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Jan 21, 2016 chucklingmonkey commented on If Anyone Needs a Wet, Cushionless Couch, There's One on 11th.
If you don't want that one, there's another at the corner of 54th and Latona.
Dec 16, 2014 chucklingmonkey commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle, Pull the Plug on the Tunnel Unless You Can Answer These Seven Questions.
Perini, a partner in STP, just announced a settlement in litigation regarding the MGM City Center tower in Las Vegas. As part of the settlement, Perini will receive over $190 million. If it comes down to it, there's a good chance Perini walks away with taxpayer money in their pockets.…
Oct 25, 2013 chucklingmonkey commented on Man Moves Downtown, Gets Disgusted by Sight of Poor People, Proclaims Seattle "Broken".
Have anxiously awaited Dom's post since I saw the editorial this morning. Exactly what I expected, "LA LA LA LA, there are no problems downtown." Yeah, it's not as bad as this guy makes it out to be but to pretend that there's nothing wrong is just as bad. Jesus, a security guard at Westlake Park got jumped by a bunch of kids at 7:00 pm in the evening and ended up with a broken arm and a concussion. I think we can do better than that.
Aug 28, 2013 chucklingmonkey commented on The World According to Some Guy Danny Westneat Knows.
Let's make it three personal anecdotes. Times Square/Central Park was cleaner and seemed safer than Westlake Center/Victor Steinbrueck. I don't know about going the Guiliani route but the city needs to do a better job of policing downtown.
Jul 25, 2013 chucklingmonkey commented on Bruce Harrell Calls Mayor's Argument for Blocking Whole Foods "Very Shallow in Substance".
Has anyone even checked with the employees at Whole Foods to see how they feel about their compensation? I have several friends that work at the Roosevelt store and this whole (see how I did that) issue mystifies them. They like their jobs and think they're compensated fairly.
Apr 8, 2013 chucklingmonkey commented on Carrie or Rush: Which Looks Less Interesting?.
I just hope neither movie has a scene filmed in or around a Subway Sandwich shop. Might be more than Paul can take,
Oct 1, 2012 chucklingmonkey commented on A Restaurant Recommendation for a Gluten-Free Birthday Dinner for Ma.
@7 Two years ago I probably would have made a similar snide remark. Then I got sick. Diarrhea, nausea, headaches and weird aches and pains in my joints. I was scared to death that I had MS.

Thankfully I had a close friend who was a 'homeopathic poser' from Bastyr. She recommended an elimination diet to see if I had developed some kind of allergy. Yep, it was Gluten. Forty years of pasta, bread and beer and suddenly, it was making me sick. I had/have a 40 gallon micro brewery in my garage and hoped to one day retire and start a brewery. I add that so you understand, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was cut out Gluten. But I did. And while I still get frustrated, it was no doubt the right thing to do. Now days, I go out with friends, have a couple glasses of wine/cider, whatever, and think 'fuck-it, I am gonna have a beer and piece of pizza'. I wake up the next day feeling like crap.

So allergy, sensitivity, whatever it is, it's real.
Jul 18, 2012 chucklingmonkey commented on Bane Is the Bane of Bain.
I'm guessing Limbaugh doesn't actually believe that Bane = Bain, he's just getting his base riled up. He's got 3 hours to fill each day, he probably throws a lot at the wall just to see what sticks. This one stuck, as it's all over the blog world today.
May 15, 2012 chucklingmonkey commented on Did President Obama Swear?.
May 14, 2012 chucklingmonkey commented on City Bans Texting While Jaywalking.
First rule of the internets; always check to make sure the 'to ridiculous to be true' stories are actually true.

This one is not.…