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Jul 1 persimmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queens of the Retail Stage.
...or what sissoucat said.
Jul 1 persimmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queens of the Retail Stage.
I hold no ill will toward more effeminate men (I, too, work in retail management, and in a particular specialty that is rife with gay men), but I would disagree that it's self-loathing misogyny that's at work in LW's bias. Women dislike the stereotypical representations of femininity because they're shoved in our noses all day, every day--either through misogynistic insults that reinforce what is "feminine" versus "masculine," or by way of falling short of some unrealistic standard. Now, it doesn't make it wrong for someone to naturally be that way, but it can be grating to see someone who is a living representation of the stereotype we'd be very eager to eschew. The real underlying problem to all of this is that society has deemed certain traits of queens as feminine, which suggests that half the population cannot be more diverse than those traits would allow.
May 22 persimmon commented on Savage Love.
For SITTER--I 100% believe someone would be willing to risk infection and severe inconvenience to satisfy a small portion of the desire to experience life (even the dumb shit) as the correct gender. I don't think having to sit while peeing is super fantastic or anything, but I think SITTER is trying to win a small battle in the greater war on his birth-assigned sex. I don't see any end result except full transition, and he'd be much better off getting it done and over with now, through an experienced doctor--rather than being an old man full of regrets and higher surgery complications. I also strongly support the use of a therapist, and probably a couple's therapist as well, since it looks like the wife might be getting dragged into more than she anticipated.
May 12 persimmon commented on Did I Eat a Pizza or a Salad?.
Fucking West Coast pizza.
May 10 persimmon commented on If You Believe Abortion Is a Right, You Need to Stop Telling Women How and When They Should Get Abortions.
So... aside from the slightly Earth Mother chanting and dewy-eyed comments about the awe-inspiring ability to of make life, something's not quite right in this. She says she's pretty early in her pregnancy, but has an in-clinic procedure. You can get the pill up to 8 or 9 weeks (about a month after you could find out), and not have to go in for a procedure. Now, 10 weeks is still pretty early in Desired Pregnancy Land, but if I were undesirably pregnant and seeking an abortion, I wouldn't consider myself early if I'd missed the deadline for the easy abortion option.
As for the Earth Mother chanting--I assume that she was doing a pain management technique, but, believe me, the cramping associated with a dilated cervix is not something you can handle with a calm face. It is, at best, extremely uncomfortable. A whole monastery of chanting Tibetan monks could not soothe a woman with a dilated cervix.

I appreciate the exposure for something that's so often vilified and shunned, but I smell a staged video.
May 2 persimmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: He's Single, Ladies.
I would never trust a man's assessment of his ex-girlfriend's arousal.
May 1 persimmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Bi Girl's Dilemma.
@3 God, I wish there was a lesbian Grindr.
May 1 persimmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Bi Girl's Dilemma.
Been there. Done that. Online ads are nice, but if you've got a desperate urge for lady bits, go to a bar. Preferably a gay or gay-friendly bar. Get an obvious rainbow accessory of some kind and wear it to flag down the lesbians, and then start macking your way to sexy-town! Bar hookups won't even bring up the question of a man in your life. That's an honest conversation for when things develop into actual dating--if that's even what you want.

I recommend the online route when you've gotten the hang of knowing how to spot the women who are bisexual lures for a threesome with their own husband/boyfriend.
Apr 28 persimmon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Friendly Fire.
This isn't double standard advice. A guy can be best friends with his ex, gay or straight, but I don't know any guys (gay or straight) who buy their best friends nice gifts and meet in secret.
Apr 27 persimmon commented on The Other Woman: A Shit Sandwich Wrapped In Shit, Lovingly Placed In A Bag Made Entirely of Shit.
Meh, I'm feminist and had low expectations when a friend dragged me to it. It wasn't bad, though. It had some really good laughs. I agree that the "African documentary" comment was out of line and totally unnecessary. And looking back it probably doesn't actually pass the Bechdel test, which is a sad fact given the ample opportunities it has. But as far as dumb movies go, I don't think this one is worth calling in the cavalry. It has moments of stretching toward a feminist message, which is more than I can say for the majority of the current lineup. It made me laugh quite a few times, and my eyes rolled only once or twice. That's not half-bad in my book.

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