Sep 15, 2013 mt commented on They Forgot to Write the Book.
#1 Surprisingly - I agree
#2 You won't know if his work stands the test of time for sure until all the manuscripts have been published and time has past. He certainly struck a chord that still resonates.
Aug 12, 2013 mt commented on God-Fearing Couple Confronts the Nothingness of the Pacific Ocean.
Most of you are totally missing the faith boat. They had faith and did not die i.e. by their own lights - they were saved by God. He must have big plans for them or maybe just one of the them and the others got a free ride. The lesson they will learn is to do crazy things and trust God. The fishermen et al were His instruments to carry out His plan. Faith don't need no logic.
Aug 2, 2013 mt commented on Our Bodies, Ourselves: Don't Abused Young Girls Have Enough Problems?.
Since our evolutionary past is inconveniently not hip to modern social notions - wouldn't it be more likely that offering sexual companionship to the bigger, stronger, more aggressive males might have side benefits that insure a longer life and a chance to procreate and procreate more frequently in a stress-filled world instead of just getting it out of the way before you're dead. A stressful world is even more so if you are pregnant or nursing and vulnerable - the cuddling instinct might trump fight or flight if you can get someone else to fight for you or wrangle more food for you as quid pro quo.

Jun 18, 2013 mt commented on "Is abortion a social good?".
Wrong - Not worth your time.

You already know the conclusions since it is posted here with a positive spin. No point in reading it.
Jun 5, 2013 mt commented on The Media Is Missing Important Microhousing Issues.
1975 sleeper apartment on Capitol Hill - $65 per month, Murphy Bed, hot plate, tiny fridge, bathroom with tiny bathtub - all the cockroaches you could ever dream about.

Wish I would have know how cool I was then.
Apr 1, 2013 mt commented on France to Create Fund to Assist Ailing Booksellers.
A far more important take on book-selling in Europe are the laws that prohibit discounting less than 5% off the printed sticker price on the book jacket. France, Germany, Italy et al have some version of this. So you can buy that coffee table book in the museum store without feeling you've been fleeced or at least no more fleeced then if you had waited to buy it at Borders, oh wait...
Mar 21, 2013 mt commented on The Globalization of General Intelligence.
The little problem with the thought experiment is that corporations are not local and immobile - The Senate plan does not envision nationalizing and localizing Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

The big corps want to be able to manufacture where unskilled labor is cheap and pollution controls are minimal; and do the creative development where the government is stable and their intellectual property is protected. If they can import cheaper skilled labor then that is frosting on the cake.

By all means cheer on the half-socialist/half-capitalist solutions - you already have a nice model from the thirties and forties in Germany - all you need is a eugenics component and you can have slave labor, imported or homemade. Think about that for a thought experiment.
Mar 14, 2013 mt commented on Child Rape, Inc..
It wasn't just the Catholic church that closed their eyes and stuck their fingers in their ears. LAUSD will be paying out $30 million to settle half of the claims against one teacher in one school.…

The Catholic Church was the appetizer just wait for the lawsuits coming to your school district.

Feb 19, 2013 mt commented on A Theory of White Native Americans.
I have never met anyone who thinks "You are not supposed to survive the horrors" etc. Even those southerners who will admit to slave owning ancestors say they "treated their property well."

Also, there is also a vestige of the "one drop" rule still extant in the American psyche. Anyone with a drop of negro blood is black. So you can't be white with a black great, great grandfather, but you can be white with a great, great grandfather Cherokee. Hence there are blacks with white ancestors but no whites with black ancestors.
Jan 25, 2013 mt commented on Re: "American Buffalo" at Seattle Rep, the Greeks, and Conservative Playwrights.
Congratulations, truly. It is heartening to see a poster on SLOG refer to previous post as being a quick and lazy generalization. I will read your future posts with more care.

Fighting our era's tendency toward quick and lazy generalizations may be the only way out of positing everything as us against them, liberal vs. conservative, ignorant redneck vs. effete snob, 99 vs. 1% etc.

I am looking forward to more thoughtful and polished generalizations.