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Apr 6, 2013 QuakeRugger commented on This Is Beyond Categories.
@6 can we then assume that you are one Wilbur Ackbar, and you posted your comment from a distant galaxy and time?
Apr 5, 2013 QuakeRugger commented on President Obama Has Apologized to Kamala Harris.
Rather than talking about how unimportant something is, maybe go find something important and talk about that, instead? Because going out of your way to prominently post "who cares?" in a discussion thread is kind of an oxymoronic action.

It only took four comments...
Mar 15, 2013 QuakeRugger commented on Getting on the Beer Bandwagon.
Yes! Congratulations Johan; that is some first-rate hating.

Truly you are the Old Gray Lady of internet to their NY Post, bravely shouting down the pap smeared above.

Well done! We now know that your estimate of a thousand great Galtian writers is surely short by at least one!

Dec 7, 2012 QuakeRugger commented on Love Makes a Family.
No. Marriage is a specific relationship between two people that carries rights & responsibilities for the couple. Individuals who choose not to enter into this contract are forgoing the benefits because they opted out and chose not bear the responsibilites.
Jan 30, 2012 QuakeRugger commented on True or False?.
Diet Hanson's
Jul 28, 2011 QuakeRugger commented on Concessions.
I'm glad to see that Gargamel has watched "Dr. Strangelove".
Jul 28, 2011 QuakeRugger commented on Cardinals Get Kolb, Seahawks Get to Wait Until Next Year?.
@1 FTW - Goldy, I think you're great on politics, but I think Jerry Brewer at your favorite paper hit the nail on the head with his article regarding the Hawks off-season moves.
Jun 10, 2011 QuakeRugger commented on Caption This Photo!.
"God damn it, Maddow, quit hiding my fucking candy!"
Jun 4, 2011 QuakeRugger commented on Boston Red Sox to Create "It Gets Better" Video.
If you want local athletes (straight and gay, together) check out the Seattle Quake rugby club videos - one of our guys even made into the Google ad! We had too many volunteers, so we created our own channel on YouTube for with the guys that didn't make the official video:
Jun 3, 2011 QuakeRugger commented on Overheard in the Office.
What are: my thoughts during the volleyball scene in "Top Gun"?