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May 31, 2013 freikja commented on I, Anonymous.
l think this week's IA has been doing too much of both.
May 31, 2013 freikja commented on I, Anonymous.
Interesting. Okay.

1. As another poster pointed out, they may not know each other, but they may know *about* each other. We aren't clear on whether or not that's the case here.

2. This really isn't any of your fucking business. ln fact, if she confided in you about it, it means she trusts you not to broadcast this information all over the internet - and more especially, under some anonymous cover that isn't a cover when she will probably read this and know exactly who wrote it, thanks to your very specific quotes. You sound like a gem of a friend. Bravo, you asshole.

3. She may be as shallow as you make her out to be, but that's her prerogative. However, you really aren't in a position to judge in a world where open relationships are more and more common, and people are realizing that asking one person to be everything you need is way too much pressure to put on any one individual. Even if that's not what it is, she also has every right to take things at her own pace in order to figure out which one she wants to be with. Get with the goddamn program, it's called dating.

4. You don't fucking 'deserve' anything. You're a bystander in her life who has betrayed her by advertising her business to the world. You aren't directly involved, so why the fuck do you think you have earned the right to enjoy any misery that might result from this situation? Why do you fucking WANT to enjoy her misery? What kind of fucking friend ARE you?

5. lf you are a man -and l suspect you are, since most women wouldn't categorize their friends as 'hot', and would be more likely to go with a more poetic term like 'beautiful'- you either (a)need to get fucking laid and butt out of your crush's business, or (b)get familiar with that term 'dating', where you try on various folks until you find one that suits you, or (c)all of the above minus the stick up your ass.

lf you are a woman, same thing. Either gender, learn some loyalty, some respect, and stop talking shit about your friends when all you had to do from the get-go was BE one.

Aug 31, 2012 freikja commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh, and my friend is certainly not fanning the flames. He is no longer dating her because she also called every female in his phone and harassed them, wanting to know exactly what his relationship with them was - including his family members.

She was never a friend of mine. We were casual acquaintances from around the neighborhood, and were fine until he returned (he'd dropped off the map for a couple of years due to his job), when all this started. l honestly didn't even know they knew each other, much less that they were fucking, so it was totally left field for me, and having never been in this position, had no clue what to do about it, hence the l, Anon. But this shit has started up again, and l know my friends well enough that they're not buying it, but when someone talks that kind of shit about you repeatedly, it simply gets tiring, and more especially when they confront you directly to verbally abuse you. lt's childishh and inane, especially at our age.

l would do the hot oil wrestling match and win if she were actually attractive. lt's a shame she's so homely.
Aug 29, 2012 freikja commented on I, Anonymous.
I am the one who posted this. None of our friends believed it, and actually spoke up to her about it. They still ain't buying it, because they have no reason to. Her 'man', who insists they never actually dated though she thinks they are, has dropped her. You are welcome to do your typical Slogger thing where ya find fault where none exists, but this is some single white female shit l've never dealt with. Bitch is guano.

By the way, not my typo, Stranger, though l appreciate your printing it so l can avoid the law in general.
Mar 28, 2012 freikja commented on A Starbucks Boycott Backfires.
Fnarf, l love you.
Jan 6, 2012 freikja commented on My Philosophy.
I'm too lazy to try and figure out how to email you, Larry, so l'm just going to leave this gem of hip hop commentary on your wall here and hope you do something with it. Happy New Year!
Oct 25, 2011 freikja commented on I, Anonymous.
Thank you, Mischa, you beat me to it. Reading comprehension isn't quite the standard of excellence it should be these days. Although it occasionally makes for amusing debate.
Sep 17, 2011 freikja commented on Who's Getting Snotty About Sick Leave?.
@51: l never thought you were calling me an idiot - l was addressing KittenKoder; l have absolutely no beef with anything you've said here or elsewhere. l'm actually single (ish) with no kids, so l'm not one of the ones l'm describing, but they *are* out there, and KittenKoder's posts seem to ignore those people who were responsible about having families, and then fell on financial hard times either due to the recession, illness, both, or a number of other financial stressors. l agree that if someone gets pregnant and doesn't think it through and is unable to care for a child they are enormously irresponsible and selfish, but given the economy, most who are having trouble are regular citizens who weren't prepared for such an economic downturn.

So l wasn't referring to you at all, which is why l included the quote by KittenKoder. lt's all good.
Sep 13, 2011 freikja commented on Who's Getting Snotty About Sick Leave?.
@ 34:
"The legislation is patronizing and infantalizing. Nobody should work somewhere where they they may not be sick and stay home for fear of being fired."

l'm wondering: how is this "infantilizing"? l agree with the last part quoted, but unfortunately, not everyone has the option of working at a place where the threat of termination isn't looming over their heads every time they fall ill, or a field/job where they can choose their own hours and increase or decrease their workload whenever they like based on how much they'd like to make.

@42: "I wasn't implying that all those who have families are idiots, just that being single and with no kids shows you are not one of the idiots who have families before they can support them."

Kittenkoder, the ignorance of this statement is astounding when made in a failing economy where regular folks -many of whom have families- are losing their jobs every day. l'm certain a number of those people didn't anticipate this economy when they had children, or thought they were safe because they had high work ethic and didn't expect to be included in any major layoffs, but hey, shit happens. You actually did imply that people with families were stupid with your first statement, then you backed it up with the one quoted above. Yes, there may be some families that choose to keep children they can't afford, but the majority you're referring to probably weren't prepared to be in dire straits, or dealt with unexpected and exorbitant expenses that depleted their savings, like a major (and possibly ongoing) illness in the family.

@47: "This leads to more absences and more man hours (and MONEY) lost than if the initial carrier was paid to stay home."

EXACTLY. This is a very simple, logical fact most of the naysayers don't understand, and l'm not sure how they don't. l worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years. Of course, nobody had sick leave, and because being shorthanded in a restaurant can ruin EVERYONE else's day, the threat of losing one's job due to illness was always extremely high. Most of those years l was working in Georgia, where servers were paid $2.13/hr because the assumption was that our tips would put us in minimum wage range, which was utter bullshit 90% of the time unless we worked weekends and busy shifts, and meant that most of us working in that industry showed up sick whether our employers were generous with sick days or not. We had numerous instances of illnesses making several rounds through the employee base before finally disappearing, and I can't even begin to imagine the number of customers we passed it on to, even if we weren't preparing the food.

l now do senior care, an environment where sick days are EXTREMELY important because we are working with people with already compromised immune systems, some of whom we could straight up kill if we came into work sick and happened to pass it on. A few days into the new year, l came down with some sort of utterly miserable bug that left me completely useless and with 103 degree fever for four days. Because l was so sick l couldn't get up and bus it to a doctor, l described my symptoms to my doctor brother-in-law, who prescribed me some antibiotics. l got better for a little under a week, then for whatever reason, it came back and put me out of commission for almost a week after that until l could get my ass to the doctor for a proper checkup. Work told me to just take some time off and let them know when l was better. Then they proceeded to deny me work for over two months, despite my providing a note from the doctor, and calling them repeatedly to let them know l was fine and in desperate need of income. l called into work sick for the first time since January a couple of weeks ago, after exemplary work performance and no sick days, and was informed that the next time l called in, it would be grounds for termination. l still have no idea how they justify terminating me for not showing up with an infection to care for a client who is already infirm to some degree or another, especially when at least a third of the time, we actually catch whatever illness the client might have at the time due to their compromised immune systems. lt's totally fucked.

This legislation would protect me and others in my field from shit like this, and provide us at least one of the benefits we have every right to in the first place.
Sep 13, 2011 freikja commented on A Monstrous Decade, a Fanatical Family, and the Worst Birthday in Human History.
Thanks for the clarification, Six Five; l was wondering what the tweaker reference was all about.

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