May 17, 2016 supergp commented on Have You Come Across These Creepy Baby Dolls in Your Neighborhood?.
Wow. They need a better PR department. I saw one at my bus stop this morning and assuming it was some hateful "pro-life" bullshit.
Apr 26, 2016 supergp commented on You Know What the Most Frustrating Thing About Dan Savage Is? He Refuses to Listen to Hamilton.
You have a moral obligation to force him to listen to it.
Feb 29, 2016 supergp commented on Stephen Fry Quits Twitter.
Twitter is only good as a one-many communication method. So it only works for celebrities and such in the first place.
Jan 11, 2016 supergp commented on We Can Only Agree With One of the Seattle Times's Top Three Bad Bus Behaviors.
Sorry, not everyone loves the smell of pot, and people who smoke have dulled their sense of smell that they don't realize how pungent you are. Apparently Charles is one of them (I suppose I shouldn't be surprised...)
Jan 8, 2016 supergp commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Gets Pistol Whipped, Wants to Talk About Other Things.
Probably didn't want to talk about being pistol-whipped by one cop to another.
Nov 23, 2015 supergp commented on There's a Rumor Floating Around the Internet About an Upcoming White Power Rally in Ballard. We're Checking It Out..
@12: you couldn't Google for 10 seconds before posting?…
Note: nothing on the 6th, but they usually don't have anything on Sundays.
Oct 28, 2015 supergp commented on Alien Is the Best Horror Movie Because It Is Not a Horror Movie.
Mudede is a broken clock. This is one of the rare times he is correct.
Oct 23, 2015 supergp commented on Surprise! Bertha's Tunneling Restart Date Postponed Another Month.
@12: and when they announce the next big delay, they can now do it during the holidays when no one will be paying attentiom?!
Sep 8, 2015 supergp commented on Floored.
"Pretentious Man Makes Less Functional Floor."