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7:37 AM yesterday nartweag commented on SL Letter of the Day: For Better or Worse.
"When a married couple sits down in a counselor's office at least one person on the couch is already convinced it's over."
I have to disagree on this point. It may often be the case but, sometimes people just want the communication tools and an outside party to help them work through their issues.
Aug 6 nartweag commented on Hell Hath No Fury Like an Early-'80s Teenager Whose Father Recorded Over Her VHS Tape of Beloved MTV Videos.
While I agree with both 6 and 8. I have to say keeping the tape in one's own room (or other safe place) or labeling it with hearts and such probably would have prevented the whole catastrophe.
Jul 29 nartweag commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sex After HPV.
Get a better doctor!
I am also in my mid-late 30's and got the vaccine a couple years ago, as I have multiple partners. I had zero issue and insurance actually paid for it (UW Medical Clinics and Regence Blue Shield).
Jun 10 nartweag commented on SL Letter of the Day: Come A Little Closer.
"I once had a boyfriend who watched me like he was studying me for a science experiment. He stared and stared and said things like "how about this?" "Does this feel good?" "Do you like this?" But he wasn't saying those things in a sexy way; he was ticking them off a sort of mental checklist that seemed to be imprinted on a clipboard in his head. It was anxiety-producing. Instead of focusing on how good I was feeling, I just felt anxious and as if I was letting him down. I felt pressure to perform..."
Sex is suppose to be fun. Playing around to find what a partner likes is fun.... mental checklist isn't.
For some people, like myself, often even encouragement to come can set back the intensity of an (already started) orgasm. It can feel like a performance.
May 8 nartweag commented on The Future of Space Junk.
@12, looks like one can stream it here.
May 7 nartweag commented on The Future of Space Junk.
An anime based on this topic.
May 1 nartweag commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Bi Girl's Dilemma.
@11, there is the "looking for" section down at the bottom of your profile page. Don't know if that changes what OKC shows you, it should.... Won't change who looks at your profile or contacts you though.
May 1 nartweag commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Bi Girl's Dilemma.
"My partner knows about this, and is fully supportive of me doing what I need to do to figure things out. It's never been that big a deal, and I've never pursued it........ I've never even kissed one."
This LW might find that it does become a big deal when something/anything actually happens.... Or there might suddenly be strings attached (like he needs to be there/ threesomes only).
It could very well not happen that way but, LW should be prepared for it. Discuss these possibilities beforehand with her partner....

Given that she thinks mentioning that she has a man at home (something that is pretty common) "seems really complicated", I personally don't see this going well.
Apr 9 nartweag commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
"The most disturbing aspect of the act we save for last: It literally silences women, physically making them unable to speak, whilst also allowing a man to believe he is giving her pleasure. A woman who he can make come but who can't even speak to tell him how? A misogynist’s (wet?) dream. Only the most wildly, wrongly over-confident man presumes to need no feedback during sex, or cares not to clearly hear a woman’s groans and murmurs and breaths of delight."

Wouldn't this also be true for the man? Being unable to speak?
And.... Ummmm.... last time I checked a man sure as hell can feel "murmurs and breaths of delight".
Mar 13 nartweag commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.
It isn't a matter of being "better than" it's a matter of putting in the effort to work ones way up and gain skills and have added responsibilities and suddenly be making the same as a brand new employee. I still would have all the responsibilities (stress included) and none of the reward.
A pretty simple question I think, difficult answer, but simple question.

I don't understand where this backlash to my sincere question is coming from. Has no one else ever taken on additional responsibilities at a job specifically for better pay/job advancement? I've worked at my current employer ( in one way or another, recession sucked) for over a decade, and suddenly I would be making similar pay to the next person we hire? My employer would not be able to raise current employee's pay by anywhere near 50%.
Maybe I should just leave my job, start fresh (taking my skills with me) to a new place making similar pay and work up from there. Less responsibility/ similar pay.....
If lots of people did that, how would that be beneficial to less skilled/qualified/experienced employees? Would they even be able to get any job in Seattle?

I think these are very fair questions that seem to be glossed over in this discussion. Making me the "bad guy" because I want to make significantly more than minimum wage, as a seasoned employee with decades of experience doesn't add anything to the discussion.

I have to assume you are not specifically talking to me about exemptions and such since I made no mention of any of that.

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