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May 19, 2014 npage148 commented on The Opposite of Naturalism Is Truth.
#16, don't worry, I got your back. We'll take them on together. I adore Life Aquatic. All of it
Feb 10, 2014 npage148 commented on Where People Run in the City.
The NYC map is BS. It's basically the marathon route because 30,000k people running the same route and all tracking it (you know they are!) are going to drown out all other runs
Jun 24, 2013 npage148 commented on Parlez-vous Français?.
My wife spent a year there. It seemed many appreciated the effort but many would just talk to you in english or constantly correct your french. Knowing the basics was the most appreciated, hello, goodbye, please and thank you.

The worst she said would be the ones that obviously know English but refused to speak it making your fumble around trying to talk to them (usually involving a non-elementary conversation) only to have them pretend they don't understand you. Then after enough embarrassment they would answer you in English indicating that they understood you the whole time and are a giant ass.

And don't say ?que? when you are confused, I guess it's rude or something
May 15, 2013 npage148 commented on Fucking a Hornets' Nest Kills a Man Dead.
I must have missed this alternate ending to My Girl
May 6, 2013 npage148 commented on Guns Under Lock and Key Could Now Be Anywhere, Police Say.
@2: my two dogs may be giant pusses and overly friendly but they make a ton of noise when you startle them but opening a door especially when they are sleeping. Once they figure out you are a human that can pet them they shut their yap but hopefully they'd scare away whatever was at the door before that
Feb 13, 2013 npage148 commented on "Sociopath on a Bicycle": Bill Burr on Lance Armstrong.
Yes, let's make sure more people know about cancer, it's still a rare disease that not many people know about
Nov 28, 2012 npage148 commented on Private-Prison Company Assists with Random High-School Drug Sweep.
"According to Anderson, three students were arrested as a result of the October 31 Vista Grande raid: two female students, ages 15 and 17, as well as one 15-year-old male. According to Anderson, the 15-year-old female was found in possession of .10 grams of marijuana; the 15-year-old male student was found in possession of .50 grams of marijuana; and the 17-year-old female was found in possession of 10 ounces of marijuana. According to Anderson, this last quantity was "individually packaged." 


Getting your life ruined for 0.1 grams of what I would presume is weed scraps is insane. I'd say if you bring drugs to school you deserve to be arrested becasue your an idiot but I'm sure at points in my life I had enough 0.1 grams of weed on my in school. Like bits in my pack or something
Nov 15, 2012 npage148 commented on Florida Denny's Owner to Add 5 Percent Obamacare Surcharge to Bills.
@12: They are in a business which has been historically built on exploiting underpaid workers and routinely skirting tax laws. It seems to me that if a business is getting shut down for labor violations and/or not paying taxes it's either a restaurant or bar. They don't like to be told to pay their fair share because they never had before.
Nov 15, 2012 npage148 commented on White College Boy Believes the Right to Vote Should Be Tied to Money.
@39: I really want to think this is bad satire but I really don't think it is.
Nov 13, 2012 npage148 commented on This Dog Ain't Having It.
I have two dogs. One to smart for his own good and knows if he barks he gets to come inside and if he barks aggressively he gets to come in faster. He learned this trick from the other one just likes to bark at select people and dogs walking by. I'll toss them out (never when I'm not home) and let them back in when one starts barking. I wouldn't subject my neighbors to my dogs annoying-ness