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Jan 14, 2016 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on A Car With a Dead Body in It Has Been Sitting on Capitol Hill For "At Least" Twelve Hours.
@15: That has got to be the single most brainlessly obnoxious thing anyone's ever said in the comments of a Stranger article, ever.
Dec 11, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Emotions Run High at Ballard's Bauhaus Coffee, Which Is Closing Forever Because of "Financial Difficulties".
@1: Fuck you, you snotty asshole. Midwest comfort food cannot be beat.
Dec 5, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Uber's Chief Advisor Tells Seattleites That Uber Is a Dream Job, Calls Unionization Efforts“Puzzling”.
You know, I'm with the notion that people who do a good job should be paid a fair wage. I'm not really sure Uber's model scales to that very well... but maybe some smart people can get together and figure something out.

But the notion that Uber shouldn't be able to deactivate drivers who its system flags as problems just really fucking pisses me off. The standard I expect is not "don't kidnap me". The standard i expect is get me there safely, politely, and comfortably. Uber's rating system ensures this, and they've done a lot to refine the algorithms they use to make sure it's as even-handed as it can be.

Customer experience quality suffering because the union makes sure that even the shittiest drivers get to keep their jobs despite the fact that customers routinely complain is unacceptable. It's wag the dog. One of the greatest innovations in Uber was the driver rating system. It's what drove customer service up and encouraged everyone to jump ship on the cab companies. I hope Uber never caves on their right to hire and fire at will.

As a consumer, I absolutely do not now and never will care about someone's job security if I'm paying for a level of service I don't receive. I don't need you to kiss my toes. I do expect you to be friendly, stay off your motherfucking phone (!!! - former cabbies, I'm looking at you), drive comfortably (this is the reason I most frequently downvote drivers... on and off the gas, or hammering on the brakes for no damn reason), and keep your car well-maintained and clean. Uber's ability to respond to customer complaints by culling drivers who don't meet standards is what makes Uber better than the bullshit Orange and Yellow Cab spent years taking our money for. Killing that in order to protect people who refuse to do those basic things is the opposite of progress and if Uber caves and quality drops, I'll gladly take my business (and whatever money even the good drivers might've gotten paid) elsewhere. I will not pay for bad service... especially not just to keep the motherfucking bleeding hearts happy.
Nov 23, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Nightclub Owners Steven Severin and David Meinert Say More Patrols Needed to Keep Capitol Hill Safe.
@31 or punched for daring to be seen in public with his boyfriend and refusing to take any horseshit off the bloated, trashy, space-sucking bridge-and-tunnel basics who invade en masse every weekend in order to walk around shouting slurs, breaking glass, spilling drinks, and provoking fights like they own the place.
Nov 20, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on We Actually Kinda Need a Youth Detention Center and We Will For a Long While.
@35: If the goal of the "No Youth Jail" movement is, actually, just "reasonable rates of youth detention only for offenders who really deserve it," it seems to me that there's no logical leap involved in their coming around to support building a new facility that might actually help work toward that goal by introducing a better facility that could help serve an interventionist goal instead of just a punitive one. But that's not the behavior we're seeing from, as someone so brilliantly said above, Kshama Sawant and her entourage of hyperventilating sycophants (among others), so we're led to believe not only by their words, but by their actions, that they are delusional about how to solve these problems and probably shouldn't be trusted with developing policy solutions.

I hate agreeing with Dan. He's grown to be *one* of Kshama Sawant's most obnoxious demagogues. But on this, since he's departed from her, I suppose, he's right.
Oct 31, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on No, We Did Not Endorse Pamela Banks or Tim Burgess.
You guys are the height of hypocrisy. Seriously. Grow up.
Oct 26, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Why Does Equal Rights Washington Want Seattle's LGBT Community to Vote for Pamela Banks?.
Come in for a meeting or don't get endorsed. It's not that tough to figure out, Dan. Would SECB (which I'm told you chair) endorse a candidate who refused a meeting? Have they ever?
Oct 26, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Here's Why Equal Rights Washington Says It Endorsed Pamela Banks Over Kshama Sawant.
Equal Rights Washington is a policy organization, not a rah-rah-rally organization. Kshama Sawant may have led a community meeting (which ERW wasn't invited to participate in, incidentally, I'm told), but that doesn't give her a pass from scheduling time to meet with ERW if she sought their endorsement. Lots of other candidates, including Pamela Banks, all of them busy people, found time in their schedules to make it work. So, one is left to understand that either Sawant felt entitled to the endorsement despite her decision to ignore or only pay minimal attention ERW's efforts to reach out, or that she didn't care if she got it or not.

In either case, I'm unimpressed
Oct 21, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on Two Weeks After It Sued the CIA, Data Is Stolen from the University of Washington's Center for Human Rights.
If the CIA wanted to shut this all down, they'd be more clever than to send someone in to steal a hard drive. That seems awfully... beneath them.
Oct 16, 2015 pheeeew!crack!boom! commented on The City Librarian Wants to Spend Almost $2 Million on a Rebrand. Don’t Let That Happen..
You had me until: "But why not engage the community by announcing that the library is looking for a new logo, and then hold a competition and have the demographic you’re trying to reach dream one up?"

Because that's not how brand design at this scale works. Graphic designers and brand marketers are creative professionals, and it's high time we stopped pretending that their work can be accomplished by anyone with a Creative Cloud subscription, or even any ol body with an arts degree. If SPL is going to go about this process, then selecting a group of professionals is the only way to do it.

Whether or not SPL needs to go through this process right now, and whether or not they're going through it for the right reasons are totally valid questions for public discussion -- in particular if they intend to spend public money to do it. But if they are going to go through it, we don't get to shit on the idea that they hired experienced professionals to get the job done. Rolling out a new brand across an organization the size of SPL is not something best left to amateurs... if you think Hornall Anderson's rates are high, you should see what it costs to fix something that some fool fucked up trying to do it on the cheap.

As an aside, also: this weird fetish Seattle has with letting "community members" (as if the professionals working at Hornall Anderson aren't community members) have a say in every little detail of every little thing is gross. Some of you folks need better hobbies.