4:07 PM yesterday PCM commented on Private Investigator Gets $65,000 Contract from City to Hunt for Police Whistleblower.
Well, if Ansel and the people he's worked with on police-union stories suffer any honey traps, black-bag jobs, wiretaps, computer penetrations, or assorted other dirty tricks, we'll know who commissioned them and who carried them out.

For what it's worth, Ed Murray hasn't gotten my vote since he voted to give Microsoft amnesty on over a billion dollars in evaded state software-license-royalty taxes and penalties at the height of the state budget crisis, back in 2010. (Ditto for Jamie Pedersen and Frank Chopp.) As for what he's done since becoming mayor, if you like it, I guess you must be a Seattle property owner who never has to drive or take the bus anywhere.
Jul 27 PCM commented on It Has Come to My Attention That Some People Still Haven't Watched Bill Clinton's Speech Last Night at the DNC.
I was up at Oxford with Bill Clinton, and he reminds me of no one so much as Rick Pym, the protagonist's con-man father in John le Carré's A Perfect Spy. You need to soap up the electorate for a really close shave, Bill Clinton's your man.
Jul 27 PCM commented on New, Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Seattle Is the Most Hipster U.S. City of All.
@ 6 (Idiot Sawant): OMG! A Baby Hermes! I used to have one of those -- you know, way before it was hip.
Jul 27 PCM commented on Police Investigating Racial Threat to West Seattle Family.
It seems much more likely to me that this was a false-flag operation by a Hillary operative or supporter. (On the other hand, if the billionaires that run the country have given the Trump campaign marching orders to lose -- Wall Street and most billionaires and megacorps are backing Hillary -- I suppose it could be a double-false-flag operation, a deliberately self-inflicted wound, their part.) Having flipped both middle fingers to every progressive in the country, and having been walked out on by a full 40% of Bernie delegates after her coronation by acclamation, Hillary's only chance of winning the general is to portray Trump and his supporters as racist, neo-fascist monsters. Don't get me wrong -- Trump is an ignorant, narcissistic, bigoted, bloviating jackass with no political history. But Hillary's established political record and financial conflicts of interest are horrifying to anyone concerned with actual racial and economic justice, which is the reason so many former Bernie supporters despise her and the reason she is losing to Trump in the polls. (This is the candidate your billionaire-friendly superdelegates chose to represent you, obedient Democratic rank and file.) So, making out Trump and his supporters to be the re-incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan and the Third Reich is pretty much Hillary's only option. I'm sure she'll get lots of very effective help in this endeavor from the media -- both mainstream and "alternative." Just look at how they're helping re-ignite the Cold War against Russia, in the absence of any evidence of aggression on Russia's part. I wonder what other Trump false-flags we might have in store for us in the months to come.

As for the threat itself -- despicable, of course. I'm interesting in seeing how hard the SPD investigates it.
Jul 25 PCM commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
One might expect Hillarybots to be nicer to the 45% of Democrats who voted for Bernie. Hillary is losing in the polls and the Rahm Emanuel approach to party unity -- calling us "fucking retards" -- isn't going to soften our progressive hearts.

As for me personally, don't even bother trying. There are no circumstances under which I would help give that self-enriching, neoliberal, Wall Street/Big Health/MIC/billionaire/corporation-servicing, warmongering neocon shyster a mandate. (Newsflash: Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth Báthory, Isabella I of Castille? Women too! Also: Clarence Thomas, Bokassa, Mobutu, Papa Doc? Black men!) The only way the Dems are getting my vote is if the superdelegates flip and nominate the more viable candidate, Bernie ... and if he doesn't move one inch to the right. Otherwise, I'm voting for Jill Stein (who is not an anti-vaxer, by the way, but who just has issues with using enlisted personnel as guinea pigs for dangerous experimental vaccines without their informed consent). One of the ways you build a viable third party is to vote for their candidates and to accept spoilers as the cost for a few elections. And if the top two parties make no move to eliminate the spoiler effect by replacing first-past-the-post elections with something more representative, well ... one might see that as further confirmation that they are united in representing the beneficiaries of the status quo -- corporations and billionaires. So please, go ahead and call me a "fucking retard." Your logic and charm are lost on me.
Jul 22 PCM commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
The vice-presidential selection is much more interesting on the Republican side this time 'round. The Koch brothers love Pence, they really like Hillary, and they really dislike Trump. Pence as VP was a win-win strategy for them. Being rabidly homophobic is by now a clear loser at the polls, so Pence weakens Trump's chances of winning the general, and if Hillary is elected, it's a win for the Kochs. And if Trump should win anyway, well, the whole purpose of having a vice president is to have someone ready to step in should some unfortunate accident befall the president. Pence becomes president, and it's a win for the Kochs. If I were Trump and I were intent on doing anything remotely anti-billionaire or anti-Koch, I'd supplement the Secret Service with my own personal bodyguard and my own food tasters.

Apart from that, the only power the Vice President has is to decide tie votes in the Senate, which hardly ever happens, and in the words of FDR veep John Nance Garner, the job isn't worth a bucket of warm piss.
Jul 20 PCM commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
Yeah, it's really telling that the Greens have done so poorly over the years, when American news outlets, starting with fine "alternative" publications like the Stranger, always give their candidates and policies such thoroughly qualitatively fair and balanced and such quantitatively adequate coverage. I guess the Greens just haven't done the work.
Jul 19 PCM commented on The Utter Failure of the Log Cabin Republicans.
And we're back to using gay rights and abortion as social-wedge issues to divert from the fact that both wings of the duopoly party do the bidding of their plutocratic principals on virtually everything else.
Jul 15 PCM commented on More Than 70 Killed in Bastille Day Attack in Nice, France.
@23 (William F. Fuckley): Like Corydon with his domestic mass shootings, you seem to be projecting an awful lot of things onto me. Just because I take a big-picture view doesn't mean I don't care about the victims. It means I'd like there to be fewer new ones in the future.
Jul 15 PCM commented on More Than 70 Killed in Bastille Day Attack in Nice, France.
@21 (Corydon):

And yet you see the exact same arguments being trotted out by the left every time there is a mass shooting here.
"And yet?" I'm not sure what you mean by that. Doing horrible things to another group => more terrorist attacks. Having a brutally mercenary, unequal, insecure, and inhumane society => more mass shootings. How is there a difference in the logic and the conclusions?

In another context, what you wrote would be called blaming the victim.
I don't think I was blaming the victim so much as I was linking cause and predictable effect.

Either two wrongs make a right or they don't.
I don't think I ever suggested that two wrongs make a right.

You don't get to say they do to suit one particular political hobbyhorse and then they don't when the politics cuts the other way.
I'm not sure what two different hobbyhorses I'm supposed to have invoked in my comment.

Raise your children to die live as free men and women. And teach them that if they go around whacking the crap out of bee hives to steal the honey, their friends and neighbors, and people living near the bee hives, are going to get stung.
Fixed that for you.

By the way, the big winners of these attacks are the Front National, French military contractors, the French homeland-security complex, and the enemies of civil liberties. Sarkozy is the guy who decided to destroy Libya to grab its oil and prevent it from setting up a viable alternative to CFA Francs and Western bank loans, and the Socialists just rammed through a major weakening of deeply cherished French worker protections. The National Front is xenophobic, islamophobic, nationalistic, anti-EU, and anti-globalisation, and I think Marine Le Pen has now has a better shot than ever at winning the 2017 presidential election.