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Jan 28, 2013 thehugclub commented on January 'Talcum' @ Chop Suey.
so many white people
Apr 20, 2012 thehugclub commented on Who Saw Perfume Genius Last Night?.
i think it translates live. and you don't get to see his sweet looks over his shoulder to his partner when listening to the album. those looks combined with his encore performance of "mr. peterson" was one of the more heartbreakingly beautiful moments i've witnessed.
Apr 1, 2012 thehugclub commented on Preschooling Olympia.
unfortunately, head start/early head start are not even coming close to covering it. our early head start program is only able (funded) to serve a fraction of the eligible children in our area. and then not even all of those children will get into head start because vast areas of king county and washington state are not served by head start. they are served by the under-funded, over-crowded and long-waitlisted ECEAP program. So, even now we are not serving all the eligible children/families. and eligible means under 100% of poverty line, which is the poorest of the poor and leaving huge groups of low income (working poor) people who cannot afford any sort of high quality early ed
Mar 29, 2012 thehugclub commented on Preschooling Olympia.
@7 actually, a high quality early ed program partners with parents/caregivers. the head start/early head start program is built on the idea of supporting parents to be the first and best teachers for their children. i assure you there are a lot less "screwed up parents" out there than you think, and a lot more well intentioned, loving parents that just need a little support.
Mar 28, 2012 thehugclub commented on Preschooling Olympia.
Thank you
Aug 31, 2011 thehugclub commented on Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race.
great article.
Jul 26, 2011 thehugclub commented on Good Reality Check for White People.
wow. this is news to which we should all be paying attention. too bad all this hate for charles makes you blind to it. if someone else posted to slog i doubt the debate would have gone this way. that's racism for you.
Aug 30, 2010 thehugclub commented on Preschool Depression.
@2 i think you are missing the point (duh, says almost every other slog reader)

for me bethany is adding some much needed levity to the story (which to be honest, i have not fully read). some of what was excerpted feels to me like the parents and therapists are taking things too seriously. i am not dismissing the seriousness of childhood emotions. in fact i very much value them and some children have expereinced great trauma and abuse. there is also a part of childhood that is fun and weird and, yes, hilarious. when i read the part about the legos i did laugh because i imagined it in that little child's voice. and it could be very well true that its an imitation of a style of speaking he's heard from adults. but its also not about blaming the parents. everyone is different. some parents are more serious. some kids are more adventurous and fun-loving. the effects on someones life are a result of the meaning we apply. bethany points out that we could just as easily see the child as mature, or quirky instead of depressed and needing therapy/medication.

as for the "play" therapy session. (unless the excerpt is way out of context) i completely disagree with the method. the therapist IS "messing with the child." the whole situation is false. children learn in the moment in real day to day situations. what that therapist did is cruel. you do not intentionally upset people in therapy (that is a huge misunderstanding of what the intention should be). i work with children 0-3 and their families and i am embarrassed to see that in print. more than embarrassed, it infruiates me. bethany is correct to point out that the parent (by way of therapist instruction it seems) introduces the idea that the child might be a "bad boy." how is that "processing the feelings?" "bad" is such a broad term that does not even apply in this instance (especially if you are trying to teach that accidents happen). ugh, its making me more mad thinking about it. please do not take this as an example of appropriate therapy.

thanks bethany for bringing some humor to this discussion. there are other ways to point out the flaws (mine might be outrage), but humor is perfectly legitimate.
May 7, 2010 thehugclub joined My Stranger Face
May 7, 2010 thehugclub commented on Reading Tonight: Ralph Nader Wants You to Buy His Book.
can we stop with the "it's Nader and the Green's fault that GWB became presdent" bs? He (and his team, mostly his team actually) STOLE the election and disenfranchised scores of voters. And the dems could not stand up to them. That is the story. Stop holding back third parties.