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Apr 23, 2011 Christopher B commented on Fabricated Eggs.
I believe that the story is not true, based on the facts here. What parent--who is offended by a teacher's actions--is not going to call out the teacher and name the school?

Also, as a Christian, I know that Easter eggs have absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of Easter. Eggs, jelly beans, easter baskets, chocolate, pretty hats and dresses have NOTHING to do with the real meaning and religious significance of Easter. (Yeah, they come from the pagan fertility rituals of early spring). Just like there is a religious and a secular Christmas, there is a religious and a secular Easter. I am fine with their co-existance. And how YOU choose to celebrate these holidays does not affect MY personal faith.

You'll have to pry the Cadbury Creme Egg out of my cold, dead hands, but there's no way it has anything to do with religious Easter.
Oct 14, 2010 Christopher B commented on Savage Love.
Actually, there probably ARE gay teens and adults at this person's church. I was one of those teens and then adult--in church, in Christian school and Fundie College. In total repression, but I was there.

My biggest problem is the untruths/lies that are being told by religious people: gays are all pedophiles, gays are a danger to kids, gays will recruit kids/teens/adults into the gay 'lifestyle', gays die young, etc. etc. (Plus, is it logical that the ENTIRE male population of Sodom was gay? Come on, even San Francisco is only 12% gay. And Sodom existed 1,000s of years before the days of mass communication or mass transit, etc.). And they ignore the entire book of Leviticus, except that one verse about gays.
Jun 11, 2010 Christopher B commented on Savage Love.
I wonder if MIHO's husband is actually doing those things he says he is doing, or just -telling- his wife that he is doing those things as some sort of fantasy turn on for himself? And he is so into his fantasy that he doesn't want to admit that they didn't -really- happen?

Just a thought. Either way, he has serious issues and divorce papers and counseling are needed.
Jun 4, 2010 Christopher B commented on Savage Love.
I have to laugh at WAFFLER, who thought that he could keep himself 'pure' by not having vaginal sex, but it was ok for his GF (possible future fiancee/wife) to 'defile' herself with another man. It's really crazy the way some people think and the ways they contort their minds based on 'religious' beliefs. Oral sex is sex. Anal sex is sex. There is nothing "purer" about oral sex.
May 21, 2010 Christopher B commented on Savage Love.
The college guy's parents have shown themselves to be jerks, so the son doesn't owe them honesty, quite yet. I probably wouldn't want him to come out to his brother yet either--there might be feelings of resentment and bitterness and the brother would out him to the parents. Maybe send the brother some money and offer some help if needed. There's really no point in telling the parents quite yet. Do you tell your parents the whole truth about your life? Sex dolls, number of sex partners, abortions, same-sex experiments, fetishes? No. I don't think there's a need to have a constant girlfriend either. Take a semester off. One other good point about having the parents pay for college--it keeps them from donating this money to Focus on the Family, or other right-wing causes.
May 4, 2010 Christopher B commented on Meet George Reker's Luggage Lifter.
21--Best comment ever!
Apr 9, 2010 Christopher B commented on How to Defeat Someone Made Furious by "How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands".
Loved the article. Guess some people don't have a good sense of humor.

People buy Pit Bulls because they are know to be 'tough' dogs. But these types of dogs needs a lot of exercise and training--which a lot of owners don't necessarily have the ability or desire to maintain. And they are probably in denial about their own dog's aggressiveness, just as some parents are in denial about the behavior of their children. ("my child--shoplifting?--he/she would NEVER do that, officer.)

"The Clifton Report (2009)... found reports of 345 people killed by dogs over the 27-year period, of which "pit bull terrier" or mixes thereof were reportedly responsible for killing 159, or about 46 percent, of the people killed by dogs in the attacks identified in the study."

There are many stories of dogs, in spite of being raised by 'responsible' owners, who have attacked with no previous aggressive behavior.…

The danger is their strength and unpredictableness. An unpredictable chihuahua is on thing, but an unpredictable Pit Bull (or other large strong dog) is another as "pit bull-type dogs often exhibit "bite, hold, and shake" behavior and refuse to release when biting,"
Mar 5, 2010 Christopher B commented on Savage Love.
OK, in response to the latex glove/Prudie issue, neither the mother nor Prudie were saying the fetish was bad. (Mom: "...should I just chalk it up to a personality quirk and worry no longer?" doesn't sound like a mom who's too freaked out). They were both concerned that, at 13, the glove fetish was taking control. My concern would be that the kid has OCD or hoarding issues which should be addressed early on. "[The doctor] says patients are greatly relieved when they come to feel they control the fetish instead of having it control them—which may be what your son is experiencing now." 13-year-old kids have a lot of shit to handle already, without also having an overwhelming obsession to deal with.
Oct 29, 2009 Christopher B commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
I didn't know my mom even knew about Dan Savage.
Sep 12, 2009 Christopher B commented on Savage Love.
OK, the most important point of Dan's response to CLITS is that three months is waaaaaaaaaaay too early in a relationship for anyone to make demands on the other—especially something as life-changing as coming out to one's parents, and especially when the demandee is barely out of high school. The writer says she's bi, so she may end up with a man in the end, so coming out may not even be necessary.
The [controlling] girlfriend knew that CLITS was in the closet, so she should just accept that, or move on.