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Feb 6 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Talking About Preacher and Pat Robertson.
Holy shit I am so fucking excited about Preacher.
Jan 28 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on SL Letter of the Day: Fuck the Boss?.
Seriously though, this is a terrible fucking idea.

AT A BARE MINIMUM, know what your company's policy is regarding disclosure of romantic relationships among employees. If there is one, and you do not disclose, both you and your boss will be fired if (but more likely when) this gets around. Disclosure may be problematic due to your marital status. Not fair, but them's the breaks.

Even if there is no policy you are putting both of your employment statuses at risk.

If you are a 25 year old woman and even just moderately attractive there is no shortage of men eager to fuck you. Seriously.
Jan 3 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on The Real, Vaginal Meaning Behind "Royals".
I thought the melodic structure and harmonies were pretty sophisticated for a 16-year-old, but now I'm REALLY impressed.
Jan 3 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on A Reader Asks Us to Kindly Quit with the Love for Pope Francis.
Your ~50% ally need not be your 100% enemy.
Jan 3 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Cold and Colder.
My wife is from Manitoba. One time when we were visiting it got so cold the natural gas lines froze. As I recall the wind chill reached -55C (-67F).

That was the last time we visited at Christmas.
Dec 12, 2013 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Mars Hill Blames the Mark Driscoll Plagiarism Scandal on a "Research Assistant".
Brothers, sisters...come together! Surely we can agree that Driscoll and Mefferd are both horrible people, and enjoy the spectacle of them devouring each other!
Nov 26, 2013 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on It's Been a Bad Year for Television.
All I know is, when Comcast, Time Warner, and Cox join Blockbuster on the ash heap of history, I am going to cackle like a fucking maniac.
Oct 31, 2013 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Soon You'll Have to Be 21 to Buy Cigarettes in New York City.
I'm sure it will be just as effective as the drinking age being 21.
Oct 9, 2013 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Top Three "Restaurants" Expensed by Business Travelers.
Chipotle and Jimmy Johns, in addition to being not particularly unhealthy and under $10, are also pretty reliably fast as hell.
Oct 2, 2013 bleedingheartlibertarian commented on Can You Watch Porn in Seattle's Libraries?.
It is an odd state of affairs where you can watch porn at the library, but not in a bar. But there we are.

I actually do support the absolutist stance SPL takes on the first amendment. But I also think that policy requires them to take responsibility for it. Maybe arrange the unfiltered computers so that the users' backs are against the wall (I.e., so that it is really hard to stand behind them?)

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