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Apr 19 capicola commented on The Morning News: Cary Moon Is Running for Mayor, Murray's Anonymous Accuser Reveals His Name.
Ahhhh, impulsive garbage--the BEST KIND of garbage! Brava.
Mar 7 capicola commented on The Poor In Seattle Are Taxed Like Hell.
First step to a more progressive tax scheme, which eventually will require some kind of statewide income tax, would be to pass a city-wide measure under consideration to overturn an outdated 80-year-old legal precedent. It would only apply to unearned income (capital gains, dividends, interest) from households with an AGI of quarter million dollars or more.

Anti-tax groups will sue immediately, which will give the WA Supreme Court a chance to align our state with the 44 others that already support some kind of income tax. One side benefit would be replacing the funds that the Trump Administration has threatened to withhold on account of being a sanctuary city.
Mar 1 capicola commented on Can a Rock Drummer Become Mayor? Keith Whiteman Is Trying to Find That Out.
Seattle is ready for the confident leadership of yet another mediocre Whiteman.
Feb 17 capicola commented on Take Donald Trump's Not-At-All Slanted and Misleading "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey".
So in concert with his crazy-like-a-fox shitshow yesterday, and fake-news honeypot "National Guard mobilization" story that he quietly propagated and then refuted, this survey is the third leg of the stool from which he'll give his rabble-rousing fundraising speech tomorrow.

The survey might yield some Deplorabucks for the MAGA war chest, but the primary purpose of the survey and the rally is to show the anger and might of the Populist Base to the pansy Congressional Republicans, in order to whip them back into compliance with Trump and his cabal. The sustained mass protests have not only fortified Democratic legislators but also caused the White House to worry that some GOP house members might be susceptible to the anti-Trump will of their constituencies...and they can't have *that*.

Let's not waste time scratching our heads over how batshit he is; let's keep showing up and calling and pushing back and donating to NWIRP and the ACLU because IT'S WORKING.
Jan 28 capicola commented on Live from the Immigration Protest at Sea-Tac Airport.
Great job today ASK, showing and telling. Thank you!
Oct 20, 2016 capicola commented on We Believe You Should Vote No on Initiative 732.
@23 OK. Which initiative on the ballot this year is the one reflective of labor and social-justice unity, that will make Washington a beacon on the carbon hill for the rest of the country? I can't seem to find the output from that organizing effort.

Don't just crap on an incremental improvement in hand today and say "No." Bring something better to the table to which the public can say "Yes." If you can't get your act together and do so before 2020, that's on you. I'll gladly take a small step toward now.

Oct 1, 2015 capicola commented on Peeple: An App That Allows Users to Rate Other Humans.
When people questioned the founders on Facebook and Twitter, they were so mortified at the "bullying" and "invasion of privacy" that they set their Twitter profiles to private, deleted tons of Facebook comments and questions, and have asked Twitter to remove a parody account.

Glass houses, shitheads.…
Aug 19, 2015 capicola commented on Hey Seattleites, Stop Trying to "Save" Seal Pups.
"Herp derp, give it some Gatorade. IT'S GOT ELECTROLYTES!"