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Jun 11, 2014 Rabid Child Images commented on It's a Singles World and Always Will Be: The Ramones' Debut Album Has Finally Gone Gold.

The first 4 (and best) ramones albums were issued on CD via the "All the Stuff (And More!) Volume's 1 and 2" compilations in like 1990 or something. All the Stuff (And More!) Volume 1 had their 1st and 2nd records and Volume 2 had their 3rd and 4th records. These were the 1st Ramones albums I got (Ramonesmania hadn't come out yet).

I'm guessing the sales of All the Stuff (And More!) Volume 1 don't count toward the 1st records gold status as it is a separate release. It wasn't obvious by looking at the CD art that these collections had the full albums (plus B sides!) unless you happened to already have the tracklists memorized or read the liner notes on the inside really close. It took them forever to realize that they could make a lot more money issuing the first 4 albums separately (now with even more B sides!)

So their earliest and best stuff was availible on CD, it just wasn't marketed properly. Thus screwing up the album sales for their 1st 4 albums.

Oct 3, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on Rust Never Sleeps.
i really miss him. he was a sweet guy.
Oct 2, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on What Drug is This Guy On?.
Sep 27, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on Songs About Seattle.
there's also "Seattle" by public image limited. the king is gone but not forgotten....

does the WTO band count?
Mar 12, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on John Roderick Takes His "Punk Is Bullshit" to the Local Radio Airwaves.
great song! descendents rule!
Feb 14, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on OCnotes Moving to Portland.
oh man. good for PDX. i hope he comes around often...
Feb 8, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on The Dicks - Fun With Dicks & Jane.
hellz yeah the dicks rule! i recently purchased the re-released "kill from the heart" LP that was remastered by jello biafra.
Feb 7, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on One of These Things Is Not Like the Others.
@3 - i think you mean "i'm gonna turn dining back into eating". the descendents are into coffee and good clean fun.
Jan 25, 2013 Rabid Child Images commented on Hello, Coachella Lineup Poster..
@5 i think you mean descendents. i saw an interview with milo saying that he can't get time away from his work so he has to use his vacation and sick days to play one off shows. so it's not that surprising. i would love to see them in a club but man i hate festivals. and i'm not rich....i'm just glad they're playing again. if they play sasquach i might consider going just because it may be my only chance to see them.