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Dec 28, 2015 historyteacher commented on How Can Bernie Possibly Sway Trump Supporters?.
Bernie and Trump are the only candidates currently running who were against the war in Iraq in 2003 (a view that was considered naive and "far left" at the time, even by the editor of this paper, http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/say-y…, although a view that makes a lot of sense given the significant loss of life and money from the war). Bernie, Trump, and Rand Paul share a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy and Trump is arguably the second most liberal politician in either party who shares that view.

On economic issues, Trump is arguably the most moderate Republican in the race, though to the right of both Sanders and Clinton. Trump is also one of the few Republican candidates who actually wants to preserve access to affordable healthcare, safeguard social security and other social programs, and invest in women's healthcare (not that he has much competition in that party).

Although Trump's far right stance on immigration may cost him some Bernie voters, others may look past it with the recognition that the stance would likely be DOA. Any Trump immigration plan would have to pass both houses of congress, a filibuster in the Senate, and a Supreme Court ruling, something that is highly unlikely without substantial moderation and buy in from Democrats.

If either the Democratic or Republican primary is locked up by Super Tuesday, anti-interventionist independents and moderates from one party could potentially take a closer look at the most moderate, anti-interventionist option in the other party, even if he has a loud mouth, a New York accent, and weird hair.
Mar 5, 2015 historyteacher commented on My Night with Jeffrey Dahmer.
This was a very well-written poem. Thanks for sharing. I love the fact that the title adds context to an otherwise simple and ordinary scene. I also loved the way that you highlighted the fact that Jeffrey tipped the bartender and bought you a replacement drink, forcing us, the readers, to consider all the ways that we too might unwittingly moralize and/or pigeon-hole strangers based on very limited knowledge or social interaction.
Mar 5, 2015 historyteacher commented on It’s Official: Urban League President Pamela Banks Will Take on Kshama Sawant.
Also, city-wide races are the most complicated and expensive races in the city. If Sawant sits this one out it may become more difficult for future progressive candidates to win either of the city wide races since big monied interest groups will only have to finance 2 candidates at that level instead of 9.
Mar 5, 2015 historyteacher commented on It’s Official: Urban League President Pamela Banks Will Take on Kshama Sawant.
Can someone explain why Sawant is not running city-wide against the most conservative City Councilman, Tim Burgess? It seems like it would be a repeat of the Conlin race. She has grassroots supporters in areas all over the city who would be happy to campaign for her. Also, her policy concerns seem more city-wide than neighborhood specific. I understand that winning in Capital Hill may seem easier at this stage of the race but her victory here would be a much smaller victory and her "megaphone" would be louder if she won city-wide. Just wondering.
Jan 27, 2015 historyteacher commented on Savage Sitcom Sells to ABC.
@Venomlash, that should be the pilot episode. Too many modern family values sitcoms, not enough crazy, awesome, mildly-offensive ridiculousness.
Jan 27, 2015 historyteacher commented on Savage Sitcom Sells to ABC.
Or if it has to be a sitcom, why not a sitcom about two drag queens who get a gig hosting a local news show in rural Alabama?
Jan 27, 2015 historyteacher commented on Savage Sitcom Sells to ABC.
Instead of this sitcom, how much more fun would it be to watch two drag queens host a local newscast. Can't Lori Matsukawa take a sick day. It would be awesome.
May 21, 2014 historyteacher commented on When a Filmmaker Fucks You Over.
No biography that has ever been converted into a 2 hour film is "irrefutably true." Filmmakers constantly change their subject's stories, add characters who never existed for story convenience and dramatic effect (i.e. Jared Leto's character in Dallas Buyer's Club), and rewrite stories to create emotional arcs and plot twists.

Even if Jimi Hendrix had hypothetically done everything depicted in the film (which I have not seen) and the filmmaker used actual footage of those events, the film still may not be an "irrefutably true" account of what happened. After all, what footage did the filmmaker use and what footage did the filmmaker cut? Filmmakers are naturally biased, sifting through story details for vignettes, real and fictionalized, that create the characters they want to show you.

Every film biography should start with with the "American Hussle" disclaimer, "Some of this actually happened."
Apr 11, 2014 historyteacher commented on It's Not a Tip Credit, It's a Tip Penalty.
#4, I think that is the entire point. In Australia, Canada, Japan and most first world countries servers are paid a living wage and are either not tipped or are tipped at a much lower percentage than restaurant workers are tipped in the United States. Doing away with the tipping system in the U.S. would ensure that servers have a living wage they can actually depend on, which is not dependent on customers voluntarily doing something they are not legally required to do. It would also ensure that servers are not wrongfully discriminated against depending on how they look etc. Teachers, personal trainers, and bus drivers should not have to depend on tips to pay their bills why should servers?
Apr 10, 2014 historyteacher commented on I'm a Restaurant Worker Against $15 Now.
I would not be surprised to learn that our country's cultural adoption of a tipped wage system for restaurant workers increases the wage disparity for servers of different demographic groups. Perhaps, having a system that is more in line with Australia or Europe where every restaurant worker makes a living wage, knows exactly what their wages will be, and is fairly compensated for their work regardless of race, gender/orientation, weight, disability, or any other factor outside the worker's control would be the best and fairest way to balance the playing field for all restaurant workers.