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Nov 17, 2014 AmyC commented on On the Necessary Fury of Linda Tirado's Hand to Mouth.
Nickel and Dimed had it's place, but it wasn't perfect. I share that feeling of disquiet about some aspects of it.

Tirado's book starts with a long comment she posted on some website a few years back. I REMEMBER that. I remember discussing it with my dear friend who also struggles financially, and how it seems like there is such a massive failure of empathy and imagination in this country in this area. Tirado's book helps fill that gap, I think.
Nov 7, 2014 AmyC commented on Unraveling a Mystery in Storage at the Seattle Art Museum.
@5 - as a female textile worker myself, I quite concur! :)
Nov 4, 2014 AmyC commented on Anti-Gay Haters Reserve the Right to Discriminate Against Homosexuals On the Down Low.
The image of those kids, just hanging out, being kids, really strikes me. Looks like they're having fun, playing with their friends on a nice afternoon. I wonder how they'll remember shit like this when they're all grown up. My husband's grandma fondly remembered her KKK days as a little girl to me one time, "I didn't know what it was, honey. We didn't wear sheets or burn crosses, and I never listened to the adults talk. I was just a youngster; I liked the picnics."
Nov 4, 2014 AmyC commented on I, Anonymous.
@43 and @88 - fences are expensive. By your logic, only the well-off should be able to own dogs.

Sometimes tragedies happen, and yes, there may be *some* blame to go around. But not so much as we're heaping on these people in this comment thread. Yeah, it probably would have been better for the lab owners to have an enclosed yard, but maybe their choice not to build a fence was the best one for their family given their particular circumstances. I don't think that makes them bad people or unworthy of being pet owners. Likewise with the shepherd owners. We don't know these people's lives. Let's settle down with the judgment and try showing a little sympathy, hmm?
Oct 29, 2014 AmyC commented on Marvel Studios Announces Nine Superhero Movies To Be Released Between 2016 and 2019.
Oct 22, 2014 AmyC commented on SL Letter of the Day: Say Goodbye To My Racist Family?.
This is EXACTLY what I have done with my whackadoo family. Despite knowing, intellectually, that it's the right decision, I struggle with it emotionally. This is immensely gratifying confirmation to hear, Dan. Thanks.
Oct 1, 2014 AmyC commented on Internal Memo About Mars Hill's "Global Fund" Shows the Church Intended to Use Some of the Money to "Deflect Criticism" and Quietly Keep the Rest.
Jesus. Reading that memo literally made me sick to my stomach. How this greed and hypocrisy escapes them when there are so many examples right in their own fucking scriptures (money changers in the temple, anyone?) baffles me.
Sep 25, 2014 AmyC commented on Why Don't I Like David Mitchell?.
Thanks for this, Paul. I had this same reaction to The Sheltering Sky, which is apparently some sort of masterpiece. *Shrug.*
Sep 19, 2014 AmyC commented on Spanking Is For Adults.
You guys, @3 slinky wasn't saying that those are examples of inarguably, unequivocally perfect parenting. In fact, slinky said outright that we can all disagree about whether those are the kinds of tactics we think should be supported. A lot of you do disagree - that's fine! But they are clearly not the same as BEATING a child, per Adrian Peterson, and it's not useful to lump every single instance of coming into physical contact with a child in a disciplinary context with what he did. THAT's the point.
Sep 17, 2014 AmyC commented on Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, and the Calamity of Believing That God Is the Only True Thing.
@5 - If by "worked" you mean marvel at the idiocy of the whole concept of Christianity, then sure.