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Nov 3 Gerald Fnord commented on Seattle Chefs Cook with Weed.
Thanks for the article. The radio programme "Good Food" did a segment a few years back on an underground dinner thrown by some L.A.-area chefs:…

A snipe: Unless the oils' THC/CBD concentrations are absolutely standardised, I would suggest listing the concentrations in the oils as used by the various chefs in order to avoid wildly varying drugs-per-portion values in the results. That is, I'd like to see, e.g., the target mg[THC]/cup in the ice-cream receipt.
Oct 31 Gerald Fnord commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mismatched.
I added that proviso at the end because I realise that there are some whose notion of the normally-sexed male doesn't include 'cares about some other things more than sex', but to be honest I strongly doubt that I am under-sexed. Now I wish I hadn't included that at all, as it distracts from my basic objection to the implicit claim that sexual incompatability were necessarily a deal-breaker...much as I have objected in the past to Mr Savage's contention that monogamy were unnatural to everyone, as it has always seemed so to me

I seem to want sex much more than does she; in that basic sense our drives are not well-matched at all...but they are compatible in that my need for more sex with her is not so great that it supervenes other ways in which we are extremely well-matched.

If I could wave a magic wand [you make the joke]... but autistic romantic that I am, I have never believed in magic wands.
Oct 31 Gerald Fnord commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mismatched.
Freudian slip? :
'less net-incompatible'—>'more net-incompatible'

Oct 31 Gerald Fnord commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mismatched.
I think Mr Savage was exaggerating: highly mismatched sex-drives have at times made me sad in my relationship, but hardly 'miserable', and other sorts of incompatibility which cannot be at least partially remedied by so simple and innocuous a remedy as masturbation would be much more serious. In practice no relationship is perfectly pain-free, and one must decide what were tolerable and what would in fact make one miserable.

Freud got an awful lot wrong, but modulo some trans-human hacks, I think he was spot-on in proposing that some level of unhappiness, as opposed to misery, were 'ordinary'.

(Perhaps I am under-sexed, or don't value sex as much as I ought; if so, I'm glad, as I would not wish to be less net-incompatible with the woman I love.)
Sep 19 Gerald Fnord commented on How the Firing of Officer Cynthia Whitlatch Happened: A Timeline.
I just want to know which police department or security hires her next, if that's the case; past cases suggest to me that some small, white, town are going to find room in their budget for an officer with a very particular set of skills.
Sep 14 Gerald Fnord commented on Watch Mike Huckabee Get Roasted on Morning Joe.
>Also, no one - not even whores like Huckabee - want the govern[-]
>ment deciding what religions are legitimate and what aren't.

0.) One ought not insult whores like that.
1.) I'm pretty sure Huckabee, and I know some very like him, would love government's doing that...if they could be sure that it would make the 'right' judgements. ...but to be charitable, liberty is too valuable for us to depend solely on the pure love of it to maintain it, practical balance-of-power/terror evaluations by people more afraid of losing their freedom than hopeful of restricting someone else's probably are significant.
Sep 6 Gerald Fnord commented on The Federalist: Baptists Aren't Christians.
She's no true Scotsman, either.

I've had the pleasure of hearing a Christian denounce Unitarians as non-Christian, then claim Isaac Newton and John Adams for 'Christians'.

@19: Infant damnation is such an astonishingly rational and repellant consequence of the axioms of [some forms of] Christianity it deserves a statue, presumably in the middle of the city of St Augustine.
Sep 6 Gerald Fnord commented on Hatchet Jobs.
If Steve Jobs had directed the production of the Macintosh® and iPhone® computers but died poor, he would not be so frequently worshipped as he is. Those at the top of hominid bands get improved food and mating opportunities, and above all the privilege of inflicting pain on those below them without the expectation of reciprocal demonstrations of that last privilege are especially useful for bolstering their positions. (It's why on the school-yard, the ghetto corner, the prison-yard, and the board-room the immediate reaction to being attacked is to attack...anyone---the 2003 Iraq invasion made perfect hominid sense.)

Transgressing laws without being punished is a symbolic version of that.
Sep 6 Gerald Fnord commented on Box-Office Hit War Room Made Me Shake with Rage.
What was Jesus attempting to teach when he refused to hurl himself off that cliff?
Aug 29 Gerald Fnord commented on Scharpling & Wurster's Ongoing Conversation.
I never cared for the show, it sounded like intellectuals with 'Morning Zoo' envy...but I approved of the money he raised for the station, and one reason I respect FMU is because they are willing to air and stream stuff of strong enough character that one mught easily live or hate it.

Oh, and T.S.'s voice work as Greg Universe is nicely done.