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Dec 30, 2014 gttim commented on The Stranger's Staff Argues Over Whether You Should Wear a Bike Helmet.
A helmet is designed to do one thing: Soften the force of a blow when your head slams into a hard object. That is the reason to wear it. Everything else being argued about is utter bullshit. I cycle hundreds of miles a week- in the city and in the country. I wear helmets. I suggest others do as well. I ran across a friend cycling one day without a helmet. I asked him to imagine his ex-wife explaining to his two lovely daughter why daddy is now a drooling moron. I have not seen him without a helmet since, and he thanked me.
Apr 22, 2014 gttim commented on Sales Tax Is Hurting Amazon's Business.
If they can't have a profitable business model that includes proper taxes being paid, they should not be in business.
Apr 9, 2014 gttim commented on NCAA Division 1 Basketball Player Comes Out as Gay.
Until people are not discriminated against because of sexual preferences, it is very important for these people to come out. Until sexual preferences are all considered normal, announcing them makes them more normal and helps others. Any kid who is being bullied in school about their sexuality, whether based in truth or not, will be helped by this. It is only because of these announcements, gay characters on television, and other newsworthy events, that most young people care less about sexual orientation than ever before in our modern world. Please keep coming out. Heterosexuality should not be considered the only normal.
Mar 11, 2014 gttim commented on A Polite Request for Showgoers to SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Local bar/restaurant in Atlanta prides itself as being a listening room, and expects it patrons to be quiet and listen. There is a big sign stating that, and lots of management and peer pressure. Seems to be working!

From their website: "Eddie’s Attic is a popular and intimate live music venue for aspiring and accomplished performing songwriters. The Attic is located in Decatur, Georgia, a small artist-friendly town within the metro Atlanta area – a cultural blend of Berkeley and Mayberry. A “listening room” with a superior sound system/acoustics, where customers are asked to silence cell phones and actually listen to the songs, has made the Attic’s music room a hit with music enthusiasts. Eddie’s Attic draws both fans and artists from all over the world, and continues to be one of the premier music venues in the South. On any given night, music lovers can hear talented performing songwriters and bands playing original music in an intimate setting. The Attic welcomes all varieties of original, live music and embraces the diversity that allows independent music to thrive."
Mar 7, 2014 gttim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Screamers.
"Hey, lets not piss off my neighbors!" Is that so hard? My GF screams into a pillow. Problem solved.
Mar 5, 2014 gttim commented on Kshama Sawant Doesn't Support Phasing-In $15 an Hour Minimum Wage.
Why should she start negotiating with herself? Until counter proposals are offered, she should not start giving ground. This is an incredibly stupid story.
Feb 28, 2014 gttim commented on SL Letter of the Day: HOPE and Change and Second Opinions.
As Dan has said in the past, work on becoming the man who other people would want to date and sleep with. At one point in my life I had flunked out of college, become basically homeless and had to face my drug and alcohol issues. I was angry and bitter. Probably depressed and certainly suffering from a mild case of manic depression, which runs in my family, and which my alcoholism made only worse. So I sucked it up, worked shitty jobs, went back to school whenever I could, got a math degree, started a good job. Still, I was not getting laid or finding relationships that fulfilled me. I did not get laid for the first 5 years of that journey. Sometimes I did after that, but it was more out of luck. I pursued hobbies that I liked and met women, but just did not have my shit together.

I started looking into dating / pickup programs. (I may get hammered for what follows....) Most of them are garbage, but I found some that were interesting. They talked about working on yourself to become a confident guy. David DeAngelo had one "On Being a Man." It got me started on a bit of a journey. I had already done a lot of work on the outside- job, dress, taking care of myself- but I still needed to work on the inside. It was not a quick process, but in the long run it really helped me, not only with women but with life in general. I became a much better person and my life became better.

I never became a guy who picked up women on the fly- I did that as a drunken bartender. I did become a guy women were interested in seeing again. Many years ago I went on a first date with a woman, and she dismissed me as a dating possibility. She was hot, educated, made good money and lived a nice life. I had a good job, was living a fairly interesting life, but I just didn't do it for her. Two and a half years later we ended up on a date again, without realizing we had gone out before- absolutely true. She could not wait to go out with me again. We are coming up on three years together. After 4 months we finally realized that we had gone out on a first first date year before. The old me would have been pissed off that she did not think me good enough for a second date. The man I had become found it hilarious.

However you start or take the journey, work on improving yourself. Make yourself into a person others are attracted to.
Feb 26, 2014 gttim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Haters Gonna Hate.
@36 Spelling the V club or V word is much easier!
Feb 26, 2014 gttim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Haters Gonna Hate.
I joined the V club a few years ago. My buddy is a lawyer and I used to hear all these custody and child support horror stories. Women were getting pregnant after a few dates, and lawyers and support payments were going on for a long time! I was getting scared to have sex with any girl I dated, because I had been pushing the odds for a while. I ran out and got one. So much less to worry about now! Girls love it! When my current GF and I had the talk, when she heard the V word, she said "right answer!"
Feb 25, 2014 gttim commented on Man Reportedly Shoots Self in Head While Giving Girlfriend Gun Safety Demonstration.
Of course the other question is while demonstrating said gun safety, did he ever say "Here, hold this beer."

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