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Jun 12, 2015 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Worst That Could Happen.
I have a comment about butts, and it is very inappropriate for this particular location, but it is heartfelt: Stop eating pig - they are smarter than dogs and have unbelievably complex personalities.

Anyway, Dan's advice was divine - beautifully articulated.
May 2, 2015 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: This Old Cock.
@11 Thank you for "discreet vs discrete." I always cringe reading it spelled the second way. Though I was surprised to learn that the second way is still a word...just means something else. Anyway, back to older semen. Not necessarily seamen.
Nov 19, 2014 gayBoiNYC commented on SL Letter of the Day: Advice Privileges Suspended.
Dear Dan, Thank you for the opportunity! You never suck ass (in THAT way at least.) Here goes:

Dear WALD,

If your "partner isn't willing to talk about this, then your letter is not about dicks or mega-dicks at all. I suspect that if your partner can open up about his specific reasons for objecting (through counseling if necessary), then the two of you will become closer, and who knows - this alone might make you more intimate and have better sex. And then, with the communication opened up again, you can either enjoy your non-depressed new state of being, or possibly do the dangerous and fraudulent "surgery" and enjoy that. (Please don't!!!)

Perhaps his reasons are some of the following: 1) He truly cares about you and his genuinely and legitimately worried about the outcome of this quack procedure, but is shy about expressing how much he cares about you. 2) He doesn't want you to waste your money as a couple. 3) He is not invested in this long term, and doesn't want you to end up poor AND injured. Anyway it is stupid of me to speculate; YOU find out from him and your depression may come to an end!

Sep 28, 2011 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love.
@ 1 So immature and entitled.
Sep 28, 2011 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love.
For FAP: The American Botanical Pharmacy has astoundingly effective herbal products which address many areas, including female (and male) sexual responses. Unlike herbal medicine in a health store (which is often weak and ineffective), these products are made from organic and wild-harvested sources.

They work. Don't be put off by their rather cheesy advertising.
Jul 26, 2011 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love.
I am flabbergasted by Dan's analysis of CPAS. Yes, CPAS should dump her, because she is abusing him. But this has nothing to do with looks. It is irrelevant what the guy looks like, and what his girlfriend looks like!

Jul 21, 2011 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love.
65 and 70 are my heros. And geniuses.
Jul 6, 2011 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love.
@ 9 and 17:

I think there are significant distinctions between all these various terms, with "she-male" meaning something quite specific. Perhaps Dan would correct this or elaborate at some point. (Pre-op vs. Post-op.)

"Transgender" or "Transexual" mean that the gender is either literally reassigned, either through actual medical procedures, or the permanent wish to do so. "She-male" is not related to this.

"Transvestite" is very different - just a biological male that dresses in typically female clothing, as well as usually hair-style, and make-up. This individual might or might not be gay at all.

"She-male" is a special sub-category of transvestite, associated with sex work, in which the penis is likely desired by the client (as in WBNE's ex, above, who fantasizes and perhaps desires to be fucked BY the she-male.) Therefore, an authentic transgender person would probably have little to do with the "she-male" phenomenon and not often have an issue with the term.

A "Tranny" is a broader sub-category of transvestite, in which it a more general feminine "passable" identity is assumed, and probably a sex-worker. The client would more likely want to fuck the tranny than be fucked by her.

And finally, a "drag queen" is simply a performer, a female-impersonator, that may or may not be gay.

(If I am off-base in these, please have at me! Not literally of course...)
Feb 16, 2011 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love.
The last line of Dan's advice is one of the greatest ever.

The equivalent of "To be or not to be" for Shakespeare.

I remember at least a decade ago, there was a letter from a really bitchy and disrespectful guy who wanted advice about bleeding during anal sex, and Dan said "Go walk your bloody ass down to the bookstore and read about it." (That was before internet age. Wow I'm old.)
Feb 9, 2011 gayBoiNYC commented on Savage Love.
@22. As a 10-year practitioner of yoga, I have to express my serious doubts that yoga or meditation would make a difference with people like SCIL.

In some of the less serious yoga places, entitled drama queens like SCIL (of both sexes) still manage to make it "all about them", whether it is vomiting their personal issues all over the class, or constant groaning and demanding of the teacher's attention. And finally, the class can just become another opportunity to cheat and find affairs - maybe with the instructor.

It wouldn't hurt to try of course, and so it's still good advice in case it helps.