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Jun 11 ridia commented on Vaccinating Your Children Works, as Proven by New Numbers on Rotavirus Infection.
Jonathan Golob! I miss seeing that byline. I loved the Dear Science column.
May 27 ridia commented on New York Daily News: We Do Have Gun Control In America!.
One line from Charles's post jumps out at me. "But what does Elliot Rodger, the alleged UCSB shooter, have in common with Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook killer)? Not just color of skin, which is not that important."

In Rodger's own words: " I am half White, half Asian, and this made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with." . . . "I came across this Asian guy who was talking to a white girl. The sight of that filled me with rage. I always felt as if white girls thought less of me because I was half-Asian, but then I see this white girl at the party talking to a full-blooded Asian. I never had that kind of attention from a white girl! And white girls are the only girls I'm attracted to, especially the blondes. How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? "

Rodger clearly thought that race was important. But perhaps he would have been as full of rage no matter what race he was, so maybe it wasn't important after all.
May 17 ridia commented on People Are Naming Their Babies Vanellope, Pistol, Kyndle, Kaptain, and Subaru.
Subaru is actually a not-too-uncommon boy's name in Japan. I'm kind of surprised there weren't any in the states already. I'd like to think that the little American baby Subaru is the child of some Japanese immigrants who like the pretty constellation, not the child of some weirdos who really like the car manufacturer.
May 7 ridia commented on Poly Speed Dating.
@ 16 You are awesome.
Mar 3 ridia commented on The Monday Morning News.
Wait, Goldy is uninterested in the Pistorius trial? That surprises me. I would have thought, based on his frequent posts about "accidental" shootings in the States, that trial of a man who "accidentally" shot his girlfriend in another country would at least be mildly interesting as a little compare-and-contrast exercise.
Mar 1 ridia commented on The Saturday Morning News.
@5 "It seem very reasonable that writing is as important as speaking it, especially in hospitals where the public health is very vulnerable. "

I beg to differ. Yes, someone writing, say, a patient's chart would probably need high-level English writing skills. But how much of a custodian's work requires writing? As a teacher of English as a a second language, I find that of the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), writing is often the most difficult to acquire. Many of my students can read and understand very technical documents, and can converse fluently, but when faced with putting ideas on paper in the absence of the visual and tonal cues that accompany conversation their grammatical mistakes become more prominent and the result is much less coherent than it would have been had they been making the same explanation aloud.
Feb 13 ridia commented on SL Letter of the Day: Devoteeeze.
I recommend also reading the following week's column, in which this letter is revealed to be fake.…

"GIMP's letter appears to have been a fake. There's a disturbed person lurking on the web who pretends to be a woman in a wheelchair, as a number of readers wrote to inform me, and this person has peddled the exact same story before. A fake letter is going to make its way into the column from time to time—there's no way to verify every letter—and as all questions that make the column are just good hypotheticals to every Savage Love reader save one, I try not to get too worked up about the odd fake. But it is a problem when a fake question contributes to the negative public perception of a group of people whose sexual desires are already so stigmatized.

So while the news that GIMP's letter is fake will come as a comfort to everyone who thought my advice for GIMP sucked, it's cold comfort for all the good and decent devotees out there who had to see yet another story about a shitty—and, in this case, completely fictitious—devotee make it into print. My apologies."
Jan 24 ridia commented on SL Letter of the Day: What You Got, Slog?.
30: w...t...f?!

Given that this guy happily fucked a woman 3-5 times a week for fifteen years, would probably love to keep fucking that woman if only she were into it, and is even put out that she won't even let him go down on her, what on earth makes you think that he's a "closet case?"
Dec 13, 2013 ridia commented on Megyn Kelly Isn't Just Another Pretty Face.
Christ, what an asshole. And in this case I mean Goldy, not Megyn.
Dec 13, 2013 ridia commented on I, Anonymous.
Tip: At Starbucks you can ask for a "kids' temperature" drink and they'll make it for you at a nice warm-but-drinkable temperature, no tap water needed.

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