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Jan 28, 2015 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Sex Workers Get Shut Out of Seattle’s "Sexual Exploitation" Conversation a Second Time.
@18 I sincerely hope you re-read your comment. Or at least try to understand what survival sex actually is. We can begin to address the issue of survival sex by expanding the social services necessary to prevent it from needing to take place. No person, juvenile or adult, should have to rely on selling sex in order to survive. Please, if you are serious, take some time to learn what survival sex is, and the damage that it causes. Just about every organization, on any side of the debate, acknowledges how difficult and horrible survival sex is.

@20 I'm implying that there is a much larger population of trafficked/survival sex/involuntarily prostituted people who are finally making ground in changing the way our community addresses them. For years the focus had been on criminalizing the agent (the person selling sex) with little regard for the circumstances. Now the priority is shifting toward offering them social services and focusing on criminalization of the buyers of sex. I'm not sure if you misread the article, or were confused by the new approach, but this is actually moving away from criminalizing the sex worker, whether they are willing or not. It is true that there are religiously affiliated organizations that are approaching the issue from a moral standpoint, and I can tell you that there are plenty of organizations that are incredibly critical of that, and will not partner with, participate with, or accept money from those organizations. The focus in these new initiatives (which were based on policy recommendations by various non-profits and agencies, not particularly Satterburg and Richie) is to stop arresting the workers and focus on the men (mostly) who feel they are entitled to purchase sex with reckless disregard for the circumstances of the person they are exploiting.

Lest I be grouped in the prude category, let me be clear that you should have all the consensual sex you want. You should feel free to explore kinks, groups, positions, clubs, whatever may strike your fancy. Be smart, and be safe. I'm very sex-positive. But do it with another consenting adult who you aren't exploiting. Take some time to learn more about this issue. You'll learn a lot, I certainly did. Much more than I anticipated, and it certainly altered my views. Understand that there is a privileged class of voluntary sex workers, but a MUCH larger population of involuntary participants. By shifting focus to criminalizing the act of buying, rather than selling, we can focus less on locking up those that are exploited and more on the people are doing the exploiting.
Jan 28, 2015 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Sex Workers Get Shut Out of Seattle’s "Sexual Exploitation" Conversation a Second Time.
I grew up in Portland knowing voluntary sex workers and have generally considered myself pro-sex workers rights, but working with a few organizations in town have started shaping a more critical, nuanced position.

First, the claim "That same New York City study found that only 14 percent of the sex workers had pimps." Glosses over the issue of survival sex. You address the fact that it's largely a part of economic circumstances, but fail to address the multitude, and severe, acts of violence that still plague the youth that are involved in sex work. Whether they are under the control of a pimp, or not.

Second, you don't particularly acknowledge sex worker privilege. A large contingent of voluntary sex workers come from more privileged backgrounds. They have an understanding of the resources available to them, and often have support communities in place to prevent, avoid, and heal from abuse. Think of it like legal weed... Disenfranchised communities of color bore the burden of mass incarceration for weed. But because more privileged white people wanted weed, the policy followed suit and a bunch a privileged folk a making loads of money form something that literally tore disenfranchised people apart. It follows through with sex work. A few privileged workers of the larger population would stand to make money off the backs of disenfranchised, or trafficked, people. When it comes to it, much of public policy has to be a line of best fit that isn't going to be perfect. You could argue that not focusing on criminalizing sex workers and instead focusing on johns gives some space for privileged sex workers, while trying to assist the much larger disenfranchised population.

Third, the population that was represented at Town Hall shouldn't be conflated with the population that is represented in the work that a lot of the anti-trafficking/survival sex organizations are serving. The policy recommendations that have come out of those organizations is driven by direct input and participation of the disenfranchised communities. Asking them to come up in front of an audience to give a crowd of educated white people a feeling of policy recommendation authenticity is just a shrouded way of exploiting their stories and struggles in the name of "validation". It often takes months, or years, to get victims to share their experience and build trust, even just conversationally. The last thing that would sound appealing is getting in front of a crowd and having to relive their experience in order to give people of privilege a feeling authenticity to the policy proposals.

There's more that I would like to flesh out, but in the interest of time, I won't. I understand where you're coming from, but it's very one-sided coming from a place of privilege. You do acknowledge that privilege, but a quick parenthetical exclamation doesn't exempt you from the status. Like I started, I come from a background of priivilege and pro-sex workers rights. I have, and had, friends that opted for the profession. That doesn't mean that I get to live only in that bubble of privilege, and cry foul when a much larger swath of the population that is being exploited is working toward social change. In this instance, I'm more interested in understanding the problems and issues that face people that lack that privilege. Hearing what they feel are applicable and appropriate solutions. But, at minimum, I think (or hope) we can all agree that eradicating the problem of violence against sex workers/trafficking victims/survival sex victim should be a top priority.

Jun 20, 2014 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Solid Ground Opposes Construction of New King County Juvenile Jail.
@5 The easiest way to get a visual is the Seattle Times piece that ran before the proposition was put up to vote. if I remember right they focused primarily on the access to clean water and general sanitation issues. I get that that was largely a campaign piece to secure funding for the new facility, but it's a good starting point. My partner is a juvenile defense attorney who has taught at the facility and recounted horror stories of the conditions. I'm sure you could file a FOIA in regards to obtaining copies of complaints. I know quite a few public defenders and defense attorneys who have spoken out on the abhorrent conditions that exist. I'm also sure there is some sort of map of the facility online, if you look, to show that the classrooms are largely underground which runs counter to all the knowledge that kids need access to natural light and fresh air to prime optimal learning conditions. I looked into this a couple years ago when we voted, but I don't have bookmarks or emails anymore, or else i would point you in the right direction. Feel free to look though, i don't remember it being particularly hard to find. it's embarrassing that this is a public facility that houses children.

@7 The proposition is to redevelop the space. That would mean demolishing the old one and building a new one. The plan is to better incorporate it into the neighborhood and also create a more safe, service accessible space.

I never thought I'd be in the position of pushing for a new prison space, but since institutional racism in our justice community isn't going to end tomorrow, and since we have a paramount duty to rehabilitate and not just lock-up youth, we need a new space. The concept of making the detention facility more integrated into the neighborhood, offering mentoring/adjustment/support services, safe spaces for youth to meet with family and attorneys seems to be on-par with what Baltimore did. To be clear, Baltimore didn't stop detention of youth, they just wanted to expand and the community said no. This is shrinking our bed facility and adding more space for needed services. It's on par with our long-term vision of reducing/eliminating youth detention, but doing so in a pragmatic, and most importantly safe, way.
Jun 18, 2014 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Solid Ground Opposes Construction of New King County Juvenile Jail.
I understand Solid Ground's idea of incarceration of our youth, but they are sort of missing the point on the new facility. The building is beyond repair. There are problems even accessing clean water, the classrooms are underground, there is no proper room to house restorative justice programs, special education courses, non-profits that offer services needed to reduce recidivism rates, or even safe spaces for attorneys to counsel with clients. Our youth incarceration rates are declining (Yes! Finally!) but that doesn't mean the answer is to house those caught in the system in an unsafe, inadequate environment. The new facility will have less bed space, safe spaces for youth and attorneys to meet, a safe courtroom environment that can allow for confidential hearings, house restorative justice programs, house non-profits to help with adjustment and educations services, and most importantly, it will be clean and safe. I grappled with my support of the initiative when we voted on it, but the fact is, this place is working to do some good and continue the progress we've made. Until we find a way to eradicate racism from our justice system, i don't feel comfortable throwing youth in an inadequate building that's unsafe, not able to function properly, and does not have the space to operate the plethora of programs that will reduce recidivism and help keep youth from entering the system in the first place.
Oct 17, 2013 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Pro-Murray PAC Uses Battered Women as Pawns in Deceptive Smear Campaign.
@19 First, i never said that that's what you were trying to portray, but that is certainly what The Stranger was trying to portray.

Second, Where has McGinn been lately? The noise surrounding the Russian anti-propoganda laws has quieted and so has he. I never said that he personally doesn't care about the lives of LGBT, I just feel that he tried to take something very real and serious and use it to make political headway. If you think that that reflects poorly on my world view, so be it. I've been affiliated with politics for more than a decade now, and i get how it works. Whether I agree with the tactics or not. And no, I'm not a staffer or volunteer for either campaign. I actually haven't even donated to either.

McGinn is an incredibly divisive leader. That's been his strategy in the mayor's office, and it's been terrible. I'm not cheerleading Murray on the sidelines though. I'm critical of his ability, but at this point, I'm looking for more unity, less morale issues. Seriously, the departments at the city are a mess. People are frustrated beyond belief. This is exactly why Terri chose to make this ad. The level of frustration is through the roof.

Feel free to attack my approach. I'm not too concerned with what you think in regards to McGinn's intentions. I absolutely do not put it past him, and I'm incredibly frustrated that The Stranger would go after a community advocate who was simply trying to stay out of the mayoral race politics game.
Oct 16, 2013 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Pro-Murray PAC Uses Battered Women as Pawns in Deceptive Smear Campaign.
@14 Nice try 14, but someone doesn't make someone a pawn by not brining them up in the first place.

It was seen by McGinn as a way to make headway into the gay vote, and rather than him saying "It's the position of the mayor's office," he chose to try and force Sally Clark to give himself visibility points. It was a bullshit attempt, and The Stranger went on the attack for their endorsed candidate. Sally Clark has been serving and supporting the LGBT community for quite a while. To try and paint her as someone who doesn't care about gays is ridiculous. I applaud her for not throwing us under the bus, and for dealing with an extraordinary amount of sexism from the gay community.
Oct 16, 2013 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Pro-Murray PAC Uses Battered Women as Pawns in Deceptive Smear Campaign.
"Domestic-violence survivors have endured enough abuse without being used as props in a deceptive, ugly campaign."

Just as gays in Russia have endured enough abuse without being used as political pawns in a Seattle mayoral election. The Stranger didn't seem to care then, and it certainly didn't care when it attacked a long-time community advocate to try and push it's point. You can't cry fowl when you're doing the same thing.
Oct 8, 2013 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Top Three "Restaurants" Expensed by Business Travelers.
I travel domestically around 75,000-100,000 miles a year. When you are in suburban New Mexico or passing through O'Hare with a 40 minute connection, there's no time to seek out the perfect cup of coffee. I know what to expect form a Starbuck's americano. Nothing mind-blowingly awesome, but sufficient. I can't speak to most fast food, but if i don't recognize anything, and all the restaurant menu's around my hotel look horribly unhealthy, I'll shoot for a Chipotle because it's a complete dinner under 800 calories and somewhat conscientious. You do what you can.
Sep 30, 2013 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Never Mind, Sally.
McGinn could have said that it's the poison of the Mayor's office and that he couldn't speak for the council. That would have been the logical thing to do. He wanted to make it a wedge issue, and he had the backing of The Stranger to make it one. To me, Sally didn't take the bait, and now there's a bunch of whining because it didn't pan out they way The Stranger and McGinn wanted.

McGinn tried to use the gay community to better his campaign. It's all he has. He knows that they are a community he'll have to sway because we vote, and Ed is running ahead. The ridiculousness of the whole situation, and the fact that people are so willing to exploit serious tragedies in Russia is enough to make me sick at the whole stunt. I've got no doubt that Sally Clark supports the LGBT community in Russia, just as she does here. She's just smart enough to know when the LGBT community is being played for political gain, and she won't participate in that. The Stranger and the McGinn campaign hold all if the blame for this in my book.
May 9, 2013 AnonymousCapHiller commented on Your Dog Sucks.
It is annoying when dog owners don't keep their pets on a leash when it's clear they need to but you, Dan, are guilty of this too. Your dog (I'm assuming since you ran over to recover it) ran up to our dog as we were walking through Volunteer Park. It wasn't a huge deal, it was mostly smelly/humpy dog stuff, but you lose the right to complain when you're just as guilty.