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Feb 5, 2010 Nova commented on Now I Know Who I'm Rooting For.
Most children in foster care have behavioural or attachment issues, or cognitive impairment. Many are far behind in school, and have anxiety problems. Many are called 'special needs' children ... y'know, the sort of kids Dan makes fun of.

On a side note, adoption is not about parental rights. Nobody has the right to adopt. To say that you have a right to adopt, is to say the government has the obligation to fulfill that right, and this just isn't true. What if a family wants to adopt 5 white newborns? It's unlikely to happen, but if you call it a right ... it makes it sound like people have the "right" to children. Nobody has that right, whether those children are biologically yours or you went through an adoption process. It makes children sound like chattel.

Adoption should always be about children's rights; it should be about the children, not you. It is about finding a child a suitable, loving home. When we make it about the parents, and what adults should "have", the practice will become discriminatory. When we focus on what is best for the children, it becomes obvious: allow anyone suitable (gay or straight) to adopt.
Feb 1, 2010 Nova commented on The Obvious—And Impossible—Response to the AFA's Superbowl Abortion Ad.
All that we really need to do in a pro-choice ad, is to draw the obvious connection between getting an abortion and choosing something like ... not being an organ donor, or choosing not to give blood whenever you can. Because the three are very similar. A person's right to life does not supercede another person's bodily autonomy -- period! If you're on death's door and need a bone marrow transfusion, they're not going to find the first person with the same bone marrow type as you and strap them down, forcing them to give a donation. You need consent, and without it, the person dies and the potential donor goes on their merry way. It is the exact same thing with abortion; people do not have any right to a non-consenting person's flesh, blood and fluids. We can draw connections from that standpoint. We need to work on making abortion look normal, and counter this whole notion that it's murder.

Maybe we can film a pro-bone marrow donation ad, or a pro-opting to be an organ donor ad. I mean, I am all for those things (I am an organ donor, for the record), but the fact is that those issues are not a hot topic, and we can easily branch out and hover the issue of abortion from there. We do not have to talk about abortion directly, just the central issues of abortion and bodily autonomy. Like I said, we should make an effort to normalize abortion. Additionally, we need to normalize the women that make the choice to have an abortion. Make sense?
Jan 31, 2010 Nova commented on Florida State University.
Getting a B in university is pretty much failing, and that's the truth. University is A-or-fail, no matter where you go, which I think is absolutely stupid and unrealistic. I was an A average student at the University of Big Cash, and I graduated with a 3.7 CGPA. Any recognizable law school will require you to pretty much have a 4.0 CGPA (or higher), and any graduate program will demand the same. To the academics, a B is never good enough. I had friends from high school graduate with a higher CGPA than me; however, they went to a much, much, much less prestigious school than I did, yet they got into law school. A real fucking pain in the ass realization, especially considering how much extra money I paid to go to that school. I really should have considered going somewhere cheaper.

Several years after working in a related field, I got accepted into a graduate program at a pretty Shitty Fucking University, if I may say so, but I like it. I like the atmosphere, it's much less cocky, and much more "get me out of here so I can start living the real life". Plus, the profs enjoy smoking pot with me, which is always a bonus.

Anyway, let me tell you right now, so the blow will not be as traumatic for you later on. University is a business. The most prestigious schools are the worst in terms of being a business. Employers care very little about where you graduated; however, they do care how many lovely letters of reference you can muster up, and from what I recall, most professors do not give out letters of reference, even if you volunteer for them for over a year. On the other hand, many of those students attending community college are probably working two or three jobs, and their employers will probably all give them lovely references. From what I understand, most profs at community colleges are far more modest, and give a shit about their students, so they'll probably write up a letter of reference as well. Don't get too upset when they get a job, and you won't.
Think about it. How many lower level courses did you have to take, and how many of them overlapped each other? Did you really need to take them all? Nope. They're just trying to make things expensive for you. University = business. You should have just joined the army.
Jan 30, 2010 Nova commented on Florida State University.
lol about the lawyer comment. I once wondered how you sheltered the kid from Slog.

On a completely different tangent, has anyone read about the Missouri State Highway Patrolman that was killed on duty, and his partner did not receive any benefits or support? He was not even mentioned in his partner's obituary! The Justice Department commented that the partner could be owed $311,000 if he can prove he is the partner's legal beneficiary, but thus far he hasn't received anything. Of course, the patrolman and his partner were a same-sex couple, and if same-sex people received equal rights, this wouldn't be an issue.…

It must really suck, I can't even imagine. Oh well, lets go to Chillies, everyone!
Jan 29, 2010 Nova commented on Your Body Is a Temple.
The BMI is a good test, although it is not perfect. Whenever a fatty preaches to me that the BMI is bullshit, I always ask them to kindly take a measurement of their waist if they're so convinced their BMI rating is unrealistic. Your waist measurement does not lie, and unless you're a football player, if your BMI says you're obese, your waist measurement will just re-confirm this.

You know, for people that are in good health, we realize that it is hard to gain muscle. It doesn't just come out of nowhere! You have to work at it, exercise several days a week and eat well. If you just sit around 7 days a week and eat unhealthy foods, it's likely your overweightness is not caused by muscle, but by fat!
Jan 29, 2010 Nova commented on Maybe CBS Rejected This Superbowl Ad for a Gay Dating Website....
I love how at the end you see a black guy eating fried chicken. I would feel embarressed if they aired this on superbowl.
Jan 26, 2010 Nova commented on Required Viewing: Rob Tisinai On the Claim That Gay People Are Twelve Times Likelier to Molest Children.
On a completely different tangent, I always wondered what the statistics were of adult men that are sexually assaulted. I mean, it's usually the case that when a man is sexually assaulted, it was perpetrated by another man. I always wondered what the sexual orientation is of the victims and the offenders. I ask this because I remember a couple years back hearing about a young man that was attacked and sexually assaulted by three other men. The victim was gay, and the three offenders claimed they were straight. The attack was clearly hate-related, because y'know, when you rape someone out of the blue, it's usually because you have a hatred for such a person, and you want to humiliate and degrade them in the worst way possible. Sadly, I don't think they were actually charged with a hate crime.

Which always made me wonder ... why isn't rape always considered a hate crime? Especially when the offender is a stranger to the victim (very rare, but it happens, and yet it's hardly ever considered a hate crime). When a woman is raped, the offender acted the way he did because he has a deep hatred for women. In the case I recalled where the young gentleman was raped, it was the same thing. I think rape should always be considered a hate crime in and of itself.
Jan 24, 2010 Nova commented on I, Anonymous.
It isn't about being a girl, you did the right thing. If a person wants to mug you, you give them the wallet. If someone is stealing from you, even if you're a massive football player, I would say play along. If you ran off and attacked them, the situation could have become much worse. Oh yeah, they *could have* ran off, but *could have* isn't good enough.

As for all of these people saying "you should have done XY and Z, criminals always run off!", those people do not have a fucking clue. I have been working as a youth probation officer for several years now, before that I worked in youth corrections, and am working on an MA in criminology. I can tell you right now, if there is anything you can say about street criminals, it is that they are unpredictable. A crime like this is done in the moment. They aren't thinking about the victim, or the possibility of getting caught, or the future. It is done in the moment; they think about what they could win out of it. If you were to have reacted, anything could have happened. They could have attacked you, or they could have ran. Who is to say they weren't on drugs at the time? Your safety and your dog's safety are far more valuable than the junk they stole.

Also, who is to say she didn't call the police? And what difference would it make? He was breaking in at that moment. If she called the police right then and there, they would make a report about it, and give her a case number to tell her insurance company. Oh, and they would advise her not to do anything stupid, like get involved.
Jan 21, 2010 Nova commented on This Is Why You're Your Kids Are Fat.
You are supposed to eat between 5-6 meals a day, given that you are active ... of course, I wouldn't consider a fruit roll-up and a pop a snack. It is all unhealthy carb, and not nearly enough food to constitute a real snack. Although, in her defence, you should eat something with a lot of carbs in it after you've exercised. Albeit, pop is probably the worst carb available. Maybe she should just make something for him when he gets home. Don't make a person wait to eat after they've exercised. It's really not good.

Honestly, this is not nearly the worst story I've heard about kids being unhealthy. I once met a teenager that had type-2 diabetes, and he was only sixteen. You want to hear nasty? This kid, it was very weird, he absolutely refused to eat any veggie. He would order white pasta (WHY?) with meatballs, but order the server to not put any tomato sauce in the dish. He would order a burger with no veggies, extra bacon, extra mayo, and an extra patty. He brought around candies everywhere he went. It was difficult to watch him eat ... like, you would want to throw up. Ever had that feeling? Where you want to throw up after watching someone eat?
Jan 19, 2010 Nova commented on Brilliant French AIDS-Prevention Ad.
It is usually frivolous writing and not silly drawings. Sometimes when women write really contraversial shit on the stall doors, another person will respond, and then another person, and another, and soon we have a huge argument on the stall door. I love it when that happens. I read all of the silly arguments.