May 9, 2013 EEJ3 commented on The Fight Against Small Apartments.
I was somewhat surprised as your article actually flirted a bit with actual journalism., but then schlepped into a semi-dignified rant.
Microhousing can be a viable and cool housing option, but it's clear the city doesn't know what the hell it is doing.
People are understandably a little jumpy as most of the input on our "sustainable" growth comes from those who are positioned to profit from it.
Yes, there are obnoxious folks and cranks and comments that are disrespectful.
Aren't there always.
The NIMBY trash talk is always entertaining. I'm sure many of you at Seattle's only newspaper are anti coal trains, drones, etc. Strictly speaking these Are NIMBY positions. As was protecting the precious Bauhaus.
There are no guarantees, but it's always good for a neighborhood to engage with a developers. The statement that the loop has been handled and taken care of by the city is naive, to say the least.
I suggest you spend some some with a responsible representative of the "loyal opposition " - you may learn something. (such as Mr. Bradburd)
As the power shifts from small property owners to very large ones, your accusation of classism is laughable.
But try again, you're getting closer.

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May 14, 2010 EEJ3 commented on Make Art Anyway.
As another Seattle general music teacher, I agree.
Arts Corp is one portrait, and its great.
There are, however, many portraits, many of us doing long term work in the "arts trenches" - (and occasionally there ARE Mr. Holland moments) - come down to S.E. and S. W. Seattle schools, there are, against the odds, here and there, many great things happening outside of the white privilege arena - especially where teachers, parents, and community come together. It's A LOT of work - we can use your help.