Jun 25, 2015 tim b commented on Sean Hannity's Logic: Ban Confederate Flags? Then Ban Rap Music! (WHAT?).
Someday, we will learn to power our cities from fossilized false equivalences. And when that time comes, Sean Hannity's collected ravings will be oil, gas, and coal all rolled into one.
Mar 1, 2015 tim b commented on Drunk of the Week: What Color Is This Dress Thong?.
Like all thongs, it is the color of trash.
Feb 19, 2014 tim b commented on Effeminate Gay Men Haven't Disappeared from TV.
Bullseye. Reality TV - for all its failings - has provided the widest - therefore the truest - representation of gay people America has ever seen.
Jan 14, 2014 tim b commented on What Would Kurt Schwitters Say? MoMA, Folk Art, and the Architectural Horse Race in Vancouver, B.C..
I, too, loved the Folk Art Museum and while it was open on 53rd Street, I went there more often than I went to MOMA. I loved the collection, and I'm apparently also the only one who liked the building: the rooms were beautifully proportioned for the kind of art they showed, which was mostly small and wanted to be viewed up close.

Too small and good and particular to survive in the mammoth uniformity that the city continues to insist on becoming. Sad.
Nov 14, 2013 tim b commented on What Do You Think of the Noah Trailer?.
This is clearly some kind of parody, right?
Oct 29, 2013 tim b commented on What Do You Think of the X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer?.
Sick to death of syncretic superhero comics arcana. Get a real religion and let's have some actual movies again.
Oct 25, 2013 tim b commented on Mayor Bloomberg Gives the Met the Right to Start Making Admission Mandatory.
A basic membership to the Met doesn't cost that much... I've had one for years even though I'm pretty poor. It's probably a hopelessly outdated attitude, but I go up there to draw or just to look pretty frequently and I like the feeling that I'm doing my part for one of my home institutions in the city.

There are countless worse ways I could spend my money.
Sep 12, 2013 tim b commented on The Struggle to Address Gender and Sexuality in Politics.
One of the joys of living in NYC is not having to give a shit about questions of gender in voting. It's not the Woman vs the Man or the Gay Woman vs. the Biracially Married Man or blah or blah or blah...

I was aware of those categories in the voting booth, but only as something distantly in the rear view mirror. Had exactly zero to do with my choices.

Quinn is a classic machine hack with no vision for the city. My animosity had nothing to do with gender (the race in my council district was between a lesbian and a gay man and I cast my vote based on what I knew about their views, and who endorsed them, not as some kind of grad school gender project).

If you want a good analysis of the mayor's race regarding gender, forget the Times and definitely forget Gloria Steinem. Towleroad had the clearest essay on the subject I read. Worth looking up.
Sep 11, 2013 tim b commented on Renting a Bike for a Day in Seattle Will Soon Cost Less Than Lunch.
NYC just started a bike share program (at slightly higher prices than those mentioned), and it went through the usual cycle: cynicism, protest, declarations that it would never work for every reason under the sun, implementation amid cries of apocalypse and slaughter, a few glitches, then record-breaking usage numbers.

Apparently this is the way these things usually run.

That riding on the sidewalks, thing, though... that's fucked up.