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Dec 23, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on The Real Reason Trump Wants To Go Nuclear: Increase Government Spending.
Yes, Trump is just trying too hard to be a REAL MAN, like The Executioner and Jack Bauer and Jack Reacher and Nathaniel Cade, as is common in peri-adolescents even when they're peri-senile.* And Mr Mudede, I strongly doubt that Trump were worried that helping people could lead to democratic socialism, he just knows its damn faggy.

*Fair? Compare the level of complexity and cohesiveness in any Trump utterance c.2000 with more recent ones, and if you've ever had an older relative go 'ga-ga' as my old Dad, who never did go ga-ga, used to call it, the difference will be uncomfortably familiar.

Though, admittedly, going without sleep, continually and intentionally marketing using only Grade 4 language, and being limited to 140 chars (if they're not Chinese characters) might push you into imitating senescence.

And questions of senility aside, you need only listen to his usual raps but to the WONDER in Trump's voice on the "Hollywood Access" tape—malign, yes, but full of adolescent joy that there girls' bodies out there, and he is allowed to do what he wants with 'em.
Dec 2, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on The Stranger's Guide to Every Recreational Weed Store in Seattle.
I don't want to be obnoxious about it, but I would appreciate a note when a place reviewed—selling cannabis or anything else—were a frequent advertiser with the Stranger. I assume both that there were every effort made to avoid bias and that a little implicit bias might be inevitable; explicitly letting us know where it were mist likely to creep-in is the only remedy I can see.
Dec 1, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on Watch This CNN Interviewer Face-Palm Herself Listening to Ignorant Trump Supporters.
I don't at all expect it will do it, but the Electoral College was supposed to be a final check against the passions of the Mob[ile Party], and I think rampant credulity in the face of an obvious career grifter would count.
Dec 1, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on Open Letter to Mitt Romney: Please Sell Out and Be Secretary of State.
I have thought the same—more generally, that Trump will realise that Hillary is exactly the person he needs.

Those of you assuming that Trump were dangling the job in front of Romney to humiliate him and make him humiliate himself: I had assumed that to do that to him, he would actually give him the job, that he and Haley were to humiliate themselves in front of the world defending the man they had correctly and publucly assessed months back.
Dec 1, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on Six Tips for Protesting Against Hate.
I disagree, love can certainly exist without hate. Hate is useful only for wanton destruction, when even those aspects of society that ought be abolished—e.g. bigotry, want, jobs, disease, senescence, death, religion, property, government—should be demolished carefully and dispassionately, they still being part of our laughably primitive modus vivendi. As far as defence goes, the very best at fighting seem generally to be trained to work cognizant solely of their goal and the situation at hand, for (as a karate-do master, a Tiger-Crane master, and an investor's ex-S.A.S. bodyguard told me separately) strong emotion is what you try to engender in an opponent so that [s]he will get sloppy.

Generally, though, we ought aim for 'Vulcan' insofar as it were possible, the degeneration in our culture tracking neatly with the extent to which every successive iteration of Star Trek tends increasingly to mock Vulcans and laud Klingons. (It is worth noting in this connexion that from the Indian Wars through the two World Wars, guerillas and well-supplied soldiers have routinely beaten fierce and proud warriors—perhaps we like boosting Klingons because they remind us of all the folks like them we've handily beaten.)
Dec 1, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on New Seattle Eats: Katsu Burgers on the Hill, Mean Sandwiches in Ballard, and More.
These might be great, but I'm put in mind of the routine in Naked Lunch in which a lunatic is put in charge of his late brother's gourmet resraurant and the menu starts to shift toward the disgusting,week by week, until….
Dec 1, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on Last Night Axl Rose Goaded Guns N' Roses' Mexico City Fans to Bash a Trump Piñata.
I don't know, beating a piñata representung someone far away is definitely purely symbolic, and encouragement to smash it oughtn't be taken seriously as incitement to injure that non-present person—or at least not nearly as seriously as suggesting that roughing-up protesters were one aspect of the 'good old days' when there are protesters present surrounded by an angry mob—but still it doesn't set well with me. I detest Trump because I think his values to be very definitely opposed to civilisation's, and so anything that weakens our grasp on what those values are works for him.
Nov 20, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on The Stranger's Guide to Every Recreational Weed Store in Seattle.
Most silicone is heat-proof only up to about 425°F. Glass is easily, safely, and cheaply cleaned using denture cleaner, in particular that version intended for use by smokers.
Nov 20, 2016 Gerald Fnord commented on WA Congressman Adam Smith Calls Out Trump for Nominating "Documented Racist" to His Cabinet.
Fair enough, but the Holicaust was an endpoint of a long process that started with rhetoric of alienation of groups of citizens marked in its early years by calls for unity and disapproval of lawless action against them…they just waited until they could change the laws.