Nov 27, 2014 Orsh commented on Home For Thanksgiving and Not Interested in the Game, Your Cousins, or More Pie?.
The asymmetry of asking if you've ever put your penis in someone's anus, if you've ever had a penis in your anus, and if you've ever had a strap-on/plug in your anus, without "have you ever pegged someone," is, well, an asymmetry.
Sep 5, 2014 Orsh commented on LTE: Why I'm Wrong for Parlaying a Cyclist's Death Into a Piece About Underfunded Bike-Safety Projects.
Public policy should be based on statistics about the intersection, not a case-by-case placing of blame. If a lot of cyclists die at the same spot, it should be redesigned. Even if 100% of the cyclists ran the same stop sign- if that's happening in one spot and not others, there is a design reasons for it. You can redesign the intersection/feeder streets, or you can wish upon a star that everyone would start following all the rules all the time.

It's fine if the police want to increase ticketing of rule-breaking cyclists. It's still possible to improve what is a clear outlier in intersection safety.
May 16, 2014 Orsh commented on Funny/Not Funny: Mandatory Vagina Inspections.
Did they only ask boys if they found it funny? No one asked a girl who knew they student culture whether it seemed like a hilarious send-up of uptight adults or just a creepy prank?
Apr 3, 2014 Orsh commented on Honey Maid Doubles Down on Support for Same-Sex Parents.
This is a golden age, where there's immense buying power in the hands of pro-gay people and still enough haters that you can still make an impression as a company by displaying what are increasingly entry-level vaguely progressive values.
Nov 14, 2013 Orsh commented on Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? (I do.).
I use it because I pause at each item in a list when I actually talk and I could swear I hear it in other people's verbal lists, too, but I guess that's me projecting the way I imagine writing their list. I like that each item gets its own comma. It visually separates the list.
Nov 12, 2013 Orsh commented on The Myth of Upward Mobility in America.
Is 4% not a lot? 4% sounds like a huge percentage to me. That article doesn't indicate what qualifies as "rag-to-riches."

They give good numbers to show we're not doing as well (at disconnecting parents' outcomes from their childrens' outcomes) as the nicest countries in Europe, and that's important information.
Sep 27, 2013 Orsh commented on The Customer Is Often Mute.
My personal feeling is that if you're rating a place, it should get a higher rating for getting things right the first time than for responding nicely to your critiques. Cheesecake Lady is just missing the part of her brain that tells you "My preference for cheesecake shapes is not a universally accepted measure of restaurant quality."
Sep 25, 2013 Orsh commented on Woman Attempts to "Earn" Engagement by Making 300 Sandwiches.
Came here to say that she intentionally sexism-ed-up the language to make it inflammatory. @13 and @22 are ahead of me.
Sep 20, 2013 Orsh commented on "I'm Gen Y, and I Don't Feel Special or Entitled, Just Poor.".
I'm not denying that good-quality jobs are down- but is it just me, or are there, like... a LOT of people who want to write for a living? We don't need that many, and it's 1) holding down wages and 2) cultivating clickbait farms like Slate and the Daily Dot. Maybe it's my imagination- maybe all these people used to write for local newpapers that have since gone under.