It's not very popular.

Apr 27 Linda J commented on Eritreans Deported by Israel Because They Are Not Jewish Were Killed by ISIS Because They Are Christians.
Thanks for pointing this out, Charles. The Jewish State of Israel has a problem: it can't be both Jewish and democratic. Therefore, it has to keep getting rid of the people who aren't Jewish, including the indigenous Palestinians. People in the U.S. need to be aware of this fact. Their tax money is propping up a discriminatory theocracy to the tune of 3 billion every year. Let's stop it!
Mar 5 Linda J commented on Why You Should Give a Fuck About the Port of Seattle's Decision to Help Destroy the Planet.
We need to hold elected officials accountable when they promise things like sustainability and then cave to monied interests. Otherwise, we are abdicating our responsibility as citizens of Seattle and the planet and we will encourage even worse behavior in the future.

I believe I received an email when I complained about this when it happened and got an email reply from Courtney Gregoire stating that she had voted against letting Shell dock here.

It seems like the oil companies are using some of the $$ we are saving them to hire trolls.

Thanks for the article, Sydney.
Feb 13 Linda J commented on My Philosophy.
Thanks for this.
Dec 10, 2014 Linda J commented on Jury Finds Seattle Firefighters Not Guilty of Attack on Homeless Men.
Guess if you have a uniform (even if it's in the closet) you can kick the rest of us around.
Dec 3, 2014 Linda J commented on What Does Seattle's "Justice for Mike Brown" Movement Want? It's Complicated.
@6 you are in error. the state of wa does have grand juries:…

we have stood up for folks who were summoned to them before. grand juries are very capable of being perverted for political ends, here in washington also.
Dec 3, 2014 Linda J commented on Seattle Protesters Wary of Undercover Officers In Their Midst.
Way to go, Nikkita and all. U Village and all malls should be availed of the message you bring, including the fact that singing and walking are not illegal. And thanks to Ansel for bringing the news that even Sean Whitcomb can be shamed by the stupid maneuvers of his overfunded sloppily brutal department.

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