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Nov 19 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Council Member Kshama Sawant and Three Others Arrested in SeaTac While Protesting Minimum Wage Lawsuit.
There are lots of Socialist Alternative activists (and fairness-minded people of all political stripes) who could be in SeaTac tackling this issue. Kshama Sawant made a decision to run for office in Seattle, and she has been elected by, and she and her staff are paid by (charity contributions be damned) the people of Seattle to work on issues pertaining to our city. Spending the working day showboating for local news cameras at a protest in the suburbs is not what we pay her to do.

Tonight, video will air of her being arrested, and not a single person will change their position on whether or not Alaska Airlines' employees are entitled to a fair minimum wage. But lots of people's position on whether or not Kshama Sawant is really up to the task of governing will be called into question.
Nov 2 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on I, Anonymous.
@43: Yeah! Build more walls! That's what's missing in the world! We don't do enough tribalistic land-patch claiming and cross-border bickering as it is.

Sorry to sound like such a pinko, everyone. Build a fence if you like... or don't. I don't care. Just let's not all do the same thing because we should all be more the same.
Oct 29 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Is Vaping Really Safer Than Smoking?.
@6: Keep your brainless politics off my science. If your claim is true, there should be no reason at all for you to disagree with more research into the matter.
Oct 7 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on As Ridership on Light Rail Grows, Citizens of This City Need to Improve Their Social Intelligence.
@24 Yes. You are. God forbid you'd have to engage with other human beings in person.
Sep 30 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Where to Eat After You Go to Uncle Ike's and Buy a Bunch of Marijuana.
And come to think of it, Chucks is at 20th and Union, too.
Sep 30 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Where to Eat After You Go to Uncle Ike's and Buy a Bunch of Marijuana.
@6: It's called Katy's, not Kate's, and it's 20th and Union, not 22. ;)
Sep 29 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Seattle's Second Pot Store Opens Tomorrow in the Central District.
A legalized pot store opening is unimportant? Why? Because *you* aren't going to shop there? Who made you arbiter of truth?
Sep 23 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Balagan Theatre Shut Down By Its Board After Being Blindsided by Debts.
@12: No one should let the board off the hook for this. Four quarters of verbal financial statements is beyond the pale.


Ultimately, these two scammers came swooping into this organization, and mismanaged it for their own fun and profit and, while the board let them do it and is ultimately legally responsible, the guilty parties remain Hobson and Groschong. A failure some of us predicted as soon as it was clear who was to take over at Balagan. I remember attending a season preview party and being utterly unimpressed by Mr. Hobson's utterly undeserved, holier-than-thou "I'm from New York" bullshit attitude. Seemed like a scammer (and someone woefully out of touch with his audience) from the beginning.
Sep 12 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on I, Anonymous.
I'd have a pitbull in my home before just about any of you willowing, hand-wringing commenters.
Sep 10 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on The Morning News: Drivers Don't Understand the Cycle Track, Customers Don't Want Amazon's New Phone.
Ugh. No. The reason Amazon's phone isn't selling is because it's a piece of shit... not because everyone lives their lives in Stranger Lala-Land where every decision is motivated by far left politics, you fucking nitwit.

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