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Aug 3, 2016 ridia commented on "Passivity in the Face of Gun Violence Is Unacceptable".
According to the Supreme Court, abortion is a right protected by the constitution, but republicans in some areas have used TRAP laws to make it almost impossible for people to get abortions. Can we do the same thing with guns here in Washington? Sure, you have a second-amendment right to own a gun, but if you want one you would to need to drive 100 miles to the one place in the state where you can actually get one, have protestors scream in your face, undergo mandatory counseling, have a lengthy waiting period in between applying for and actually receiving your gun, and maybe get some foreign objects shoved into your body.
Jun 10, 2016 ridia commented on Canadian Supreme Court: Coming In Sheep Is a Crime.
@1, actually, that is exactly what this case involved. Except it wasn't a woman doing it consensually, but a girl forced to do it by her monster stepfather. The jokes are fun, but the actual case here is beyond fucked up.
Feb 19, 2016 ridia commented on Morning News: Paul Allen Buys the Central District, Death of Mountlake Terrace Mom Investigated As a Homicide.
Why is the deceased Mountlake Terrace woman referred to as "mom" and "mother?" If a man of similar age who had children was found dead, would the headline read "Mountlake Terrace Dad?" The linked articles make no reference to the woman's children, although they do mention her place of work. Perhaps she could be referred to as "Cancer Research Center Employee."
Apr 19, 2015 ridia commented on SPONSORED CONTENT: A Note to Our Readers.
Wait, do people actually believe that those previous columns were really sponsored by those brands?
Mar 10, 2015 ridia commented on SL Letter of the Day: Secrets and Lies.
Ouch. That "jihadist" joke didn't age well.
Feb 24, 2015 ridia commented on An Incomplete List of Things Scott Walker Isn't Sure He Believes.
Paul is no longer working for the Stranger? I think that might be the last nail in the coffin, at least for me. I'm going to stop reading Slog regularly now.
Feb 9, 2015 ridia commented on Florida Representative Wants to Throw Trans People in Prison for Using Public Toilets.
When the issue comes up everyone seems worried about transwomen in women's restrooms, but people don't seem to think about the other side of the coin. What about a big, burly, bearded transman who hasn't had bottom surgery? Under that stupid proposed law, he would be required to use the women's rooms. Surely a big manly dude walking into the women's room would freak people out. What's he supposed to do, walk in and announce, "It's ok, I've got a vagina!" ?
Jun 11, 2014 ridia commented on Vaccinating Your Children Works, as Proven by New Numbers on Rotavirus Infection.
Jonathan Golob! I miss seeing that byline. I loved the Dear Science column.
May 27, 2014 ridia commented on New York Daily News: We Do Have Gun Control In America!.
One line from Charles's post jumps out at me. "But what does Elliot Rodger, the alleged UCSB shooter, have in common with Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook killer)? Not just color of skin, which is not that important."

In Rodger's own words: " I am half White, half Asian, and this made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with." . . . "I came across this Asian guy who was talking to a white girl. The sight of that filled me with rage. I always felt as if white girls thought less of me because I was half-Asian, but then I see this white girl at the party talking to a full-blooded Asian. I never had that kind of attention from a white girl! And white girls are the only girls I'm attracted to, especially the blondes. How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? "

Rodger clearly thought that race was important. But perhaps he would have been as full of rage no matter what race he was, so maybe it wasn't important after all.
May 17, 2014 ridia commented on People Are Naming Their Babies Vanellope, Pistol, Kyndle, Kaptain, and Subaru.
Subaru is actually a not-too-uncommon boy's name in Japan. I'm kind of surprised there weren't any in the states already. I'd like to think that the little American baby Subaru is the child of some Japanese immigrants who like the pretty constellation, not the child of some weirdos who really like the car manufacturer.