Jul 21 crone commented on All The Awkward Trump Father/Daughter Touching At the RNC.
He DID pat her on the butt. I thought so, but couldn't believe my eyes.
Jun 29 crone commented on Light Rail and Urbanism for Seattle's Rich.
I am middle class. I live in the City. Charles is middle class, he lives in the City. My friends, neighbors and co-workers are middle class and they live in the City. I do not understand this weeping and wailing about middle class people being priced out of the City. Where and how is it happening? Has anyone on this thread who used to live in the City actually been priced out?
If so, do tell.
Apr 8 crone commented on Documents Show How Much Engineers Are Worried About Sinkholes—Right Before Bertha Drills Under the Viaduct.
@9 Don't bother telling that to the 'sky is falling' crowd. Their sky is already coming down in chunks of blue.
Mar 30 crone commented on Monorail Deadender: Can We Build Light Rail Without Shitting On Elevated Transit?.
Here we go again with Dan's nostalgia about the EL. I lived in Chicago too and thought the EL through downtown was a blight overhead, making noise, blocking light, dropping crud. Outside of downtown it's a fine piece of transportation.
Vancouver BCs rail, which is often cited as our example has the decency to drop underground in the downtown area, then it's above ground.
Anyone who thinks our monorail is not a blight on 5th Avenue doesn't get downtown much.
Mar 30 crone commented on Keep Tacoma In Your Thoughts and Prayers.
I live a block away from the downtown Rite Aid. It is such a pleasure not to have RA plastic bags strewn around the sidewalks and gutters, and stuck in the trees, thanks to the bag ban.
I feel no sympathy for the Tacomans (Tacomen?).
Feb 23 crone commented on Bertha Started Mining (Again).
Bertha is now only the world's second-largest TBM. There's one in Hong Kong that's a few inches larger, and I'm sure all the people who live there are peeing their pants over what will go wrong. Lots of high-rise buildings in Hong Kong are bound to crumble to the ground, just like they did in Tokyo when they drilled their subway not so long ago.
Geez, people. Inslee is just posturing and needs to butt out before costing us even more money. Let the contractors do the job they were hired for.
Feb 23 crone commented on Rest In Peace, Renato Bialetti.
I've had various of these coffee makers for years. They are simple and wonderful and Italian. Last year I visited my 22 y.o. niece in Barcelona where she was in grad school. Her apartment had come with one of these and she and her housemates were madly looking online to try to figure out how to use the thing. I saved them. It's nice to be older and wiser sometimes.
Feb 10 crone commented on Cheat Sheet.
I voted yes on the capital budget because I always do, and NO NO NO on the other. Everyone knows you don't fund ongoing costs like salaries with levies. They're general fund costs and the legislature should cover them.
Oct 6, 2015 crone commented on Go Listen to Kerry Eleveld Talk About LGBTQ Rights, Obama, and the Fight for Marriage Equality.
EFFECT change! effect! effect! effect!
May 15, 2015 crone commented on Why Is Jean Godden Running for Another Term on the City Council? She Doesn't Seem to Know..
@24, @28: Your comments would be very welcome on the Seattle Times where snarkiness and personal insults run free. I always thought Stranger comments were a bit more civilized and even educated, but apparently not.