Nov 18 wayne commented on Savage Love.
Dan's advice to BAD was conveniently wrapped in her having been dating for only a year. I wonder what he would've told her had she said it was 15 years?

Oh and #5? I know it's you, Maxwell Sheffield!
Nov 11 wayne commented on Savage Love.
I meant the last line of "Sorry/Grateful"
Nov 11 wayne commented on Savage Love.
I once played Larry (one of the husbands) in a production of Company, and whenever I sang the last line ("You always are what you always were / Which has nothing to do with, all to do with her") I thought, yech, I think I'll stay single!
Oct 28 wayne commented on Savage Love.
Peter Staley is well-informed and well-intentioned but hardly "legendary." And I was going to ask (as usual) how much commission he earned for writing half of today's column, but maybe he should get even more for the second half, where Dan touted PrEP, which Mr. Staley seems to think every sexually active gay man should be on whether they think it's right for them or not.
Oct 7 wayne commented on Savage Love.
This will sound like sour grapes, but CHEAT's suffocating situation makes me glad I'm single!
Sep 30 wayne commented on Savage Love.
I find it a bit baffling that Dan thinks cheating on Mr. Two Months is an asshole move, because 1. They still haven't discussed whether they want to be exclusive, 2. Dan is always loudly advocating nonmonogamy, and 3. How do we know Mr. Two Months isn't doing the same thing?
Sep 23 wayne commented on Savage Love.
I like how Dan says "not everything needs to be shared, people" -- too bad he didn't say that to the woman in last week's column who was upset & confused because her son told her he & his wife were poly.
Sep 16 wayne commented on Savage Love.
My take on the first letter is, this woman's son is an insensitive jerk. Why would he find it necessary to tell his mom about the poly-relationship he & his wife have been having? What purpose did it serve? Shouldn't he have kept that info to himself? Didn't he realize telling her about it would upset & confuse her? I think if I were her, those are the questions I would have asked him!
Jul 29 wayne commented on Savage Love.
So how much commission did Allison Moon earn for writing 40% of this week's column?
Jul 1 wayne commented on Savage Love.
How exactly does one allow his body to be completely shaved, which must take at least half an hour, and then suddenly be angry about it? Maybe I missed something, but that makes no sense.