Not enough like Twitter.

May 21 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Sitters should also consider the long term consequences, as in how does this play out at 70 or 80. To a young or middle aged healthy person a UTI is an inconvienience. Go to any assisted living or nursing home and and ask them about UTIs; you will get an ear full. There, they are a whole different animal- very common, harder to control and in some cases life threatening.
May 7 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Agree with @16 concerning cis, trans, natal, etc. Reminds me of the recently rerun Doonsbury strip where a birth is earnestly announced by the preschool aged sister as "it's a baby woman" Made me laugh out loud.
Apr 9 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Mr. 40ish deserves the truth. It doesn't have to be intentionally hurtful but it does need to be honest, especially if she hopes to have a friendship with the dude at some point later. Dishonest feedback helps no one......I have the same honesty problem with the first letter (SOS geezer): Dan says: "If your inner life amounts to a double life, that's a problem." and "If your zones of privacy and autonomy grow so large that your spouse doesn't know who you are anymore, that's a problem.".....I suspect the wife might vote yes on both of those.
Lots of interesting comments.
Feb 12 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@7 Defining purity as virginity is insanity.
Sep 4, 2013 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
@49 That gave me a good belly laugh!
Sep 4, 2013 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
I agree that cull is reacting like someone whose property has been taken, but it does seem odd that it's the woman's boyfriend who is laying down the law for her. Shouldn't she be making those kinds of decisions of her own free will? He is perfectly free to decline to date her if she chooses not to be monogamous. Or maybe she is just using the new boyfriend as an excuse to let down cull.
May 29, 2013 gonzo commented on I, Anonymous.
@5: thanks for the belly laugh! HAH!
May 29, 2013 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
Last letter- ATKS; and here I thought it was going to be "all that kinky shit". Oh well.
Apr 17, 2013 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
People who inhale smoke of ANY stripe into their lungs regularly, on a long term basis will almost certainly pay a price later in life. Emphysema, COPD, dragging around an oxygen tank everywhere you go- doesn't look like fun to me. To pretend these risks do not exist seems delusional to me. Eat it.
Jan 16, 2013 gonzo commented on Savage Love.
People. Lighten up! From some of the comments you would think that whether the sun rises or not tomorrow will be determined by what Nancy chooses to do and how Carl reacts to it. Have fun Nancy! Even if Carl isn't wild about what you choose I'm pretty sure the sun will rise tomorrow and your relationship will be just fine anyway (unless there is some REAL reason it isn't).

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