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May 30, 2013 highverbalfan commented on The 20th Most Trusted Person in America is An Anarchist.
Apparently the poll was conducted by asking respondents to rate each person on a five point scale of trustworthiness, with a sixth option available if they had no opinion. They've given us no clues as to how they weighted the responses, but I'm guessing that they basically threw out these 'no opinion' votes, which is how Chomsky (a non-celebrity in this country) could rank so high.

I can believe that *among people who know who they are*, a higher percentage of people trust Chomsky than trust Oprah, but there's no fucking way that more Americans trust Chomsky than trust Oprah.
May 15, 2013 highverbalfan commented on Google Glass, with Crazy Eyes.
Newt doesn't even know about the word "smartphone," so Google Glass would just blow his mind.
Feb 22, 2013 highverbalfan commented on Paul Constant Hearts The Rock.
The Rundown also features the added bonus of Sean William Scott getting repeatedly punched in the face.
Dec 19, 2012 highverbalfan commented on Django Unchained: The World's First Western Blaxploitation Revenge Buddy Comedy!.
The only thing I'm looking forward to more than Django Unchained is all the (white, conservative) people who are going to be really angry about Django Unchained.
Nov 20, 2012 highverbalfan commented on "I'm the butt police, and I'm looking at your rear (rear, rear)!".
It's dumb, no question about it, but at least that line has a kind of goofy and honest (albeit juvenile) quality, and the his use of onomatopoeia to complete the rhyme is moderately clever. I would submit that "...now you get to watch to watch her leave out the window/Guess that's why they call it window pane" from Love the Way You Lie is about a million times worse, because it completely undercuts an attempt at genuine emotional weight with an awful, groan-inducing pun. Eminem couldn't hold off his impish urge to engage in silly wordplay, even when it was completely inappropriate for the emotional tone he was trying to set, and that line basically ruins the entire song.
Nov 9, 2012 highverbalfan commented on Has Christopher Walken Ever Been the Emotional Center of a Movie Before?.
While he wasn't the central character, I would argue that he was the heartbreaking emotional core of Catch Me If You Can.
Sep 23, 2012 highverbalfan commented on Slog Mormon Study: Mosiah 11:6.
As for context, the "They" in this case is the king, his concubines, and all the priests and ministers he'd appointed; basically, the powerful and the religious were being subsidized by the working class.

Also worthy of note—the crushing tax rate being applied was 20%.
Aug 30, 2012 highverbalfan commented on If You're Gonna Say It, Say It Right.
Nothing beats Châteauneuf-du-Pape:

Jul 31, 2012 highverbalfan commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Meet The Republican's New Secret Weapon.
This kid wouldn't have flubbed his lines so often if he'd been using a teleprompter. Just sayin'.
Jul 12, 2012 highverbalfan commented on Good Luck With That One, Fellas.
Apparently y'all don't know about the internet juggernaut seekfind.org: "The mission of SeekFind.org is to provide God-honoring, biblically based, and theologically sound Christian search engine results in a highly accurate and well-organized format."

The top search result for Obama: "Is Barack Obama the antichrist?" Try getting THAT kind of accuracy and organization from Google.