It's not very popular.

Apr 16 Sterno commented on Record Store Life.
Everybody's Records in Bellevue wasn't "corporate". It was a good record store until a great one opened (Rubato).
Feb 18 Sterno commented on Bertha Moved a Whole Three Feet Last Night and It's Making Us Nervous.
The pit reminds me of the "concrete sarcophagus" they created over the Chernobyl reactor.
Feb 17 Sterno commented on Seattle’s First Beer and Food Truck Park Is Coming to Ballard.
Bend, Oregon has one of these. Great idea, in all weather.
Feb 13 Sterno commented on State Senate Passes Republican Pot Bill that Combines Medical and Recreational Markets.
The "Microsoft Millionare" has given a whopping $25k to a PAC, and this is significant? And this is the same guy who raised all sorts of money to build a huge biodiesel plant in Grays Harbor County that totally never happened? Business genius. Another moderately smart guy who won the Microsoft lottery and went on to dumb things with additional zeros attached. What value has Martin Tobias added to anything? Certainly not pot. Very tired of rich people in this city. Dollars do not convey significance.
Feb 6 Sterno commented on Legendary Screenwriter and Seattle Film Mentor Stewart Stern Dead at 92.
"The suffocating ordinariness of pre-Amazon Seattle". Oh Charles....
Dec 11, 2014 Sterno commented on Tom Nissley of Phinney Books Shares What He's Learned from His First Bookstore Christmas Season.
It's a great bookstore. You feel that most of the books in it are ones the owners picked because they really want you to read them.
Dec 4, 2014 Sterno commented on Last Night in Seattle, Stevie Wonder Talked About Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Gun Control.
Great show. It's amazing to watch someone who is so experienced playing his own music and performing, and still (apparently) not tired of it. Started at 8:15, ended around midnight...
Nov 6, 2014 Sterno commented on The Crazy Things That Happen Inside Orient Express.
#8 is a SODO potty mouth! Do you remember what the area was called before there was a DO?
Oct 23, 2014 Sterno commented on Garfield Students Walk Out Over School District Threat to Cut Teacher.
And Garfield is not the only school losing a teacher due to murky enrollment numbers. Below is the full list, from Superintendent Nyland's letter to the principals at impacted schools. This stuff goes on every year - late in October, the districts counts kids and "tweaks" staffing to remove or add people. Sounds reasonable, right? It is, unless you're a kid in a class that suddenly loses a teacher and has to be moved into new classes, nearly two months after the start of the school year. Disruptive? Yes. If it has to happen, should it happen earlier in the year? Yes. Is the entire thing evidence of poor processes and maybe incompetence? Perhaps. And while some of these schools have already raised money from parents to keep the teachers there (Stevens, in N. Capitol Hill just did this after learning on 10/17 they'd lose staff), many can't or won't do this. Great but smaller, less wealthy schools like B.F. Day simply can't come up with the money. And this kind of crap happens every year...

Schools with reduced staffing budgets:

· Garfield High School – 1.0 FTE

· Stevens Elementary – 1.0 FTE

· Hazel Wolf K-8– 1.0 FTE

· B.F. Day Elementary– 1.0 FTE

· Denny International Middle School – 0.6 FTE

· Madison Middle School – 1.0 FTE

Sep 29, 2014 Sterno commented on The Incredible Disappearing Midterm Elections.
I vaguely remember when CNN was a news outlet. Their list of "top stories" is usually just a few notches about the "Bat Boy" stories in Weekly World News...

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