Mar 20, 2012 gdog555 commented on Now Open in Columbia City: La Teranga!.
Is the old Verve space still empty? I hope so, and that the landlords are losing thousands on an empty space.
May 21, 2011 gdog555 commented on KOMO Employee Involved with Group to Recall McGinn.
This crap is a metaphorical shot-across-the-bow at anyone willing to take a stand against the hard-left Stranger and Publicola. The only thing in this story I find interesting is that a Facebook page with no organization, money, mission statement, registration, etc is so worrysome to these people that they have to destroy a 21 year old photog intern. Its yellow journalism at its worst.
Jan 19, 2010 gdog555 commented on Need a Cry?.
@10...but when you consider that Mass. itself is traditionally far, far left of center (Obama won it by 26 points)...yeah, the Health Care bill is awfully leftist. And worthless. And expensive. And would do nothing to help curb the cost of health care in the first place. There's a reason the insurance and pharma companies like it...
Jan 19, 2010 gdog555 commented on Need a Cry?.
@5 "Maybe now he'll have the sense to break out the rifle."
whoa, sister.... you're walking an awfully thin line there....
Jan 18, 2010 gdog555 commented on All Hell May Break Loose In Massachusetts Tomorrow.
Somehow "We told you so" just isn't enough....
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Jan 18, 2010 gdog555 commented on Harper's Investigates the Guantanamo “Suicides”.
Huh...dead terrorists...
yeah, that's just horrible (yawn)