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  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: lol
  • Folklife or A kick in the face while drowning in fish guts
  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: Had You
  • Ivar Haglund or Jean Enerson
  • God is: Tired of you.

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Nov 19, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on I Hate You, Garrison Keillor.

If you don't like satire, DO read Garrison Keillor.
Nov 10, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Today in Neologisms.
So, rather than looking into the man's ideology, or researching his potential policies, you take the word of an anonymous commenter and endeavor to slander the man? You're a champ, dan.
Nov 10, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Greeting the Speaker.
Hold on: your criticism regarding the skepticism of the house health care bill centers around the punctuation of a sign-holder? Enough said.
Nov 9, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Pizza: The Taste of McGinn's Victory.
It's nice sometimes to be the loser in elections (as I was this time). I have no responsibility for whatever happens now, and I'll feel very happy to say "I told you so, Stranger!" as your cards tumble.

I don't envy the burden of responsibility that you hold. Let this tally be a referendum on the wisdom of your staff. I hope you're right!
Nov 7, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Glenn Beckwatch: Like Oprah, but More Action-Packed.
I would just like for you to apologize for the recommendation of "The Orphan". I know it's been a long time since anyone has made a decent horror movie, and so you must've been jonesing to give a good review for something. But please... Please?

Would you please hire me? Because that was a fucking piece of trash.

What was good about it? You probably thought it was good because the cinematography was OFF THE CHARTS! You also spoke of the acting, and you're right: it was good. But it was not enough to make up for the writing or the concept. Dude. How low have your standards sunk?

Cinematography: A+ (there seem to have been some advances in film: how fucking beautiful is the photography in the first half of the movie??)

Acting: really good! Please forgive all of them for participating in this piece of trash.

I'd like to forgive you, Paul, for recommending this. Surely you don't think this movie deserved your attention?
Nov 6, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Brenton Procession: Video at the East Precinct.

Wow, that's amazing. Thanks.
Nov 6, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Brenton Procession: Video at the East Precinct.
I haven't been following this story (don't cops get killed fairly commonly?), so I'm a little unclear. At the risk of being a bit insensitive, what's with the hoopla?
Nov 3, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on To All SECB Members Complaining About Election Party Food.
Juice was $4.50 each, and I peed out more than twice as much. None of it smelled of asparagus, but some of it glowed under black lights.
Nov 3, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.

Mel, you are a fucking saint. Urine flows through my "penis" daily, and it is engorged with blood when Mr. Mudede posts pictures (of course). I'll post a picture of this phenomenon if necessary. Is it a penis? Yes or no?

Black or white?
Nov 3, 2009 MikeC in YF commented on Results Dump #2.
Fine. Let them have 71.

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