Nov 13, 2009 kibbies commented on Looking Back on Lou Dobbs.
The real reason Lou Dobbs had to suddenly quit CNN:…
Oct 26, 2009 kibbies commented on Constantine Pulling Ahead of Hutchison.
It really seems like polling companies should have solved the landline problem by now, but it looks like they haven't. Not only was McGinn polling 3rd days before the primary (he ended up 1st), check out the numbers for Dow and Susan. This makes me feel a lot better about the election; I cannot believe King County would elect Susan Hutchison.

The only primary candidates who underperformed their polling results were Susan Hutchison, Stan Lippman, and Goodspaceguy, which suggests only crazy people have landlines any more (sorry Will!).

Six days before the primary, Survey USA poll results:
* Dow 20%
* Susan 37%
* Undecided 15%

Actual primary election results:
* Dow 27%
* Susan 33%……
Oct 24, 2009 kibbies commented on The Morning News.
#2: I don't understand why some people brand McGinn a "naive idealist." Portland opened their 4th light rail line this year. Vancouver BC opened their 3rd light rail line this year. San Francisco opened their 7th light rail line in 2007. We're still working on our 1st, to be opened in 2023. McGinn just wants us to catch up and become an average west coast city in regards to transit.

McGinn's other ideas aren't naive idealism either. Even freaking Pittsburgh has made broadband access a public utility.

Seattle should be a leader in progressive government, but right now we're way behind.
Oct 16, 2009 kibbies commented on Bus Rapid Transit.
Seattle's streetcar network is controlled by the city of Seattle instead of county or regional agencies that bleed money due to the suburbs. They're much cleaner and more reliable than buses. The SLUT is worthless for most people because it doesn't go anywhere, but it's a pleasure to ride if you use it. The BUTT will actually be useful and will be built next year.

Blame Nick Licata for the other three lines not going forward. Vote McGinn, O'Brien, Bagshaw, and Israel if you want an in-city alternative to buses.…

BUTT - ID, First Hill, Capitol Hill
FABQueen - CD, ID, downtown, Belltown, Queen Anne
SLUT B - Downtown, SLU, Westlake, Ballard
SLUT U - Downtown, SLU, Eastlake, UWMC, U District
Oct 9, 2009 kibbies commented on I (Heart) Streetcar.
Streetcars are essentially light rail without their own roads. If you go to downtown Portland, you'll have trouble telling the streetcars apart from the street-bound light rail.

SDOT has a planned streetcar network that was approved by the Seattle City Council (minus Rasmussen and outgoing McIver; Licata opposes it but voted for it in exchange for including an obstructionist amendment).

There are three new lines (not including the BUTT) that can be built in 1-3 years, as opposed to 10-20 years for new light rail lines. We just need advocates on the city council and a friendly Mayor McGinn on board.

Streetcar network map:…

* First Ave through Belltown to lower Queen Anne (FABQueen)
* Extend the SLUT to Ballard (SLUT B)
* Eastlake to University District (name pending)

We need to get the city council on board (especially Licata if he's re-elected), and get Mike McGinn 100% on board (and make sure he's elected).
Oct 7, 2009 kibbies commented on Slog Polls Are Legally Binding.
BUTT = Broadway Urban Transit Trolley
TWAT = TWelfth Avenue Trolley

That way, if it ends up going down 12th, it'll be the TWAT. If it goes down Broadway, it'll be the BUTT.
Oct 7, 2009 kibbies commented on Electionland Thunderdome.
Jessie Israel promised to sponsor plastic bag ban legislation as well. Bag bans for everyone!!
Oct 7, 2009 kibbies commented on Electionland Thunderdome.
My favorite answer so far: Nick Licata promised to write and submit legislation banning plastic bags in his next term.

Oct 6, 2009 kibbies commented on Licata vs. Israel....
#3: Licata has voted multiple times against streetcars, he was a member of Sane Transit opposing light rail, and has come out in opposition against both. This isn't a one-time thing. He has said he's against mass transit because buses are cheaper, yes, which is why people against funding better transit will vote for him and Mallahan.

#6: He cosponsored that resolution because the First Hill line was funded and passed by voters. He was trying to stop any further expansion of the light rail line.

#7: He wanted to include the First Hill Streetcar because that was the compromise for eliminating the First Hill light rail stop.

I'm not making this up and I'm not trying to smear Licata... I'm eager to hear his answer to my question because I hope I'm wrong. I have ridden on the streetcar in Portland through the Pearl District and loved it. I think the proposed streetcar network (Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, U District, Ballard) in Seattle would be even more incredible.

Anyway, here are some snippets from Licata, in his own words. This is why people call Licata an "obstructionist."

This Monday (6/25/07) the Full Council voted 7-1 (Steinbrueck excused absence) in favor of Council Bill 115917 which provides a financing plan for the operation of the South Lake Union streetcar, and approves an agreement with King County Metro to operate the streetcar. I cast the "no" vote.…

I remain skeptical that the case can be proven for additional streetcars, but because of my amendments the Council is now on record supporting a streetcar network, but with the caveat that it won't provide funding until the case is proven. And the power of the purse is the fundamental power of the Council, so the statement of support has been heavily qualified. Now it will only take Council to exercise that authority when the appropriate times come.

(In other words, he single-handedly slowed the council's go-ahead for the streetcar network.)…
Oct 6, 2009 kibbies commented on Licata vs. Israel....
Here is one post about the First Hill/International District/Capitol Hill Streetcar meeting last week, where Licata fought and fought to try and kill the fully-funded, voter-approved project. I read somewhere that Licata was actually booed, but I can't find that report right now.

This is one of only a handful of times I’ve watched City Council talk about transportation, but I’m struck by one thing here: Licata does not like this streetcar. He’s interrupted a number of times asking about how the City can get out of the agreement, whether Sound Transit can get out of the agreement, and whether we can run a trolley bus instead. He was reminded, of course, that the ST2 vote says streetcar. The money can’t be used for a trolleybus.…

I don't think even Licata can kill the First Hill streetcar now, but if he's re-elected he will sure try to kill the planned streetcars to Queen Anne, the University District, and Ballard (unless he's had a sudden change of heart on transit).