Jun 22 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@Doggone, Because you randomly know the origin of the name, this is your cross to bear, and I would contend, if it's the worst randomness that comes your way, you lead a charmed life. Talk about randomness, quite a contrast between the first and last letters.
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Many people (some of whom are regular contributors to this thread) find themselves in long term, committed relationships in which the sex part no longer works or doesn't work so well. The reasons are legion, but one common one is getting married before having a good understanding of what makes you light up sexually. This seems to be the case for LIBIDOS. Right now the wife is getting some hot sex. The husband is not and things sexual in the relationship are unequal and unfair. That doesn't make her a bad person. Personally, I have the deepest sympathy for people in such circumstances. When she says she adores her husband, I take it at face value. When she says her relationship works well in other ways and she wants to maintain it, I take that at face value also. We can theorize endlessly about what the husband thinks or how he feels, but the fact is he didn't write in, and any conclusions on that front are speculation. LIBIDOS is troubled by the situation, so she writes for advice- some new perspective, some new ideas, some way to make things better. She's trying to figure it out. Good for her, I say.
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BiDanFan @29, I Hate Screen Names @31 & SublimeAfterglow @37, Did we all read the same letter? From her letter, LIBIDOS states:

"Before I go on, let me say that I adore my husband in all ways except sex."
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@1, I hate screen names & 12, BiDanFan: Raising kids together, sharing daily activities of life- cooking, eating, sharing art and music, making a household work- these don't qualify as having a relationship? What about love? It sounds like LIBIDOS genuinely loves her husband and wishes to keep her relationship with him. What about when one or both partners are no longer able to have sex? Does their relationship suddenly go POOF, regardless of any other connections or how strong they are? Don't the parties involved get to define what a relationship is?
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venn @ 33, so agree with that; wish he would let people speak for themselves without alteration, and if the letter is too long, then so be it. It seems that sometimes the letter writer's issue is compromised in favor of Dan making some tangential point. Having said that, I thought it was all good advice and funny too (FRIEND).

Hunter @4, are you trying to deliberately provoke trolls? Not funny.

Lava@27, re dick is abundant....I didn't read her message as "denigrating male sexuality". My abridged version is: There are countless (especially young) entitled men wanting to hook up, as long as it doesn't involve them doing any of the adapting or compromising involved. Young men who recognize that girls just wanna have fun but not necessarily do all the work are a much rarer breed. l feel no compunction in rejecting the former (gleefully) while seeking the latter.
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Somewhat off topic but excellent essay on pornography, sex ed (or lack of), intimacy and sex in the NYT. Not completely irrelevant to this thread in that it continues the theme of who is pleased and who is not.

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Mar 9 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Fail, you say:
" I met a man who frustrated me, turned me on, and was understanding about my trust issues. "

Even a casual observer would deem that last part to be untrue. The only thing he understands is he has found someone who tries to be GGG while he offers noting in return, at least sexually.
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*my reply. Sheesh. Time to go to bed or drink some coffee.
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Don't know what happened to the blank line between my quote of XiaoGui17 & mine reply, but my comment started at "I wouldn't call it progress......etc. Hope not too confusing.