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Sep 2, 2010 Bassdropper commented on What the Hell Happened to Weezer? The Matt Sharp Theory.
Weezer always sucked. You were just young and deluded. Anybody older than 24 when their first album hit never liked them.
Sep 1, 2010 Bassdropper commented on The Bob Dylan Torture Test.
FWIW, I couldn't listen to Bobby D for 72 hours either. One LP side at a time is my max. But a lot of those LP sides are really beautiful.
Sep 1, 2010 Bassdropper commented on The Bob Dylan Torture Test.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Barbra Streisand ha ha ha ha ha ha. Kid, you deserve the shallowness you inherited. May it serve you well.
Aug 23, 2010 Bassdropper commented on Lady Gaga at the Tacoma Dome: Gathering of the Gaggalos.
How it works is when the sound going into the mic drops below a certain decibel level, the backing track automatically kicks on. She may indeed be singing a lot of each song, but dropping out for some high/hard parts. I hate to break it to you, but almost all arena-touring artists do it this way now.
Jul 21, 2010 Bassdropper commented on Would You Rather Have a Celestial Jukebox or an MP3 Collection?.
I like LP records for listening at home--I actually sit down and listen to whole albums, back to back, for hours at a time like the kids used to do. But I don't care about "owning" MP3s, and ripping them from my vinyl's a pain in the ass, so a jukebox service like this for my phone would be great--if it worked as I expected it to. I've tried most of them, they're all flawed in some way, bad interface, bad sound quality, streaming interruptus, and so on. But the idea's valid. MP3s are just a waste of hard drive space.
Jul 21, 2010 Bassdropper commented on I Am NOT a Wedding DJ, but I Play Weddings..
Hire a live jazz band, make everybody equally angry. That's what we did and I don't regret it for a minute. Wedding DJs are a blight on humanity, and legitimate DJs should never be tricked into doing weddings unless they get real paid.
Jul 15, 2010 Bassdropper commented on Tonight in Music: Pigeonhed, Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground, Yes, Maps & Atlases, Drink Up Buttercup, Cataldo, Loch Lomond, and More.
Dave: were you aware that Yes is not touring with John Anderson, but with a lead singer they recruited from a Yes cover band in 2008? Seriously. I was considering going--I'm like you, a rock snob who nonetheless harbors a soft spot--until I figured this out.
Check it: http://www.ticketnews.com/Yes-tour-conti…
Jul 13, 2010 Bassdropper commented on Tomorrow Never Knows What Goes On: The Best and Worst Beatles and Velvet Underground Songs.
@41 @50: "Her Majesty" was actually Paul singing about Yoko, kind of his "fuck you John" g'bye, which redeems it in my eyes. (Along with "Oh Darling," during which he sings "Oh, Johnny" several times. Go ahead, go listen to it now. I'll wait....See?)

That said, the best single Beatles song is "A Day in the Life" and the worst is "Fool on the Hill"--intolerable and ruins the otherwise pretty decent "Magical Mystery Tour" album.

Best VU song has to be "Pale Blue Eyes" just for the way Lou sings the line "but mostly you just make me mad" twice in that defeated voice. Worst is "Venus in Furs," annoying, pretentious, unlistenable violin. John Cale quitting was the best thing that ever happened to the Velvets.
Jul 9, 2010 Bassdropper commented on Rock and Roll Swindle.
I'm a musician who's put thousands of unpaid hours into learning, writing, rehearsing, etc. for no financial reward, but I never griped once about the door. In fact, my gripe was always that the cover was too high. I'd much rather play for a big audience who paid nothing to get in than a tiny audience consisting of my and the other bands' friends who are in on the guestlist. If your local band nights aren't drawing (cough-Crocodile), pay the soundguy out of the bar tab, let the bands sell merch. Any band who's in it primarily for the money's going to suck anyway.

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