Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Jul 15 nador commented on Report: Seattle Police Investigating Rape Allegation Against Uber Driver Say Uber Is Not Involved.
@2 A better analogy would be a criminal that commits a crime and then makes sure to leave his/her identification with picture and contact info at the scene of the crime. On purpose.
Jul 15 nador commented on Uber and Lyft Are Finally Legal In Seattle! Go Do the Rideshare Thing!.
@4, UBERx is indeed cheaper than a cab. Case in point, my ride this morning at 7am. Pulled up UBER and found one that was 3 minutes away - I was in South Park at an industrial park - he took me 3.21 miles to my destination. Total cost including tip before their summer discount of 25%; $10.60. After discount, $8.69. Same ride in a taxi: $11.17 + tip, which I would have given $2. I guess I could have taken a bus, but that would have taken over an hour due to the locations I was traveling between. Could have walked, still, would have taken an hour.
Jul 14 nador commented on Report: Seattle Police Investigating Rape Allegation Against Uber Driver.
That would be one incredibly stupid driver to commit a crime against his passenger. A passenger that has his name/picture, vehicle make/model, and plate number.

There has got to be more to the story.
May 29 nador commented on Apple Confirms Purchase of Beats Electronics for $3 Billion.
so glad that noted GlassHole, Nick Starr, previously Tweeted that Apple would never do this, obviously he knows what he's talking about.
Apr 5 nador commented on OK Glass: Wait. No. Go back. No. Play Led Zeppelin. No, Not a Documentary About Led Zeppelin. Ok, Play Steely Dan..
Nick Starr is not the ambassador that Google wants for Glass. Hence the reason they kicked him out of the Seattle group. He will of course cry foul and that he again was being mistreated.....
Mar 27 nador commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Who's The Bigger Asshole?.
she was just standing her ground.
Mar 4 nador commented on Drag Performer Ade Connere Attacked After Assailants Yell, "No! That's a Dude!".
@59; I've read that article 3 times now and still can't draw the conclusion that Dan was calling for an end to Q-Patrol because it was needed. I think his comments in 2009 still ring true today, nobody is stepping up to restart something like Q-Patrol. Mostly, because the police have said they don't want it revived. Time I suppose for SoSea Seattle/Shaun Knittel to quit being chummy with the police and just start it up.
Feb 26 nador commented on Not Everybody Has a Smartphone and a Credit Card!.
Don't need a "smart" phone, just one that can text. That is just about every phone on the planet I'd think.

Don't need a credit card. Debit card will do. There are a great many free options out there, I personally really like Bluebird by American Express. But there are other options.
Feb 26 nador commented on Did Uber Limit Supply of Drivers in Effort to Push Up Fares?.
10 miles @ $1.30/mile = $13.00
16 minutes @ .30/minute = $ 4.80
Base fare @ $2.14
20% Tip @ $4
Total trip from 1st & Columbia to the farthest reaches of West Seattle on UberX.....


vs taxi @ $20 + $4 tip = $24

UberX WINS!!!!!
Feb 26 nador commented on Did Uber Limit Supply of Drivers in Effort to Push Up Fares?.
@8; you are comparing a taxi fare to Uber Black when you should be comparing it to UberX. UberX is a TNC like Lyft, Sidecar, and East Side for Hire. The fare would be much less on UberX. It is only the TNC companies/contractors that would be affected by the upcoming regulations.

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