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Oh, I know this one! You're thinking about the research from a This American Life episode, The Sanctity of Marriage. The researcher in question is Dr. John Gottman:…
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@12 I'm not so sure that can be counted on. My straight roommates, for example, find it bizarre and somehow vaguely gross that I purchase wet wipes instead of toilet paper.
Nov 10, 2010 Herald commented on SL Letter of the Day: Girl Sees Marriage, Boy Sees Red.
I'm young and therefor stupid and not sufficiently beat upside the head by the world to relax my moral fiber, but I've dumped a guy in the past over political differences. There was also religion (I think it's disgusting, he was a Catholic) and I found nothing more frustrating about the experience than his disbelief that those things alone could be enough to break up.

How could they not be? I think his economic beliefs will end up killing people, I think his social beliefs lead to inequality and misery, and I think his religion neatly manages to combine the worst aspects of dogma and generic stupidity.

I can see casually political people not having an issue with this, and frankly, I agree that six years is a ridiculously long time to key into this problem, but how could you not see this as a problem? If you have any serious degree of conviction in political matters, of course it's going to spill over into your personal life. How can you have firmly held beliefs and no reflect them in your choice of associates, fuckbuddies and romantic partners?
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They're adorable.
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How can we convey this in a way that makes sense.

It's still hateful to call us sinful. Even if you want to hug us and vote for marriage rights afterward. We'll take the rights, but your religion is still wrong as long as you think something we can't change about ourselves is sinful.

That you've read your ambiguous religious text in such a way to paint us as inherently wrong, even if you take all the other parts to mean you have to be kind to us anyway, is still hateful.
Jul 1, 2010 Herald commented on Re: Christians Protesting At Pride.
@34 That's precisely the attitude we're unhappy about. It's certainly a step in the right direction (assuming it comes with votes for full civil liberties) but frankly, we need to hear "it's not a sin" if we're ever going to get along.

It's really not sufficient to say "you're inherently wrong and somewhat evil, but we're required to be nice to you." The hook buried at the end of that is "maybe you could stop being bad too?" If your religion can't accept our immutable traits, then clearly your God wasn't sufficiently loving in his designs.

I don't see how you can somehow manage to exist with the cognitive dissonance between "God made everyone in his image," "Gay people are immutably gay," and "Being gay is sinful," all at once. Something has to give, and if you're going to sacrifice the second point, we can't be friends.
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@48 Along with shellfish and mixed fabrics. In the same chapter actually. Be very careful with your sweaters.
Jul 1, 2010 Herald commented on Christians Protesting At Pride.
@45 Good point. It's a lot easier to get behind a moderate position if it's the only rhetorical point that could possibly reach evangelical ears. If it has to start with moderating a bad position before slowly coming to a good one, than this is the way to go.
Jul 1, 2010 Herald commented on Christians Protesting At Pride.
37 pretty much got it right. This is cute, wonderful feeling, and decidedly a step in the right direction, but just declaring homosexuality "not a really bad sin, just as sinful as all the other sins we ignore" isn't going to be enough in the long run. Eventually we're going to have to reach "not a sin" if there's ever going to be true compatible and understanding between Christians and GLBT people.

That being said, it's not in religion's nature to change easily or quickly. As a pretty firm atheist myself, I'd rather just live in a secular world and be done with it, but given the tenacity of the religious meme, I think we should celebrate any progress made in their circles.
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