10:28 AM SPG commented on Oh My God, Did You Read About the Pastor Charged with Murdering a Teen Because He Wanted to Leave the Church?.
They would have been better off joining Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption instead.
Nov 23 SPG commented on There's a Rumor Floating Around the Internet About an Upcoming White Power Rally in Ballard. We're Checking It Out..
Check the Ballard Eagles Club to see what they've got booked that day. A couple years back I ran into a lovely patron who stepped out of one of their functions to grab a smoke while wearing a full swastika T shirt. None of the people around her seemed surprised or offended in the least.
I doubt that they were an Eagles member, but the management may want to screen their clients a little better.
Nov 23 SPG commented on Seattle's First City-Sanctioned Homeless Encampments Will Open This Week.
@56, I never said it was a "conspiracy" against Ballard. I was simply stating the realities of the situation. If you really want to engage on it, fine... The cops are frustrated too. They can't arrest tweakers for just standing around, and since the SPD is a 911 response based system there really isn't a mechanism in place to deal with this type of issue until they're called and by the time they get there it's always too late to do anything about it. The higher ups don't see property crime, especially the underreported types like bike theft to be a priority, let alone something worthy of any follow up so they don't follow up or try to be proactive and shut it down. The same way a car prowl ring that operated here for a few months didn't get busted till they tried that shit in Bellevue. SPD didn't see following up on a smashed window as anything worth doing, even though had they tried they may have prevented another few hundred smashed windows.
The tweaker vans get by because they put up a handicapped tag on their mirror and the meter maids can't ticket them. I have no idea if those tags are legit or stolen, but it's a nice loophole if you want to park in downtown Ballard and never have to move.
The campers park in the industrial areas where the oversize limit doesn't apply. Then they only have to roll a few feet every 72 hours and they're free. Parking enforcement is bound by the rules, so as long as they move every three days they're not breaking the parking law even if they are taking shits on the parking strip.
Ballard has a few places feeding the homeless, which is fine, actually better than fine. BUT, along with the people who may be down or just need a little help now and then are that very small percentage of tweakers/crazies/shitbirds who are causing the trouble.
Conspiracy? No. Just the reality on the ground in our neighborhood. It'd be nice if some of these issues could be dealt with, and no I don't mean busting heads or arresting people for being homeless, but taking care of mental health issues, addiction, property crime, and the piles of shit that are left behind from the campers.
Nov 23 SPG commented on There's a Rumor Floating Around the Internet About an Upcoming White Power Rally in Ballard. We're Checking It Out..
@3, Subtlety isn't the strong suit of groups like this and congregating them either by prank or genuine invitation results in the same outcome...a skinhead rally.
Nov 23 SPG commented on Nightclub Owners Steven Severin and David Meinert Say More Patrols Needed to Keep Capitol Hill Safe.
Every neighborhood as been begging for beat cops or at least some form of community policing. Instead we get the same old policy of not patrolling and just responding to 911 calls to take reports.
Golden Gardens in the summer gets wild after dark. Everyone drunk or high, fights, guns out, robberies, gang battles, cars racing, etc, and not a single cop assigned down there for those weekend nights. Still.
Point is that it's not just Capitol Hill. The whole city is suffering because of this policing from 5,000 feet policy. Walk around NYC at night. Cops are out walking the streets where people are gathering.
Nov 20 SPG commented on I, Anonymous.
If anyone from Metro is reading this...the turn signals on the bus are the same as the hazards that flash when the bus is stopped. To a car alongside the bus you can't tell the difference so a lot of the people who understand that they're supposed to yield to the bus don't, simply because they don't realize that the bus has switched from "blinky-blinky I'm picking people up" to "blinky-blinky I'm pulling out".
How hard/expensive would it be to get a different blinky light on the back of the bus for when you're picking people up so that you can use the turn signals when you're..you know..turning?
Nov 20 SPG commented on America's Next Subprime Crisis Will Be Car Loans.
One of life's cruel ironies is that it's really expensive to be poor.
Nov 20 SPG commented on Seattle's First City-Sanctioned Homeless Encampments Will Open This Week.
Although quite a few of the tweakers/street drunks/crazies are homeless, not all the homeless are drunks/tweakers/crazy.
What @31 said about the open drug dealing and crazies threatening people on the street is true. I see it myself fairly often, but it's not the same crowd as the encampments. At least not for the most part, but Ballardites have gotten so fed up of the first crowd that it's not surprising to see some pushback against the second.
The SPD response, or more accurately complete lack of response to the aggro street drunks and tweakers is a real issue. The cops will say that they can't just grab people off the street for looking sketchy, and yeah...that's true. But it's a lazy response. If SPD took more than a second and looked into what those sketchy looking people are doing, they'd pretty quickly see some of the crazy shit that everyone who lives here knows about, like the bike chop shop vans that were taking apart high end road bikes in broad daylight all summer. People would get their bikes stolen, find them at the vans, call the cops, and...no response. Tweaker vans parked around Ballard Commons park for weeks never get a ticket, but if you or I overstay the meter by more than a few minutes you'll be guaranteed to have a ticket waiting for you. There's a ton of burglaries and car prowls all around Ballard. The crazies stumbling down the street yelling "Fuck you! Look at me again and I'll kill you!" to little old ladies are real. I've seen 'em.
Anyway, long winded way of saying that Ballard has a real problem with street drunks/crazies/tweakers that is separate from the homeless camp, but considering how fed up everyone is you can hardly be surprised that people would conflate the two issues. If the city really wanted to make this camp thing go over smoothly they'd do a lot more to address the issues with shitbirds first.
Nov 18 SPG commented on A Reminder that Seattle Police Plan to Use 911 Call Data to Determine Police Deployments.
@11, Ya know what? I have! A few times. It's kind of scary for a second, but then you realize what's going on and it's not that big of a deal. You can make it a big deal in your head, but that doesn't mean it really was. Cops make mistakes in figuring out who is who sometimes, and they usually figure it out fast enough, but until they figure it out you have to expect that they're going to treat you as potentially dangerous. Nothing that they did in that story sounds that outrageous if you ignore the writer's hyperbole.
Nov 18 SPG commented on Her White Neighbor Called the Cops Because He Thought She Was Breaking Into Her Own Apartment—and 19 Cops Showed Up.
I'm sorry that the author had a traumatic experience and it does sound like the cops were a little intense, but at least the cops showed up. Here in Seattle you're lucky if you can get even one cop to show up within an hour for a burglary call. You're also lucky if you can get a neighbor who would recognize a burglary and then unlike Charles Mudede, actually dial 911 instead of musing about race and the perceived racism of assuming a teenager carrying off your neighbor's TV is actually a thief.
I've been on the wrong end of a false alarm with the cops a couple times, and yeah...having a bunch of guys with guns suspect you of something can be a little unnerving, but come on! Are you really that naive about what happens when cops have to approach a suspected criminal? How would you have dealt with someone you were 99% certain was a serious criminal?