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Jun 3, 2014 die Giesthander commented on Stop Demonizing "Burger-Flippers" and Start Thinking About Solutions.
Just feel like all these irresponsible businesses shouldn't be opening if their business model means they can't pay someone enough to live while working for them. What kind of lazy, irresponsible person does that? Do they think the rest of us (including, ultimately, the business owners themselves) want to pay for their failure to make a proper plan?
Feb 23, 2014 die Giesthander commented on The Rebirth of a Fucking Racist Movie.
@3 Yes, this sounds exactly like the government, which Charles Mudede represents, coming in and forcibly destroying an ugly part of American cultural history. He's sending in his censorship board to destroy all copies, which is exactly the same as offering a criticism of the work.

Also, just as negative criticism is exactly the same as a government forcibly destroying, suppressing or otherwise censoring a work, rappers are the only people who have ever talked about doing violence against civil authority. Certainly there has never been a non-rapper who has said that it would be in their best interest or the best interests of the people generally to murder cops. Ever.

Certainly no militias or "sovereign citizens" have ever actually plotted to kill cops, only rappers talk about it.
Oct 11, 2013 die Giesthander commented on My Favorite E-Mail Today Came from the Tea-Party Express.
@15 So does Obamacare, if you wanna get down to it. Everyone paying private companies for a service we already provide to some people for free and could provide to everyone free of charge if we really wanted to.

But somebody's gotta make a buck. And those somebodies, in this case, probably aren't reliably Democrat voters.

Which, again, makes the whole resistance to the tyranny of fascist freedom-hating communist fascism from Maoist Russia all the more confusing if you take 'em at their word.
Oct 8, 2013 die Giesthander commented on I Blame Jesus! (For the Debt-Ceiling Crisis).
Rejoicing at the prospect of the end of the world is a thing supervillains do in all the awful movies, comics and cartoons. The good guy is never the one screaming "yay, yay, the end is here".

Seriously, I understand that we can't have a religious test to get someone into office, but can we at least have a Bond villain test?
Aug 26, 2013 die Giesthander commented on Should the U.S. Take Military Action In Syria?.
@4 I think that's probably the best way to go about it.

And why? On the one hand, we've got the power so we've got the responsibility to stop that kind of shit; but on the other hand going in and imposing ourselves on the world tends to cause more problems overall than it solves.

Going to the rest of the world and getting them behind us--literally leading the world, just like the nationalists scream that we should, and doing something worthy along the way is what we should be about.
Jul 2, 2013 die Giesthander commented on What Do You Think of Bottled Water Bans?.
If they could provide drinkable tap water with no lead, chlorine or rust taste, I'd be all about banning the bottled stuff.

Of course, you can buy water filters, too, but bottled stuff is what people are gonna do if they don't have the cash up-front for the filters.
Apr 12, 2013 die Giesthander commented on When Republicans Don't Like Drones.
@2 I don't think either of them are very desirable.

Though I think a lot of the outrage (or whatever it is we're calling this emotion) is over the fact that they haven't figured out a way to arm cameras yet whereas armed drones are being used in some settings and the more conspiratorially-minded worry about the police starting to use drones in the US the same way the US military uses them in other countries.
Jan 8, 2013 die Giesthander commented on Let's Not Pretend That Trapping Mexicans with Tacos Isn't Racist.
Good thing Taco Cid let everyone know how witty his played-out nonsense is, otherwise I don't think anyone would have noticed.
Jul 22, 2010 die Giesthander commented on SL Letter of the Day: In a Word....
@5, I dunno. Sounds like the guy's just not that into things that aren't vanilla. He _says_ the kink is hot but, from the sound, doesn't initiate and has taken anal off the table from the get-go.

And I daresay 20 is a great time to write someone off. She's young and probably shouldn't be wasting too much time on someone who's going to argue her sexual orientation and not engage her in a sexually adventurous manner. Maybe in a few years after he's been around a little, they can try again. But, really, she doesn't owe him anything beyond a quick exit so they can both get on with things.