Jul 2, 2009 mike67 commented on Fort Worth Police Chief: That Faggot Had It Coming.
Sorry for being naive but...raids on a gay bar?? This sh*t really still happens?? In 2009 in the USA the police have nothing better to do than raid a gay bar? Come on..you've got to be kidding me. Do they also raid "straight" bars to look for drunks? These are the people hired to protect our laws and our citzens?

I find it very hard to believe this poor kid was stupid enough (or drunk enough) to grope a uniformed police officer. But even if he did, the response was totally excessive and unjustified.

These cops should be suspended from duty and charged with assualt. The police chief should be fired for allowing this on his watch and then trying to cover it up by blaming the victim. Disgusting.

The city of Fort Worth should pay his medical bills and if they don't he should sue the hell out of them.