Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Aug 1 ejamadoodle commented on Much-Sampled Jazz-Fusion Drummer Idris Muhammad Has Died.
Cherry, Haden, they're all going. Coleman, man I don't know what when he goes.
Jun 11 ejamadoodle commented on President Obama on the Recent Shootings.
That argument that a proposed regulation won't prevent every gun death, so must not be implemented, is tired, tired tired.

There are more regulations than ever having to do with driving safety. Yet you can now buy more powerful vehicles than at any time. Regulation does not equal abandonment of the 2nd amendment.
May 30 ejamadoodle commented on Seafood in Seattle.
Tanked or un-tanked oysters. That is the question no one is asking about.
May 10 ejamadoodle commented on Tonight in Music: Danny Brown, Branford Marsalis, Tyvek and More!.
Ornette disagrees with you about jazz music.
Apr 23 ejamadoodle commented on Thomas Piketty has Conquered America.
I've been curious to see what the conservative talking points will turn out to be, besides the foregone "he's French".
Apr 21 ejamadoodle commented on Piketty Gives Good Economics.
Doom, that is a very confusing screed.
Apr 16 ejamadoodle commented on Have We Reached Peak Beard?.
@22 Fnarf I came here to make exactly that comment; well done. Don't forget how long the Van Dykes held on in baseball though. Expect the neck-beards to last in baseball for the next 10 years.
Mar 28 ejamadoodle commented on This Is Some Top-Notch Propaganda.
Pretty funny, ranking on the French in an add for a car named for a region in France.
Mar 25 ejamadoodle commented on Anti-Foie Gras Billboard Circling Amazon HQ This Week.
All of life is one. It only temporarily inhabits one body or another. It's a Western philosophical tradition that sees animals as such discreet, disconnected spirits, each having infinite value. Eat and be eaten, you transfer the local concentration of negative entropy from the Big Bang around a little from body to body. If you see how much in common our DNA has with a tree you'll know we're all of life only one thing.
Feb 24 ejamadoodle commented on Community Input.
It's got Victorian trim, inside and out. That's plenty of wrong, if you ask me.

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