concerned parent ... er ... something about my daughter liking Taylor Swift's music goes here. And for some reason Simone de Beauvoir comes to mind, but it's a really obscure point reaching back to the seventies and Doonesbury. Joanie Redfern is weeping.
Feb 28, 2013 BD commented on Lindy West Blows Up My Interwebs Again.
The fun part was when I tweeted Lindy a simple question—

It's @SethMacFarlane, FFS. Who expects PC or feminist humor? Don't presume nobody notices. It's just part of the expectation.

—and she responded by blocking me, and posting a picture of Alithea masturbating wrongly.

The reality is that the Rush Limbaugh brand of feminoia is rampant in this culture, and Ms. West does women in general no good whatsoever when dressing herself up as the shrieking harridan myth she pretends to hate in order to feed the misogynists.

It's too bad she doesn't want to have a discussion. If all she wants to do is stand in the town square and shriek at the top of her lungs about ... um ... well, poor her, I guess, she's welcome to do so. Meanwhile, she's making human equality and decency that much harder for the next generation of women—such as my daughter, for instance—to attain.

Good job, Lindy! Maybe "wannabe wanker" is a badge of honor in your book, but in mine it just means you're too bumbling to be a real one. Thank you for proving the feminoiacs' point; they couldn't ask for a better spokeswoman than you managed to make yourself today.
Feb 2, 2013 BD commented on (Alleged) Police Standoff Whippit Guy: What on Yr iPod?.
Actually, I would go with "Nod Scene", by Monster Magnet:

Bought another copy of ZoSo;
Seeds were bustin' up the spine.
I think I wet my pants doin' whippits;
Not too many buds, just fine.
Sit me in the lap of the gods babe,
Cover me with skin and hair.
Ride a Number One on the home train;
Screw you if you think I care! Smoke!

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